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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review

For those who have followed my blog for a while now, you know that I only use natural and organic products when it comes to my beauty and personal care routine. Anyone who has decided to nix the toxic stuff in favor of naturally-derived products knows that finding just the right deodorant can be quite the challenge. With so many different versions from rock crystals and sprays to gel roll-ons, stick deodorants to pastes, it's hard to know where to start and for me it was a process of trial and error.

I can quite honestly say that I've now tried dozens over the years and it's been frustrating for me since I live in hot and humid Florida. What might work in other cooler, drier climates (and did for me in the past when I lived in Toronto) just doesn't cut it for me here, especially not for a day outdoors or a workout. I've found if some of them do work, it's for a very limited time such as 4 hours. For me, a deodorant needs to work for a full work day for a duration of 8-12 hours. I was hopeful when I stumbled upon Schmidt's Natural Deodorant on Instagram. Their product caught my attention and I found myself reading reviews to see what others had to say. When I saw the rave reviews from others (in particular those who live in the same type of warm and sticky climate such as Texas) I knew I wanted to see if it could replace the ones I'm using now which I rotate between and sadly end up reapplying.

I was lucky enough to be able to try all of Schmidt's scents (5 different ones to be exact including fragrance-free). The scents offered are a relaxing Lavender-Sage, soft and soothing Ylang Ylang-Calendula, fresh and zingy Bergamot-Lime, earthy Cedarwood-Juniper and of course Fragrance-Free. Each fragrance is unique, my personal favorites are the Lavender-Sage and Ylang Ylang-Calendula. I love that only natural essential oils are used to scent their formulations. Most companies (even natural ones) still often contain "fragrance", "aroma", "parfum", etc., which are often not of natural origin and may contain hormone disruptors such as parabens and pthalates which are considered toxic and unsafe for long-term use.

The little glass jars come with a small plastic spatula that is used to spread a pea-sized amount into the palm of a clean hand, your own natural body heat begins to melt the product slightly and it's easy to spread with fingers onto each underarm as it's a paste. It may seem a bit different than a stick type application but it washes off easily with soap and water. Because Schmidt's is a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant, it doesn't block underarm pores with nasty chemicals such as aluminum which I most certainly do not want in my body. Their perfect formula left me feeling dry thanks to the arrowroot powder, not sticky.

Other deodorants I've tried in the past have been oily/greasy leaving stains (traditional stick deodorants always seem to leave white residue on clothing and tends to ball up like little sweater pills). Feeling sticky as if your underarms are never dry is another common issue with many natural deodorants. I loved how Schmidt's not only left me feeling dry and pleasantly scented while working around the house and running errands but also for more intense actives times such as chasing my little one around the playground or a gym workout. I've tested seeing how well it works overnight, during the day and during our warmest temps right now in December (85 degrees) and I have to say I'm really impressed because it continued to work for my 'must have' requirement of 8-12 hours. I found on average, 10 hours was how long it worked for me during a variety of activities which was perfect and on par with mainstream unnatural deodorants. The other thing I really noticed is that the natural ingredients left the skin under my arms very soft, even after just having immediately shaved. There was never a burning or irritated feeling.

I will definitely be adding Schmidt's Natural Deodorant to my personal care and beauty routine! The current deodorants I have in my medicine cabinet smell great but I have to reapply on hot days and one of them sometimes makes my underarms a bit itchy which is never a good thing! ;) Since deodorant is a product that we all use daily, it's important to find one without compromise. One of the reasons why I use natural products, especially deodorant in particular (besides my own health of course) is for my daughter Lily, when I became pregnant with her I really started to scrutinize every last ingredient, since as a nursing mother what is absorbed into my body also gets passed along to her via milk and of course is of particular importance for babies still growing in the womb. I also love that their products are vegan and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

With a busy toddler these days, I'm a big fan of online shopping and was happy to learn that Schmidt's deodorant is not only available on their own website but also at Anthropologie as well as Urban Outfitters too, stores I frequent. :)

I love sharing a great products with friends and it's even better when there's a deal to be had Right now, Schmidt's is offering Classy Woman readers 15% off any order from their website! Use code: CLASSYSCHMIDTS at checkout.

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*This post was brought to you by Schmidt's Natural Deodorant. I was given complementary product to review, however all thoughts, opinions and experiences with their product are my own. All images shown in this post are property of Karla M. Davis of The Classy Woman.


  1. Hi Karla! This is interesting, definitely. Looking at it on your hand, the consistency is very paste-y (if that's even a word Lol) though. So I'm worried it's it sticky when you apply it or does the spatula solve that issue? I'm intrigued with how each scent smells like, but I really wish they had vanilla!

    Great post! :)

    1. Hi Camille! Because it's made of natural essential oils and shea butter, it melts down but the arrowroot powder in it keeps you from feeling greasy or sticky. You use the spatula to scoop it out of the container (so it stays clean) and just use a small amount (pea-sized). The scents were pretty much what I had thought they would smell like given the name, butt he ylang-ylang calendula was softer than I though and it's lovely. Yes, vanilla would be great!


  2. I also tried it and it worked very well.
    Thank you very much for your article.
    a fantastic read


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