Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do the One Thing You Think You Cannot Do!

Hi everyone!  Today's post is shorter one that will hopefully inspire you and reignite a flame in you that perhaps went out a while ago or will encourage you along in the right direction as you currently work towards a big dream.

In our busy day-to-day life it's easy to get caught up in our work day demands or keeping the house clean, getting the kids ready for school, running errands, washing laundry, cooking meals and going to church, etc., etc. It may feel as though your free time is limited to pursue dreams or do things that would bring you great joy but I encourage you to carve out that time. Most of us have time for more passive activities like watching TV or scrolling through social medias apps which can sometimes be time wasters. Take that block of time and use it for something that will truly change your life for the better. Make it your goal as we wrap up this year and get ready to start afresh in 2014!

This quote above by Eleanor Roosevelt really spoke to me today and as I often do, after sharing it via our Facebook Community this morning I wanted to share it with everyone here on the blog because I know someone else would benefit from reading it and meditating on it. We must do the one things that scares us, that we think we cannot do and essentially prove ourselves wrong. ;)

There are many circumstances that present themselves in our life which force us to become stronger than we knew we were and create a more determined and disciplines spirit within us. However, there is a different sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment when we run towards the one thing we think we cannot do, be or have and actually achiever it! Here's the best part... even if you don't achiever that dream for some reason, oh the joy you will in the journey and the awesome stories and experiences you'll have along the way that nothing else like it can bring!

I encourage you all to dig deep an be courageous enough to go after that 'one thing'! :) If you're feeling open to it, I'd love to hear what your one thing is. It may just inspire others in this community to go after theirs!

Thanks for Reading!


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