Thursday, April 2, 2020

My Top 12 Quarantine Purchases from Amazon

There isn't a week that goes by at our house where we don't receive some kind of package from Amazon. It's where we buy the majority of our vitamins, Lily's toys, kitchen gadgets and my skincare purchases. Their fast and free shipping makes it an easy choice for our family. We order many of our weekly groceries online so they can be delivered to our home. We've been placing orders almost daily as I've been discovering new craft supplies and educational books that Lily can enjoy from home now that I'm homeschooling her during the quarantine.

Today I've rounded up 12 Things I bought from Amazon during the Quarantine for you. Perhaps some will be items you haven't thought of that will help make this time spent indoors more enjoyable while keeping you healthy!

1. Adult Coloring Books- I find coloring to be such a relaxing activity. I often sit and color pages or draw with Lily, but there are such a variety of adult coloring books available now for everyone including: animal lovers, those who love daily affirmations, interior design, or floral images, etc. I just ordered this one from my favorite interior DIY couples and I'm excited to color it in room by room once it's back in stock and arrives.

2. Blue Corn Beeswax Candles- If you love the ambiance and warmth from candles, but not the black smoke most emit, these all natural beeswax candles actually clean and ionize the air as they burn-perfect during quarantine as we all focus on staying indoors. Blue Corn make everything from votives, pillar and tealights to taper and jarred candles also. I was surprised to see that beyond the natural yellow, they also offer a black or white version to match your decor, I like the natural yellow hue.

3. Prismacolor Quality Coloring Pencils- You don't need to use a high quality version of pencil crayons to color, a package of Crayola will certainly do. However, if you decide to purchase a few color books or enjoy sketching and doing other drawings like I do, I recommend investing in a higher quality set of coloring pencils like Prismacolor pencil crayons if you want better results. As an art student in high school, I know they offer a large array of hues, the pencils themselves also sharpen much easier with the casing in tact providing less pencil tip breakage so they are really long-lasting. Better quality pencils also produce a softness that makes coloring and blending easier. This brand is also very high quality and provides a wider range of colors, both have excellent 5 star reviews.

4. Drip Drop- The day before Lily came home from school with a fever and flu symptoms, I just so happened to stock up on several of our usual medicines along with a big variety pack of Drip Drop. We always keep some on hand for our hot yoga classes and intense workouts and pop into our carry-on bags for travel. Drip Drop is a natural oral rehydration powder that you combine with water to prevent or treat dehydration. Lily loves all 3 flavors so they are the perfect thing to fill her water bottle up with when she has a fever and/or flu. It's safe, tastes great and is far better than Gatorade which is filled with artificial colors and drinks like Pedialyte which very often contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

5. Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher- When our in-fridge water filtration system stopped working, we knew we didn't want to buy bottled water which is not only expensive, but isn't environmentally-friendly, so we opted for this stainless steel reusable filter pitcher instead that would provide alkaline ionized water and not just filter out chlorine "taste", but actually filter out the chlorine, heavy metals, most of the fluoride from tap water as well as other contaminants. While I loved their beautiful glass version of our stainless steel pitcher, with a 6 year old always reaching for it daily it just seemed less practical and the stainless steel is food grade and corrosion-free plus both of these chic pitchers come with a long-life replaceable filter bag. We've been using ours for 3 weeks now and we all really love it!

6. Bach Rescue Remedy Spray- When the covid-19 news first broke in the U.S. I could feel my stress level rise and as we received our first confirmed case in San Francisco, I found myself more anxious and not sleeping at night so I immediately ordered Rescue Remedy Stress Relief spray, something I've used in the past and found helpful when I was pregnant which was recommended as safe by my Midwife. The Bach flower remedies all serve a specific purpose, this blend helps calm nerves with just a couple sprays under the tongue as needed throughout the day (also comes in dropper form or pastilles and there is a version for pets too).

7. Plant Therapy Immune Blend- Whether you diffuse essential oils into the air or enjoy wearing them on your body mixed into lotion or other carrier oils, there are great benefits. I recently discovered this immune-aid blend by Plant Therapy which someone recommend placing on the bottoms of your feet before adding socks and climbing into bed for immune-building and preventative measures. Especially during the winter months when all sorts of virus are going around, I like to take precautions with natural remedies. They also offer this winter set of 3 which includes a germ-fighter.

8. Hathaspace Hepa True Air Purifier- While a quality air purifier like our Hathaspace Smart True Help Air Purifier is essential if you have pets, live in a mold-prone humid climate or if you experience seasonal allergies, we bought ours specifically with virus' and potential mold in mind along with my sweetie's seasonal allergies. Although we have wood floors throughout (because carpet traps allergens), keep our home clean and don't have any pets, we purchased two of these units for our 1,300 sqft condo that we use in each of our 2 bedrooms and run them day/night. Since it's light, I can carry one downstairs easily to our main level and run it there too. I'm glad we bought both and I've noticed less sneezing when we began using it. Byron had a horrible flu for about 5 days back in February and we ran our Hathaspace unit day/night, even though I slept next to him every night Lily nor I picked up the bug, I attribute it to several things, including our new device. I love that it has 3 fan speeds (the lowest speed is so quiet I barely hear it) and there is a button to turn the display off at night while you sleep which was a huge selling point for me because I need a black room to sleep well.

9. Baking Pan- One thing that became clear from the first day of social-distancing and then eventually quarantine was that we weren't going to be eating out for a while including ordering take out for health safety reasons. Every meal was going to be prepared at home, and that meant having a stocked pantry and fridge as well as the right tools to prepare quick, healthy and delicious meals. While I often use glass dishes for roasting, baking pans like this are larger and far more versatile. They're the perfect solution for 5-ingredient meals where I can add chicken pieces, cubed sweet potato, Brussels sprouts and other veggies to a single tray, minimizing dishes an fuss at dinnertime. I also ordered this mini muffin/cupcake pan as Lily and I have been doing so much baking and the smaller portion sizes are more bite-sized for her and help us maintain our health.

10. Airborne Immune Gummies- Our entire family loves taking vitamins in gummy format. Since high potency and quality are important, we only do it with specific supplements, namely Immune gummies (we get this kids' version for Lily) and our melatonin gummies that we take before bed. Lily has the kids version and this is the adult version we take. The airborne gummies contain vitamin C as well as an herbal blend of immune-building ingredients such as echinacea and ginger.

11. Lemon Squeezer- I'm not sure why we didn't have this lemon squeezer in our kitchen drawer prior to quarantine, especially because we often drink hot water with lemon in the morning. However, once I began juicing lemons morning and night with vitamin C capsules mixed in as my DIY immunity drink (I prepare this when we run out of our Emergen-C packets) I knew there was a better way and it was so worth the tiny investment to eliminate all seeds and also press the maximum amount of lemon juice. It's easy to use and clean and should be in everyone

12. Epsoak Sleep Formula- If you already have lavender oil on hand as well as premium epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) then you may not need this, but if you prefer a prepared version for better sleep and relaxation that you can just pour into your bath, I recommend this particular Epsoak Sleep formula, they also have a unique detox+cleanse version if you're spending this time removing toxins from your body as well as a great foot soak! They also make a kids' sleep version, if you're a mama this is the perfect addition to your little one's peaceful bedtime routine.


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I'd love to know what your must-have purchases have been. Has anyone else been ordering almost daily from Amazon like me?


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