Wednesday, October 14, 2020

My Amazon Prime Day Picks

It's that time of year again to stock up on (mostly) electronics and start your holiday shopping with the Amazon Prime Day deals. Every year we buy a few items that are simply too good to pass up. This year we ordered several items including this cordless lightweight vacuum (since our current one broke down), the workout tops below and I'm debating whether I should finally make the leap over to the air pods pro just like Byron (he uses them everyday for conference calls, podcasts, workout music).

ONE- Many of you may have seen me wearing my rose gold apple watch in IG stories, I love it for monitoring my daily steps, calories burned, tracking my monthly cycle, taking phone calls, checking email while out for a run, listening to music with my air pods and so much more. My sweetie purchased it as a birthday gift for me in August and I'm getting way more use out of it then I ever thought I would, aside from keeping the time. We initially purchased a fancy wristband for it, but I returned it as I love the pale pink one it comes with. 

TWO- Backless Workout Top (I purchased it in pink and green) to pair with black yoga pants while working out at home for a casual, yet understated sexy vibe. I've been on the hunt for more backless sweaters and workout tops as they are both practical in keeping you cool as much as they are cute.

THREE- People have been raving about the Bose noise-canceling headphones for as long as I can remember for flights as well as working at home with kids and I've always written them off as too expensive to justify buying them, however at $100 off, they are a worthy splurge at a steep discount for you or that special someone on your holiday list! Given that we are in a pandemic and get peace wherever we can manage, this will make it that much easier.

FOUR- I have shared my love for my Vitamix on the blog and numerous times in stories where I make everything from healthy smoothies to nutritious soup from scratch! I used it constantly when Lily was a baby making homemade baby food for her and now she can't wait until we get to toss in fruit and dairy-free milk to make the best popsicles. I've always found mine easy to clean and it powers through everything including kale stalks which I love when making green smoothies. This is the latest model and it is beautiful! If you've ever wanted to own one, they are truly life-changing, and the price can't be beat right now!

FIVE- I have owned the regular wireless Apple air pods for a couple years and last Christmas I bought B the air pods pro. To say they are life-changing is an understatement. They stay put in your ears and they are noise-canceling. You can choose when you want to block out background noise and when you don't. I'm always stealing his when he's not using them and I think they are the PERFECT gift for basically everyone.

SIX- Since I spend a lot of time on my laptop and phone for work and creating content, blue light blocking glasses ensure that my body isn't absorbing the very light that causes sleep disruption, low energy and more. These were so inexpensive for a 4-pack that I couldn't not get them. I look forward to trying them out. I've never worn glasses and these come in a variety of fashionable styles.

SEVEN- We invested in the Echo Dot a couple years ago during another prime day sale and we use it all the time to set reminders to give Lily her vitamins, to do certain tasks, to play music and ask Alexa to tell us funny jokes or answer random questions. It's so cheap right now, if you've thought of getting one ever, now is the time, it's under $20!

EIGHT- With everyone required to be on zoom calls, doing distance-learning or in my case creating LIVE content via Facebook and Instagram, I thought it was time to upgrade from my laptop's built-in web cam by replacing it with a separate high-resolution web cam.


Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to know what Prime Day items you scored this year!
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