Monday, November 9, 2015

Being a Classy Woman is an Art Form

Like any noble goal in life, profession or anything worth having, becoming a classy woman takes hard work; dedication, discipline, time, self-correction, self-awareness, a desire for personal growth and the need for constant refinement. Being a classy woman truly is an art form and it isn't easy.

If you've been working on yourself and making progress but feel as though you have such a long way to go, I just want to encourage you today and let you know that I do also-you are not alone! Even though I write a blog on the very topic of what it means to be a classy woman, I still struggle in many areas of my life with such things as impatience and I am not always as gentle as I could be (or desire to be) and sometimes I utter words that I reflect on afterwards and wish I had conveyed differently. At times I have questioned whether I should continue to write such a blog but every time I remind myself that I need to hold myself to a standard of grace and not perfection. If I want to extend such grace to others, it needs to begin with myself first.

Let me also remind you that the goal of becoming a classy woman is not to be perfect, it is to be kind, well mannered and do all things with excellence given the time and resources we have afforded to us. While we may not be able to change aspects of our outward appearance or surroundings such as a our work environment, city or country in which we live, home or vehicle, we can control our attitude and how we respond to the various challenges and circumstances that come our way. While I sometimes share posts about maintaining a beautiful, well kept home or suggestions on how to dress like a lady, what matters most is how we treat others (as well as ourselves), our heart will shine through no matter what we do. When you're feeling overwhelmed, start there-begin with kindness. Over time, little by little you will find that you'll slowly become more and more of the woman you wish to be. :)


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  1. As always, thank you! I thoroughly appreciate each post :). Warmly, Jessica.


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