Monday, February 16, 2015

Classy Fashion Favorites for February

February, it's the time of year where it seems the most frigid temps of the year make their appearance all over the country. Here in Central Florida we've been enjoying the warmth of sunshine almost daily combined with a chill in the air. It's actually one of my favorite times of year here because it truly feels like a change of season. Despite the freezing weather that many of you are experiencing right now, I have a feeling springtime is just around the corner. Right now I'm so inspired by softer, lighter and also brighter colors, less layers and romantic fabrics. For those of you escaping to somewhere tropical, I've included some resort pieces as well as gorgeous maxi dresses which can be enjoyed well past your vacation come late spring and summer.

*Simply click on any item images shown above and you'll be linked directly over to the exact item on the retailer's page for more details!

Soft gray hues and blush tones are so dreamy right now and good news, as you may have seen straight of the runway of NYFW, it's continuing right on through to Fall 2015 so any investments you make especially in gorgeous coats, shoes or handbags right now will definitely be worthwhile! I've shared a few of the ones on my wish list right now. With this weekend being a long weekend for many as well as Valentine's Day, there are sales abound! Take a peek at my sale roundup below.

  • ANN TAYLOR- 50% OFF sale prices & 30% OFF full price items w/ code: STYLE
  • BANANA REPUBLIC- 40% OFF your purchase w/ code: BRLOVEYOU (ends 2/16)
  • BAUBLEBAR -20% OFF w/code: PREZ20, 3 items= 25%: PREZ25, 4 items=30%: PREZ30
  • J.CREW- 25% OFF your order of $125+ using code: TODAYONLY (ends 2/16)
  • GAP- 40% OFF your purchase w/ code: WINTER (ends 2/16)
  • KATE SPADE- Extra 25% OFF all sale items w/ code: SPRINGFLING
  • LOFT- Extra 60% OFF all sale styles & 50% OFF select seasonal styles
  • NORDSTROM- Save up to 40% OFF selected clearance items through to Feb.22
  • REVOLVE CLOTHING- Up to 65% OFF your favorite brands
  • SAKS FIFTH AVENUE- Up to 60% OFF Women's Apparel & up to 50% OFF shoes
  • WHITE HOUSE | BLACK MARKET - Up to 60% OFF select items

In case you missed last month's selections for January, you can find them here.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

To conclude my Valentine's Day post trio which began of course with What to Wear for Valentine's Day- classy attire from dressy to casual which included 3 looks as well as a Valentine's Day Gift guide for Her (hints for him).  I'm now sharing some suggestions on what to get that sweet man in your life. I don't know about you but I've always found men tricky to shop for. There are a handful of items though that I've learned over time that you absolutely cannot go wrong with. They are classic and timeless so I'm sharing with you today.


Everything from a kit to get the closest and most perfect shave, a men's hued Clarisonic Mia to keep his skin looking great to the perfect manly scent of cologne. Natural body wash/shampoo/face wash trio that will take him from home to the gym or camping/traveling with just one product (a must have in any workout bag).


There are certain pieces that will never go out of style like a classic wool coat, a pair of aviator sunglasses and a handsome timepiece. A new pair of running shoes are a must if fitness goals are on his list of resolutions this year or he's just decided it's time to hit the gym.


Valentine's Day is a sweet and fun holiday so why not treat him to something fun like this beer making kit, a instant smartphone photo printer for on-demand pics on the go or this ultra modern USB turntable. My husband works from home (where our sometimes noisy toddler plays during the day) and also travels quite a bit, often overseas on long flights and is always looking for ear plugs/headsets that will cancel out noise while sleeping and focusing on projects. These BOSE acoustic noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect surprise. While on a recent flight the woman sitting next to me couldn't say enough good things about them, it also received amazing reviews online so you can imagine that this is at the top of my list for what to get him.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

1  |  2  |  3 |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11

I don't know about you but I take any opportunity I can to pamper myself or treat myself to a little something, occasions such as Valentine's Day are the perfect time to love on myself as much as it is to shower others with sweetness and little presents. I always enjoy picking out something special whether it's a small bouquet of flowers, a new pair of earrings or a gorgeous new handbag for the season that I know I'll have on my arm nearly every day.

If your man has been looking for you to drop hints so he can surprise you with something you'll truly enjoy and actually use (and you like what you see here), you could always leave this page open on his laptop or smartphone or simply just e-mail it to him. My husband generally prefers to get an idea things that I need or would love as going it alone and taking the advice of a saleslady in a store has not always worked out so well in the past. I remember a certain designer brand of parfum oil that smelled like pine needles being unwrapped several years ago which we both laughed about later. ;) This little gift guide I've put together is also perfect for the lovely ladies in your life too- a sister, your mother, an adult daughter or your best friend.

You can shop this post two ways, using the links above under the gift guide or below by clicking on any of the same images which will take you to the direct identical item, scrolling across below to reveal other items that are not immediately shown. I've also added a few extras here that aren't shown above I'm really loving right now.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Luminance Skincare Review

Several weeks ago I accidentally (there really aren't any accidents in life are there?) stumbled upon a new line of skincare via Instagram. What captured my interest most was that the company uses all natural, organic ingredients, no fillers, zero chemicals and everything is vegan, non-toxic, never tested on animals and is gentle for even the most sensitive skin. On top of that they use the most amazing high quality oils like sea buckthorn, argan oil, meadowfoam oil and lavender, calendula and more. The company I discovered is Luminance Skincare and all of their products are hand-crafted no produced in a factory. After taking a peek at their website to further probe into the ingredient lists, I knew I just had to try their products as I use only natural and organic skincare, cosmetics and other personal care items such as shampoos right down to my toothpaste. What I also found pretty amazing is that their price points are so very reasonable for the luxurious ingredients they use, I was actually a bit surprised after the price I've paid for so many other natural skin care products. After corresponding just as we began the new year, we decided to collaborate and today's post is a result of their generosity in providing me with not just one product to try but their entire core line from cleanser and toner to moisturizer and gentle exfoliating mask.

When I begin any new skincare regimen, I typically try not to mix a bunch of different brands together at the same time to avoid any ingredients mixing that shouldn't be. I also like to test the product(s) out for not just a couple days but a few weeks consecutively to see how it varies from what I was using previously and most importantly how my skin reacts to the formulations. Below is the little instruction guide that came in my box of products

Now that I've tried everything for a couple weeks I'm really excited to share with you my experience with Luminance! When I first received my package I couldn't wait to smell each one and test it out first on the back of my hand. I do that with everything as I have somewhat sensitive skin and don't want to have redness or irritation on my face if I can help it. The scent of each product is so light and natural, I could tell based on that alone that the ingredients were pure.

1. Delicate Facial Cleanser-Because of its natural composition, separation does occur so you have to give it a quick little shake before use-that's a good thing! I love that it has a pump sprayer. I personally found two generous pumps of cleanser sprayed into my hand along with a bit of water lathered up gently was all I needed to make my skin feel satiny smooth and clean thanks to skin-loving oils. The scent is very clean and gentle. At first I kept it away from my eye area worried it might sting as some natural soaps can do but then as time went on I experimented around my under eye area and it turned out to be perfect for my sensitive eyes.

2. Rosewater Toner-Firstly, the scent of rosewater is just so feminine and it smells lovely. I apply about 3-4 generous pump sprays of toner into the palm of my hand and pat it on my already damp face and neck vs. spraying it directly onto my face, I found that worked best and is what was recommended. Compared to a previous toner I was using, this one left my skin feeling clean without any residue and helps keep my skin balanced.

3. Nourishing Facial Serum-I asked the company about this formulation as I didn't want a heavy, greasy feel and also wondered if it could be used around the eye area. I was recommended to use it on really dry days or at night, meant for the face and neck. At first I just applied it to my neck area but as our Florida weather got drier and cooler recently, I found my skin thirsty and craving extra moisture especially at night when we had the heat running. I applied it first, then the moisturizing cream on top afterwards. There have been a few days where I've used it during the day under the moisturizing cream too and it has never been too heavy, my skin just looks an feels more youthful. I've used it under my eye area too before moisturizing. This serum really didn't have a particular scent, it's pretty neutral.

4. Deep Hydration Facial Moisturizer-This is probably my favorite product of the entire line. The fragrance reminds me of chamomile tea, it's so light and gentle. The formulation is heavenly! When I first tried it on the backs of my hands to experiment first, I was amazed at how wonderfully it moisturized my hands and made them so silky. I didn't want to waste this cream though on my hands and immediately the next morning tried it on my skin after cleansing. It has a slightly different feel than my previous moisturizer that took a couple days to get used to (nothing unusual, just the normal feeling of trying something new). I could see a difference in my skin after the first couple days. I've had a pronounced line in between my brows for years as well as several forehead wrinkles that I really don't like and it helped soften those and make them less noticeable. Since I had such great results, I decided to use it instead of my regular under eye cream. It provided extra moisture in an area of recent concern to me (fine lines under my eyes) which is something that developed now that I'm in my 30's. I use it on my face, neck and decolote area. The formulation is thick so a little goes a long way but it's not too heavy, it's perfect for both morning and nighttime use. When it's applied you can use it sparingly but it doesn't feel greasy or oily, just supple and moisturized and a bit dewy-LOVE that!

5. Papaya Enzyme Exfoliant Facial Mask-Another product that I loved first by trying it out on the backs of my hands and now enjoy the results of a gentle peel/exfoliation that doesn't involve gritty bits, scratchy polishes or anything rough that will damage my skin, cause redness or broken capillaries which some can do. Instead, this is a cool, light gel that gets applied for 5-10 minutes and then washed off with warm water. I tend to use this one in the evening so that my moisturizer can absorb better after any unwanted older layers of skin are gone, it's also when I have a bit more time to pamper my skin as I'm not busy chasing a busy toddler around the house.

I can honestly say that I look forward to using these products every morning after I shower. I highly recommend this line to anyone who is looking for a completely natural and gentle skincare regimen that truly moisturizes skin and balances it out properly (whereas many products actually destroy the skin's natural pH balance causing it to become dry and actually produce too much oil). I found that Luminance restored my skin's natural balance after going through some hormonal outbreak issues that I'm still trying to resolve after the birth of my daughter. My skin's texture overall has felt smoother (velvety really), with fewer visible lines, less irritation and more moisturized in our current drier weather. I love knowing that ingredients like kukui oil, tamarind seed and rosehips are used and pure essential oils instead of something in a lab filled with chemicals. I know this line is safe for not only myself but for my daughter too as she is always touching my face and kissing me. I also really love that everything is packaged in glass.

Best of all, Luminance wants you to love your skin too so they're offering a discount to all Classy Woman readers who decide to try out their introductory gift box for just $20 instead of the regular $35. Just use code: CLASSYWOMAN at checkout. This would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift to yourself, a hint to your special someone or a gift for your significant other. Guys have to keep their skin looking great too. :)

A very special thank you to Luminance Skincare for their generosity and encouraging me to use their products for a couple weeks to truly experience them.

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*All skincare products are c/o Luminance however all thoughts, product experiences and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What to Wear for Valentine's Day

While I'm a romantic at heart I've never been someone who gets completely wrapped up in Valentine's Day like some girls do with grandiose expectations. I like to buy a little gift for my 2 sweeties (hubby and my sweet daughter) but I don't make big wish lists for my husband or have big expectations for the day. If Paul surprises me with flowers, perfume or chocolates it's always appreciated as is a meal out whether it's lunch or dinner but not expected. He's usually pretty thoughtful and will bring flowers home but if he's traveling out of the country like last year when he left for China the first week of February, I just buy them for myself-no big deal. Even when I was unmarried, if I didn't have a date, I'd always try to plan something fun and/or do something to love on myself such as go to a yoga class, treat myself to a pedicure or plan a dinner outing with my other single girlfriends.

As a family of 3, whether we decide to make it a day out at a Disney park with Lily, have a picnic in the park (yes, we can do that here in February (one of the perks of living in Florida), or choose to enjoy a quiet dinner in with a movie, I still like to get dressed up in something festive but comfy and wear a pop of pink or red. Before having our little one whom we have yet to find a trusted babysitter for (haven't had a solo date night out since a few days before she was born which was over 17 months ago and totally our own fault), we enjoyed dressing up and I love any excuse to wear a dress, pretty pumps, favorite clutch and my best jewelry. This year though, all I'm craving is a weekend trip to a log cabin in the woods with a roaring fireplace to sit by roasting s'mores and drinking hot cocoa curled up under a warm blanket.

No matter where your Feb.14th plans take you, I've got three different looks to inspire your own Valentine's Day style whether you'll be donning a little black dress whisked off to a fancy restaurant or staying in for something more laid back like us. I'm a big believer in buying classic pieces that stand the test of time and can be worn for a variety of occasions instead of just once or once per year. All of these pieces I'm sharing will allow you to do that.

Here are a few more pieces that I thought were perfect to celebrate this fun holiday and beyond!

Ladylike in a Little Black Dress

This classic knee-length black shift dress with cap sleeves and a darling bow detail at the waist is anything by boring! There are so many directions to take it. I've paired it with these fun black & white polka dot pumps and a blush colored clutch and soft pink lips + nails. For those who want a bolder pop of color, I've also shown the same dress another way with these stunning red bow heels, a glam red clutch and of course red lips + mani. I've thrown in these ankle strap bow pumps if you like a solid go-to pair in a solid color. This is an classy dress for the opera, ballet, fine dining, dancing and more.

Go-Anywhere Ensemble

This floral skirt is the focal point of the entire outfit. There are so many jumping off points color-wise but I chose a white/off-white long sleeved blouse to keep it simple with the option of a short sleeve in red. A long sleeved red sweater would also be perfect but the heels should be kept neutral like this gorgeous nude pair. As the weather is still cool, I've paired this outfit with a jacket that ties into the color of the skirt. The red strappy heels would be a nice pop of color to complement the skirt when paired with a white blouse. These gorgeous chandelier earrings add extra wow factor along with a red clutch and lipstick.

Casual Yet Chic

If you're headed out, a pink moto jacket is the perfect bit of outerwear to provide a bit of edge to balance out the color. For a slightly dressier but still casual vibe, this black + white heart print blouse with skinny jeans and nude flats is a great go-to outfit. A hot pink boyfriend blazer adds a punch of color, perfect with a tee or sweater and these kissy lip loafers which were just too cute and unique not to include. In the same hot pink hue, these satin flats are uber gorgeous too! A festive beaded clutch is the perfect accessory. For those staying in wanting to be really cozy, this gray heart elbow patch sweatshirt would be adorable with your favorite pair of jeans.

Maybe a little red dress (love this red one too!) or little white dress is more your thing, here are some more options I'm loving right now along with some fabulous accessories.....

I hope you'll be inspired to put together a look you'll feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in.

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