Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Heart of Christmas

I hope you're enjoying this lovely season so far. I basked in the sunshine outdoors yesterday as we've experienced unseasonably warm temps here in Florida the past few weeks. However, today I'm nursing a head cold that came on last night with lots of hot tea, a box of tissues and some good reading material. :) I'm just glad it's not the flu and better now than during the Christmas holidays.

I've been reflecting lately (as I always do at this time of year) about how commercialized things have become. There are many great festivals and church events in my city which I look forward to that bring a sense of tradition and warm feelings and yet at the same time you cannot turn on your TV in December without being 'sold to' and told what will bring your loved ones joy. I understand that retailers must make a profit to survive and this is the busiest time of year but it's so easy for many to get caught up in the gifts, and often competitiveness with how much was spent on whom and who has the best lights on the street or the prettiest Christmas tree. Sometimes our own busyness prevents us from experiencing the true joy and wonder of this season.

On Friday afternoon I found myself rushing around to make sure all of my international Christmas cards got out on time including looking up a few addresses that I couldn't seem to track down with just minutes before I had to head to the post office. Hubby was trying to catch my attention and take a look at what I had written in some of the cards spread out on the kitchen table but I was telling him I didn't have time and that he could look at the next batch for our U.S. family and friends. Then he commented, "So, where's the joy?"  My heart sank because I knew he was right. Sending our loved ones cards every year is something that I really enjoy from creating the card to writing personal messages in each one, somehow I had let my busyness and lack of organization ruin a nice moment. Still trying to meet my timeline, I apologized, kissed hubby and made my way to the car and when I began driving away a song came on that touched my heart called: 'The Heart of Christmas' by Matthew West. This was no coincidence. The local Christian radio station that I listen to plays Christmas music for the entire month of December and this was just the reminder I needed!

If you've been feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do this month, are at odds with a family member or friend or maybe are stressed by not having as much financially as you would like to give this year, I want to share the same song with you as a reminder.

Above all, today I encourage you to remember, during a season of wish lists filled with 'things' it's important to reflect on the the real gift of this season, in the form of God's only son. He is truly all we need! :)

Speaking of positive messages, is anyone else loving all of the wonderful Hallmark movies this time of year?
Have you had any moments that really spoke to you this season as you prepare for the holidays? Share the with us in the comments below.

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