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Eight Great Book Recommendations

From time to time over the past several years I've received emails from my blog readers asking about books I would recommend on a particular topic-be it fashion, entertaining, etiquette or inspirational. While I've replied to those messages personally with my timeless favorites, I thought I'd share a few of them here today since Fall is a great time for curling up with some hot cocoa and getting lost in a new book. A few of the best I've read have actually been recommended to me or gifted to me by others.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not (nor have I ever been) interested in romance novels or science fiction books. However, I can be found immersing myself in all things self-improvement, home decor-related adding a little bit of fashion for good measure. As a woman in my young 20's, I'd sometimes go to my favorite large chain book store and enjoy a hot tea while browsing through magazines and books. A couple of my friends who would often join would wonder why I wanted to read books on self-improvement (it was not their genre of choice) and one even commented to me, "Isn't this all pretty obvious stuff? Why do you want to waste your time reading it?" Well, apparently it isn't quite so obvious because there is a very large market (not to mention section of the book store) dedicated to exactly that! ;) I think what we enjoy reading actually says a lot about us and what is important to us in our life. I tend to gravitate towards how-to's and learning new ways to become a better person and if you're also committed to personal growth and enjoy a good book, I hope you'll enjoy the suggestions I'm sharing below.

1. Harper's Bazaar Great Style (Classy Fashion)
2. The Reluctant Entertainer (Home Entertaining)
3. Paris in Color  (Photography/Travel)
4. Young House Love  (Decorating/ DIY Projects)

5. Emily Post's Etiquette ~18th Edition (Manners & Etiquette)
6. Unstoppable (Inspirational)
8. Real Simple Solutions (Organizing & Keeping House)

Each one of these 8 books are in my personal collection and what I love about all of them is that they are the kind you can go back to and reference time and time again, re-read, share and enjoy. They are perfect for yourself or as a gift! I grouped the first four together because not only do they have wonderful content but their covers are also so colorful and beautiful which are perfect to adorn any coffee table, making for a great decorative accessory. These first four are also a bit more light-hearted and therefore reside in my living room on end tables and coffee table shelving. The last four are a bit more in-depth reads and are thought-provoking by nature (specifically 5-7).

1. Harper's Bazaar-Great Style- This timeless guide offers a look at different types of attire broken down by category and provides a variety of ways to finish an outfit and even selects wardrobe essentials by age. It has just the right amount of text balanced with photos and is a great reference for women of all ages. Although this book was publishes a few years ago, the fashion is still relevant today as the focus is on classic pieces. I have read as well as flipped through many books on style and fashion and this is by far a more in-depth overview of the essentials vs. current trends that will become outdated in months and years to come.

2. The Reluctant Entertainer- Sandy, the Author, focus on the heart of entertaining, that it need not be perfect (an area I have always struggled with as it pertains to entertaining) but rather, inviting and uncomplicated. She also shares some of her family's favorite recipes that you'll actually want to make along with many fabulous photos that will have you rethinking the way you entertain or inspire you to try it out if you tend to avoid it.

3. Paris in Color - This book transports you to a world of Parisian lifestyle shown through a collection of photographs grouped by hue. Whether you've always dreamed of going to Paris or it holds special memories for you like it does for me (hubby and I became engaged there), it a beautiful book that is sure to be a conversation piece when left out as a coffee table book.

4. Young House Love- This married duo won me over when I began reading their witty blog 5 years ago. They turned their love for DIY and home renovations into a family blogging affair which led to their first book. What I enjoy most is that their projects are unique ideas I haven't seen anywhere else and many can be accomplished in a few hours or a weekend with big impact.

5. Emily Post's Etiquette- This is the quintessential bible of Etiquette. Filled with the proper protocol for an array of dilemmas, this is a go-to on all things manners and etiquette related. While there are several books written on the topic, most, including myself, regard Emily Post as being the queen of etiquette advice.

6. Unstoppable- Because we all need inspiration and encouragement from time to time, this book has been a wonderful resource during discouraging moments. It is filled with not only 45 powerful stories of those who overcame in a great way, but it also a guide to learning how to persevere and triumph in all areas of your life. This book was a gift given to me by my father a decade ago and I still find myself gravitating towards it.

7. The Purpose Driven Life-This is one of the best books I've ever read. It's the kind of book that you'll want to as a gift for any friend or family member in your life. If you've ever felt stuck, frustrated or wondering what the purpose of life is or why you are here on earth, this book reveals why we all exist and how to discover our God-given purpose so that we might live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

8. Real Simple Solutions- I think this is the type of book that would appeal to everyone because it's filled with loads of everyday tips, ideas, tricks and solutions to dilemmas we experience every day and who doesn't want to make life easier. It covers genius ideas from beauty, decorating, entertaining and celebrating to organizing, cooking and cleaning. Essentially, it covers every facet of your life and how to keep it simplified. It's filled with lots of great images and how-to photos that you can implement into your every day life.

What are some of your all-time favorite books within these categories?

Thanks for Reading!


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**This was a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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