Monday, December 21, 2015

Classy Fashion Favorites for December

For December's Classy Fashion Favorites I wanted to focus  on pieces for the cold temps, holiday parties and providing lots of ideas for New Year's Eve since it's just around the corner! 

Winter calls for pops of sparkle, bright + cheery color and embellishments such as bows, gold accents, feathers and metallic detail to name a few. Any of these items would also make for the perfect gift too! 

  • ANN TAYLOR // 50-60% OFF almost everything w/code: MERRY50
  • ANTHROPOLOGIE // 30% OFF candles, throws rugs and more!
  • ASOS // Up to 50% OFF everything
  • BANANA REPUBLIC // 40% OFF everything, no exclusions w/code: BRMERRY
  • CLUB MONACO // Extra 40% OFF sale & clearance. Free shipping w/code: FREESHIP
  • GAP // 40% OFF everything, no exclusions w/code: GIFTNOW
  • J.CREW // Extra 40% OFF winter sale styles + 30% the rest w/code: GIFTNOW
  • LOFT // 50% OFF winter wear + 40% OFF everything else!
  • NEIMAN MARCUS // Up to 40% OFF new sale arrivals + Up to 55% OFF designer apparel + FREE rush delivery + returns w/code: NMRUSH
  • NORDSTROM // Offering FREE delivery by Christmas Eve throughout the U.S.
  • RALPH LAUREN // Extra 40% OFF already reduced styles
  • REVOLVE CLOTHING // 30% OFF their curated sale page w/code: EARLY30
  • SHOPBOP // 25% OFF Calvin Klein underwear + lingerie + FREE 3-day shipping
  • WHITE HOUSE/BLACK MARKET // Up to 50% OFF full-price styles + FREE shipping

It's not to late to order online, most retailers have deemed today to be a cutoff date to ensure your gifts arrive by Dec.24th using standard shipping and many are offering FREE shipping also with no minimum amounts. If you're making purchases online after today you'll want to use express shipping. If you're shopping late in the game, as you can see from my list above, there are a lot of deals to be had!


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Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Classy Woman Knows Her Self Worth

Over the years (especially while dating), I've always determined that I'd rather be alone than in bad company. What I've found is that when you learn to enjoy your own company, spending time alone isn't something to fear, it's actually enjoyable. Today's similar quote comes not from a place of cockiness or arrogance, but rather a strong sense of personal self worth. We may not always feel 100% confident in every single life situation (I know I certainly don't!) but when we truly know who we are as women and what we have to offer, we'll refuse to settle for less when it comes to job opportunities, friendships and romantic relationships! 

This comes in many forms of example, at the end of the day though, it always boils down to respect. We can't expect it from others if we don't give it to ourselves first. Without even realizing it sometimes, we teach others how to treat us. This isn't to say that others' negative actions towards us are our fault per se, but we often contribute to the situation when we choose to turn a blind eye or tolerate what we know we shouldn't which inevitably ends up perpetuating the problem. Sometimes women feel they don't deserve better (won't find someone better or anyone else to love them) so they stay in an unhealthy relationship. Other times women tend to stay in a job they are comfortable with because they've worked so hard to get where they are and have invested a lot of time, still holding out hope that after being turned down for a promotion year after year as their boss doesn't recognize their value, that next year just might be the one. We must be strong enough put a plan in place and walk away from a bad situation whether it's an emotionally abusive mate, unfair or belittling coworker or even a friend who has repeatedly taken us for granted. 


Should you find yourself struggling to see your own self worth, take a few minutes and sit down with a blank page and write down your accomplishments, note what you excel at, what you enjoy, how you help others, what others have complimented you on. Find the good, focus on it, meditate on it and speak to yourself in a manner that builds up your confidence in who you are vs. tear yourself down. Months or years of listening to the wrong people who don't uplift would leave anyone feeling less than worthy. Above all, we must remember that God loves us, believes in us and created us all for a unique purpose. No matter how you've been treated, or what you've experienced, you can rise again with renewed hope.

Spend time getting to know yourself in a greater way, this often involves spending some time alone away from the noise of this world, nature is always a great place to be still and hear our own thoughts. Be exact in what you want, what you don't want and who you are as well as who you want to become. Only when we have a clear picture of  where we're headed, can we reach our destination. Become the expert on yourself because nobody else will ever know you the way that you know yourself. Only when we know ourselves in a deep way can we feel the worth that we possess. A classy woman knows her self worth and if she feels as though her foundation has been shaken, she takes the necessary time to rebuild as one would do after a natural disaster.

Of course, spending time with those who uplift, inspire, encourage, love and bring happiness into your life, is a sure way to feel better about who you are and help you along your journey.

How do you build and protect your self worth?


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Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Classy Gifts for Her

 Heels  //  Watch  //  Mug  // Facial + Pedi Ltd. Edition Set (Majorly on sale!)


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Can you believe we're just 10 days away from Christmas Eve?  Whether shopping for your mom, sister, best friend or another classy lady in your life, I've rounded up some of my favorite picks. I'm a huge fan of practical gifts that people will actually use and all of these fit the bill, plus they're perfect for women of all ages and at a variety of price points no matter what your budget is.

If you were thinking of getting a special someone a gift certificate to a spa, instead of a one-day trip, might I suggest the clarisonic skincare system. I own their Mia facial brush which I've shared before and use it a few times per week and it's like having a mini facial each time, leaving my skin so soft + clean. The set above also comes with their new pedicure brush too which will help her feet stay pretty in-between trips to get her nails done-she'll have tools she can use anytime, anywhere for years to come. A lot of women I know of swear by this clipless curling wand system for beautiful waves. It's definitely on my own wish list as my curling iron recently broke. This gorgeous red bow bag above is gorgeous and it's a newly released design that is also available in black-it's the perfect size!

Below are some other wonderful items to surprise your favorite people with:


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How to Get a Better Night's Sleep

Most of us have the best intentions to get a full 7-8 hours sleep, then we decide to check our e-mail one last time or reply to comments on social media and next thing we know it's an hour later and we're heading to bed later than anticipated, making getting up in the morning that much more challenging. Especially while away on vacation (as many head somewhere warm during the winter in hopes of a little R & R), it's easy to find yourself overtired from a day spent exploring a new city, adventurous activity or adjusting to a new time zone. While it's necessary to carve out those precious 7-8 hours for proper rest, what we do before we head to bed is just as important (if not more) to ensure a restful night of quality sleep ahead.

A classy woman makes wellness a priority. She knows that only when she takes care of herself first can she then take care of those around her. Today I want to share 10 tips that will help you get into a healthy routine and allow you to experience a better night's sleep, not only during the holidays but all year round. It is so important to get enough shut-eye if we plan to be productive, rev up our immune system as well as stay alert and happy. These are all tips that I live by and they really work! As a mother to a little one, my days are always action-packed starting from the wee hours of the morning when my eyes are barely open, and never has sleep been more cherished than when Lily was in the new baby stage and now during her toddler years. I'm also a huge fan of daytime afternoon naps on weekends when she naps-even 20 minutes can be so rejuvenating!


10 Tips for Getting a Better Night's Sleep

1. Cut off Caffeine- Early mornings can sometimes call for a boost to get things going. Many turn to coffee, tea or even hot cocoa for a pick-me-up. The trick is to get these drinks in earlier in the day then cut them off around 3pm. It's been proven that any caffeine consumed later than this time could keep you awake. If you're more sensitive to caffeine (like myself), you may want to limit yourself to one cup of joe before noon or try tea instead, chai is my favorite. Be aware of other foods and drinks that also contain caffeine such as certain herbal supplements, protein powders, energy drinks and even dark chocolate. My favorite way to begin most mornings is with a smoothie (if you've been following along on instagram you've likely seen me post a few of them already). My usual recipe is to toss a banana + frozen berries into my Vitamix blender (which pulverizes everything including seeds and powers through stalks of kale in seconds) along with orange juice, spinach (or kale) and fresh ginger for an extra zing. Adding quality protein (I like this hemp protein powder or these hemp seed hearts because they're plant-based) will keep you from feeling sluggish and will nourish your body to give it the proper nutrition, energy and essential fats it craves.

2. Limit Liquids Before Bed-Staying properly hydrated is essential throughout the day: 8-10 eight ounce glasses of purified water are what you want to aim for (essentially a glass every hour). However, if you tend to eat and drink late at night, there's a greater chance that you'll be woken up in the middle of the night with a full bladder. The best thing to do is finish your last glass of water/beverage, bowl of soup, etc., 2 hours before heading to bed. This is one of the easiest fixes for getting a more restful and longer span of sleep. 

3. Magnesium is a Must-If you do not currently take a multivitamin (and even if you do), chances are that you are not getting enough magnesium. It's been studied and proven that more than 80% of Americans do not get enough magnesium in their diet due to our soil being so depleted. What you may not realize is that magnesium is responsible for roughly 200 different bodily functions and one of those is relaxing muscles for restful sleep. This is especially important for people who have twitches, restless leg syndrome or find that they have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or just relaxing in general. This powerhouse of a mineral is critical but not just any form of it will do. I highly recommend straying away from drugstore or grocery store brands, opt for a health food store that will provide a quality supplement or you can shop online. I buy most of my supplements online here because they ship quickly and are usually the best price. The forms of magnesium you want to look for specifically which are rated as best absorption are: Magnesium Glycinate (this is the exact supplement I take), Magnesium Taurate and Magnesium Malate, Magnesium citrate is good and inexpensive also but can cause a laxative effect (a good option if you require that) but not so much if you're very regular. As with all supplements, especially if you are using prescription medication, clear it with your doctor first. In most cases though, prescription medications can actually rob our bodies of this necessary mineral, making that much more necessary. 

4. Take a Relaxing Bath- This is probably obvious to most, hot water is relaxing to our muscles and a hot bath just feels so good, providing a more drowsy state. To maximize this time in the tub, instead of bubble bath, opt for epsom salts which are a form of magnesium (magnesium sulfate), they help to not only relax but detox the body of pollutants too. One of the most simple bath recipes is: Run a tub full of water and add 2 handfuls of epsom salts, 10 drops of pure lavender essential oil (organic is always best), then add in 1/2 cup of baking soda. These up the relaxation factor and assist with detoxing the body before bed. Although quick & easy, if you're not into making your own bath soaking salts, I recommend these calm soaking salts or these detox soaking salts for yourself or even as a gift for someone who loves a good bath, they come in a pretty glass jar. A good soak for 20-30 mins coupled with a book in bed for 15 minutes afterwards always does the trick for me after a stressful day.

5. Read a Real Book- In an age where everything is digital and even our books are on electronic devices, it's import to allow our body to have a break from the EMF radiation and bright screens of tech and allow our eyes to rest themselves on the printed page. If your goal is to read several chapters, you might find yourself falling asleep after the first few pages-it's one of my favorite ways to end the day. It's been proven that starting at screens keeps our body wired and awake for far longer, for that reason alone it's important to leave electronics out of the bedroom. Opt for books that are relaxing in nature, inspiring and positive leaving you with sweet dreams. I often read my devotional bible before bed as a wonderful way to end the day.

6. The Right Temperature- While it's tempting to slip into bed and blast the heat on a cold winter's night, or run the A/C during warmer months, once your body is asleep it's natural temperature will cool down slightly. Having said that, running a space heater or covering up with too many layers of blankets can cause you to wake mid-dream to strip down or turn off the heat. The ideal temperature is said to be 72 degrees. A hot water bottle or rice pack that's able to be heated is great because it doesn't stay hot all night, just enough to allow you to drift off. I personally find I sleep much better in cooler, drier climates-it's very refreshing. My face also never looks puffy in the morning when I follow this temp guideline. A great down duvet comforter is excellent at regulating temperature so you're warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. If you're allergic, try this down alternative duvet comforter instead.

7. Clean Sheets- We all love the feeling and scent of freshly laundered clothes, they just feel so clean and cozy. When it comes to sheets, without fail, I've always personally noticed that I sleep the best the night I change my sheets, especially if they're fresh out of the dryer. I only use natural-based laundry detergent because most fragrances irritates my skin and I omit dryer sheets and fabric softeners in favor of vinegar in my rinse cycle-this is especially important in summer when skin is more exposed. Ideally, you want to switch sheets out once per week, more often if you or your significant other tends to perspire a lot. I wash pillowcases much more frequently to keep my skin clear as I wear botanical oil serums on my face at night. Cotton sheets are best for breathability, avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and satin or sateen. I always buy cotton sheets and use these separate silk pillowcases as they are softer and don't leave wrinkles on my face (I'm a side sleeper) and my hair isn't a mess or damaged from friction in the morning as it can tend to become with regular pillow cases.

8. Daily Exercise- Make exercise part of your daily routine and you'll experience quality sleep. This happens for a few reasons: the obvious exertion of energy during the workout causes our body to crave the necessary rest to repair muscle tissue, stretching or yoga are especially beneficial-when we stretch regularly, we eliminate muscle tightness, stiffness and discomfort, which can be especially noticeable in the evening. I've found that it makes a huge difference in the way I feel-for that reason stretching both morning and evening for 5-10 minutes is a must for me. I love this roller tool (also mentioned in this post about posture) in conjunction with regular stretching to get all the kinks out. When I've done all I can do and my neck is still stiff, a trip to the Chiropractor always re-aligns my body so I can rest without pain. Massage therapy also works wonders and should be a regular part of your routine, especially if you work out.

9. Sleepy Time Tea- I mentioned above not to drink within the 2-hour window before bed, however if you can, try to swap out water and make that last drink a non-caffeinated herbal tea designed to help you relax. Chamomile is a go-to for many. I've tried and love the following organic teas: nighty night tea, relax tea, night time tea and bedtime tea. If I'm soaking in the tub, I usually drink a mug of this at the same time, provided that it's not immediately before bed.

10. The Dark Side- Visible light in the bedroom is the primary reason why many don't sleep well. It disturbs the body's natural biological clock and circadian rhythms as well as affect our melatonin levels which tells our body that we should be awake instead of asleep. To remedy  this issue, first and foremost, use curtains over windows with blinds, preferably blackout curtains. Have an eye mask on hand while traveling so you can get the same experience while away from home. Unplug or cover the display of any devices that emit a red, blue or green LED light-alarm clocks are notorious for this. In my house we just cover with a dark fabric. While we're on the subject of senses-keep flowers, scented products such as candles and air fresheners etc., out of the room which can cause allergies and wake you during sleeping hours by sneezing. If you're a light sleeper and hear even low level noise-invest in a quality set of ear plugs like these  -my husband and I both swear by them at home and while traveling. They're especially useful for midday naps when outside noise is more prevalent and can be heard indoors.

As a general rule of thumb, as mentioned above, turn off any tech devices that do not need to be on while you sleep such as the computer modem, laptop, cell phone, tablets, printers and more. If you have them all hooked up to a power strip, it's easy to just flip one switch and shut it all down at night. We live by this rule in our home and it makes such a huge difference in our sleep quality. What you may not realize is that EMF (electromagnetic field energy) and wi-fi continually provide a stream of radiation that has the ability alter our brain's activity and neurotransmitters. Over time, this can cause other health issues beyond insomnia or sleep problems. It is never recommended to sleep with a cell phone in or near your bed-especially not near your head or pillow. *Quick tip: If you use it for an alarm and light to see early in the morning or getting around the bedroom late at night like I do with my iPhone, just go into your settings and once you've set your alarm time, set your phone to airplane mode. As long as you don't power your phone off completely and just tap the power button to shut the screen off, your alarm will still ring but you won't be woken up by text message + e-mail alerts or phone calls either.

Getting a good night's sleep is enjoyable with the right pair of pajamas. I'm sharing some favorites and most of them are currently on sale if you're looking for yourself or wanting to gift someone you love with new pair of PJ's. Use the scroll bars to see all items and click on the image to get more info.

Do you find it hard to get a good night's sleep? Did any of these tips resonate with you? Perhaps you have some sleeping tips of your own that you swear by, please share as I'd love to read them in the comments below!


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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Best of Cyber Monday Sales!

l. Blue handbag  //  2. Watch //  3. Lipstick  //  4. Gloves
5. Booties  //  6. Coat  //  7. Candle  //  8. Headphone set
9. Beanie  //  10. Leopard Bag  //  11. Statement Pumps //  12.  Earrings

A few more favorites from the sale today:


Happy Cyber Monday Ladies!! Every year I get super excited for this day (aka: The biggest online shopping day of the year) because there are always so many amazing deals to be had and this year certainly did not disappoint!!  Most retailers are also offering free shipping on any size order (and some offer free returns too), so there really couldn't be an easier way to snag a deal!

With that said, today I'm sharing my very favorite items above in the collage along with a full list of my favorite stores below and the accompanying details including promo codes, making things easier for you, so you won't have to dig through e-mails or hop from site to site trying to figure out where to begin. If you're truly at a loss on what to get certain family members or friends for Christmas or the holidays, Amazon is always a great place to look for inspiration! They have tons of deals on everything today so it's a great place to get the creative juices flowing and help you think outside of the box this year. I'm a huge fan of both giving and receiving monogrammed gifts. They add an extra-special personal touch.

ANN TAYLOR //50% off everything + free shipping w/ code: EVERYTHING
ANTHROPOLOGIE // 25% off all sale + free shipping w/ code: XTRAGOOD
AMAZON // Tons of amazing deals in every category for everyone on your list!
ASOS // 20% off everything w/ code: CYBER
BANANA REPUBLIC // 40% off everything w/ code: BESTCYBER
BAUBLEBAR // 20% off 1 item w/code: GOGIFT25, 35% off 2+ items w/ code: GOGIFT35
EXPRESS // Up to 40% off everything, free shipping on orders of $50+
GAP // 40% off everything w/ code: BESTCYBER
GIGI NEW YORK // Spend $125 save 20%, spend $250 save 25%, spend $350 save 30%
J.CREW // 40% off select items, 30% off everything else w/code: MONDAY
J.CREW FACTORY // 50% off% + extra 15% off + free shipping w/ code: TODAYONLY
KATE SPADE // 30% off everything w/code: SHINE
KENDRA SCOTT // 15% off everything w/ code: SALE15
LOFT // 50% off everything w/ code: CYBER50
MACY'S // Cyber Monday Deals + free shipping at $25
NEIMAN MARCUS // Spend $200 get a $50 gift card; spend $500 get a $125 gift card, spend $1,000 get a $250 gift card
NORDSTROM // Extra 25% off sale items, up to 40% off designer sales + double points day
OLD NAVY // 40% off everything w/ code: BESTCYBER
REBECCA MINKOFF // 25% off all orders 
SHOPBOP // Spend $250+ save 15%, spend $500, save 20%, spend $1,000, save 25% w/ code: GOBIG15
SOLE SOCIETY // 30% off everything (no code needed)
TORY BURCH // Spend $250, receive 30% off w/ code: THANKS
TUCKERNUCK  Preppy Apparel // 15% off sitewide (CYBER-15), 20% off orders of $200+ (CYBER-20), 25% off orders of $500+ (CYBER-25), 30% off orders of $1,000+ (CYBER-30)
WHITE HOUSE/BLACK MARKET // 35% off your purchase + free shipping w/code: 97729



If you're looking to zero in on a particular price point or are trying to find cute little stocking stuffers, I love looking at gift guides, especially those under a certain price point. My favorites this year are:


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I hope you score some serious deals today and are able to cross several items off your list! :)

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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Best Black Friday Sales!

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and enjoyed some family time. This year, we decided to head to a really nice buffet at a local hotel and they did not disappoint! I was grateful not to have to cook this year and could just relax. I'm so thankful for my sweet family, my health and all of you too lovelies! Thank you to each and every one of you who reads The Classy Woman blog, I appreciate your support, kindness, thoughtful comments and readership! :)

In past years, when I first moved to the U.S., I thought it would be so much fun to partake in Black Friday by getting up at the crack of dawn and heading from store to store braving the crowds in search of spectacular deals, ones that would help me stay on budget and allow me cross items of my holiday giving list. I can honestly say in the 2 years that I tested that out, I never really came away with anything all that spectacular, but instead came home exhausted, crawling in bed for a nap and wondering what I was thinking. I'm glad I got to experience this annual tradition for many, however this year (as with the past many), you'll find me at home in cozy holiday PJ's, with a cup of hot cocoa in hand and Hallmark Christmas movies on in the background while I peruse all the great deals online in the comfort of my own home-that's more my style.

For those of you like myself, I'm taking the guesswork out of where to start looking this year for the best Black Friday deals! I've rounded up a huge list of the greatest sales, sharing my favorite pieces from them also. I like to use this opportunity to shop for others, but I always seem to find a few special things for myself in the process. ;)

50% OFF Everything including sale items!! Code: CELEBRATE  

Two of my favorite items are this crossbody tote for just $49 which comes in 6 beautiful colors
(the blush pink & red are my top picks) and these gorgeous, feminine black leather bow gloves



Kate Spade has 2 amazing sales running! An up to 75% OFF surprise sale (no code needed) via this Surprise Sale link  (ends 11/28) + 25% OFF anything on their main website using code: MERCI

The top row of items are my picks from the 75% off sale and bottom are the 25% off sale. Kate Spade is known for their amazing luxury gifts, be sure to check out their Gift Guides and take a peek at their gifts Under $50, if you're looking for great stocking stuffer ideas!


Nordstrom is offering an extra 25% OFF of selected sale items in every category along with 
Free Shipping + Returns as always! (Sale ends 11/30)

I love a one-stop shop and Nordstom always has the best gifts, it's one of my favorite stores. Above I'm sharing my favorite beauty + skincare along with activewear picks, perfect for giving gifts, stocking a stuffing or getting ready for the new year in a fresh way. If you've always wanted the Clarisonic skin cleansing system (a great gift for your mom or girlfriends too), it's now just $79! Also, this designer Saint Laurent clutch is 30% OFF which never goes on sale!



Spend $250, receive 30% OFF + Free Shipping & Returns in anything w/ code: THANKS

Quality, well-made luxury pieces never go out of style! Tory is known for her tunics, handbags and of course her riding boots and flats. I'm liking these sunglasses as well as these. Don't forget to take a peek at the sale section as your 30% OFF applies to those items too!



Every single item is now 25% OFF w/code: SHOPTOIT

Anthropologie always has standout clothing items along with beautiful and unique home decor. If you're decorating for the season, refreshing your space or are in need of a pretty dress for a an upcoming holiday party (this dress is a showstopper in my opinion!) or the perfect jewelry, they've got such great selections. I'm sharing my favorite picks from the sale above. If you haven't even looked at their holiday decor and ornaments, they have the cutest, unique pieces that you won't find elsewhere!



ANN TAYLOR: 50% OFF everything including sale items!! w/code CELEBRATE 
AMAZON: 30% OFF select clothing, accessories, shoes and more w/code: 30BLACKFRI
ANTHROPOLOGIE: Every single item is now 25% OFF w/code: SHOPTOIT
ASOS: Up to 60% OFF casual looks w/code: BLESSED
BANANA REPUBLIC: 50% OFF sweaters + 40% OFF everything else w/code: BRFRIDAY
BAUBLEBAR: 30% OFF everything w/ code: THX
EXPRESS: 50% OFF everything + free shipping!
GAP: Early access 50% OFF everything w/ code: EARLY
J.CREW: 30% OFF full-priced items and 40% OFF of sale w/code: HOLIDAY
J.CREW FACTORY: 50% OFF everything + free shipping w/code: SHOPGIFTS
KATE SPADE: Up to 75% OFF surprise sale via this Surprise Sale link w/code: MERCI
LOFT: 50% OFF everything Fri-Sun!
MACY'S:  Extra 25%-60% OFF
MADEWELL: 25% OFF  your entire purchase w/code: CALMDOWN 
NORDSTROM: Nordstrom is offering an extra 25% OFF of selected sale items 
OLD NAVY: 60% OFF hundreds of styles, 50% OFF even more, 40% OFF everything else.
REBECCA MINKOFF: 25% off all orders + free shipping  and up to 70% OFF select styles
REVOLVE: Up to 80% OFF + extra 20% OFF sale w/code: BLACKFRIDAY20
SAKS FIFTH AVENUE: Up to 60% OFF select styles.
SHOPBOP: Spend $250+, save 15%, spend $500, save 20% w/ code: GOBIG15
SOLE SOCIETY: 30% OFF all shoes today only!
TORY BURCH: Spend $250, get 30% OFF + Free Shipping w/ code: THANKS


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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Black Friday Shopping!


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