Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday's Thought & Comfort Food

Such a simple yet powerful truth- let's remember to rejoice and be glad in the days we're given even if they don't unfold exactly the way we had hoped for or planned.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was spent taking in the crisp breeze and apparently food was a big part of my weekend if my instagram pics have anything to say about it. ;) Yesterday I made a crockpot full of steel cut oatmeal, an autumn smoothie perfect for fall, followed by some roasted root veggies. To top off Saturday, hubby and I watched a movie called 'October Baby' and I curled up with a little bowl of chocolate mint frozen dessert (it's just like ice cream minus the dairy).

This afternoon we met up with some new friends at one of our favorite restaurants and I indulged in a bowl of venison chili (it was amazing) & a steak with mushroom and blue cheese flat bread-equally awesome! We don't eat much meat or poultry so this was a special treat. The summers in Florida make me crave sweet tea, fresh berries and refreshing tart frozen yogurt but autumn just has a way of drawing me back to hot tea and warm comfort foods. Speaking of comfort-I was living in my winter white cozy pom pom booties this weekend while indoors to keep my tootsies warm as the refreshing fall breeze made its way through our whole house. Fresh, crisp air is one of my favorite simple pleasures.

Every gal needs a cozy pair of slippers when the temps drop, pom poms up the fun factor. ;) I've been getting several requests for where I got these booties, I bought them 2 years ago at JC Penney but you can find a similar pair {here} on sale in the same color. Here is another fun pom pom pair in a fun pattern with a bit of faux fur and they're marked down quite a bit-great time to grab a pair! 

Concord grape smoothie! Banana, blueberries, concord grapes & almond milk-YUM!

Celebrating the harvest with root veggies. Here's a shot of our parsnips, carrots and golden beets 
before hitting the oven. I popped them out and drizzled some extra virgin olive oil, added a few pinches of sea salt and twists of the pepper grinder. Delish! 

Last but not least is my favorite non-dairy frozen treat. If you haven't tried coconut milk icecream, it's so delicious! Pun intended. ;)

What were YOU up to this weekend? Anybody else savoring some comfort foods?


*photo credit: all images mine except top quote {via}


  1. Hi Karla,
    Where did u get the slippers? Absolutely adorable. The smoothie sounds good too.

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by! I bought my slippers just before Christmas 2 years ago at JC Penney, I checked the website but they're not available however I found this similar pair and they're on sale! ;)

  2. Those slippers are so cute! Where are they from?

    1. Thanks Kylie, thanks for stopping by! :) I've been getting a lot of requests on the bootie slippers so I added some links to my blog post. I purchased 2 years ago at JC Penney. I found these similar pairs and they're currently on sale! ;) and

  3. Loving the slippers!! and that smoothie looks tres delish!! sounds like a perfect week-end.. and yes I'm all about comfort food. The weather has been rainy, damp, grey in Toronto and where we are at our country home (Caledon) it's even more wintery like.

    Stay warm, Hugs, HHL

    1. Many of my good friends live in Toronto (where I'm originally from) and told me hurricane Sandy made the weekend quite rainy and damp. It is cozy weather to sit by a fireplace and curl up with hot apple cider or hot cocoa & a good book. Enjoy your country home, I do remember driving through Caledon several times and it's beautiful, especially in the fall! :) XO


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