Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Classy Woman Knows Her Self Worth

Over the years (especially while dating), I've always determined that I'd rather be alone than in bad company. What I've found is that when you learn to enjoy your own company, spending time alone isn't something to fear, it's actually enjoyable. Today's similar quote comes not from a place of cockiness or arrogance, but rather a strong sense of personal self worth. We may not always feel 100% confident in every single life situation (I know I certainly don't!) but when we truly know who we are as women and what we have to offer, we'll refuse to settle for less when it comes to job opportunities, friendships and romantic relationships! 

This comes in many forms of example, at the end of the day though, it always boils down to respect. We can't expect it from others if we don't give it to ourselves first. Without even realizing it sometimes, we teach others how to treat us. This isn't to say that others' negative actions towards us are our fault per se, but we often contribute to the situation when we choose to turn a blind eye or tolerate what we know we shouldn't which inevitably ends up perpetuating the problem. Sometimes women feel they don't deserve better (won't find someone better or anyone else to love them) so they stay in an unhealthy relationship. Other times women tend to stay in a job they are comfortable with because they've worked so hard to get where they are and have invested a lot of time, still holding out hope that after being turned down for a promotion year after year as their boss doesn't recognize their value, that next year just might be the one. We must be strong enough put a plan in place and walk away from a bad situation whether it's an emotionally abusive mate, unfair or belittling coworker or even a friend who has repeatedly taken us for granted. 


Should you find yourself struggling to see your own self worth, take a few minutes and sit down with a blank page and write down your accomplishments, note what you excel at, what you enjoy, how you help others, what others have complimented you on. Find the good, focus on it, meditate on it and speak to yourself in a manner that builds up your confidence in who you are vs. tear yourself down. Months or years of listening to the wrong people who don't uplift would leave anyone feeling less than worthy. Above all, we must remember that God loves us, believes in us and created us all for a unique purpose. No matter how you've been treated, or what you've experienced, you can rise again with renewed hope.

Spend time getting to know yourself in a greater way, this often involves spending some time alone away from the noise of this world, nature is always a great place to be still and hear our own thoughts. Be exact in what you want, what you don't want and who you are as well as who you want to become. Only when we have a clear picture of  where we're headed, can we reach our destination. Become the expert on yourself because nobody else will ever know you the way that you know yourself. Only when we know ourselves in a deep way can we feel the worth that we possess. A classy woman knows her self worth and if she feels as though her foundation has been shaken, she takes the necessary time to rebuild as one would do after a natural disaster.

Of course, spending time with those who uplift, inspire, encourage, love and bring happiness into your life, is a sure way to feel better about who you are and help you along your journey.

How do you build and protect your self worth?


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