Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes Silence is the Best Reply

Today's thought is short and sweet as the quote above pretty much says it all.

A classy woman knows that her words would be wasted on a fool whose ways are focused on ego, pride and who cannot see beyond senseless thoughts and actions. Your silence will speak volumes when walking away is not an option! :)

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    1. Sam, I hear you. It can be difficult sometimes especially when the person acting like a fool is a family member or close friend. I've learned that trying to reason with someone when they're so fixated on their own ideas never really gets me anywhere. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just yesterday, a coworker was seriously cursing in front of me. He's a doctor, I couldn't walk away--yet. He apologized. My reply was silence. Is there a better response?

    1. What a great example, Paula! Our silence really shows our level of discomfort or displeasure at times.

  3. Silently counting to 10 has saved me on so many occasions!!

    1. Yes, I use that same approach. It's particularly helpful when someone upsets you or makes you angry. It's good to pause for a bit before doing/saying something that you might regret. Thanks for sharing, Sylvie! :)

  4. Couldn't agree more, yet I understand Sam's point, too! Sometimes it's so difficult to have a "conversation" with a self-centered fool! I'm definitely going to keep this post as a reminder :)

    xx Ivana

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