Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Harvest: Pretty Pumpkins

Happy Harvest to everyone! You've probably gathered by today's post title that I don't celebrate in today's festivities but I do love celebrating this gorgeous time of year and all that the harvest season brings. I'm a huge fan of Indian corn-the colors are just stunning, the changing leaves, potted mums, gourds and chilly air but one of my favorites is pumpkins.

There are some really elegant white pumpkins, traditional bright orange and then the funny, bumpy and odd shaped ones-isn't it so neat to see the different breeds of pumpkins? Last week I was shopping at our local produce-only market and they had a massive 600-lb pumpkin sitting at the entrance-it's really fun to see how large they can grow.

Today's post is all about pumpkins, more specifically pretty pumpkins. I've always enjoyed carving pumpkins but I've always bucked tradition and traded the idea of scary jack o' lanterns for elegant monograms, fun designs, one year I created the batman symbol when my little brother was about 6 since he really loved the movie at the time.

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite pumpkins...

For those who love all things beachy.

Polka dot, damask, chevron and fall leaf motifs-trendy pumpkins for all!

Filled with beautiful blooms, intricate lace details, glittered or embellished with a simple piece of twine or raffia makes these pumpkins elegant and gorgeous!

If you don't feel like messing with pumpkin seeds, these painted pumpkins are creative-everything from letter monograms, showcasing your home state or house number to spray painted metallic minis.

Monogrammed pumpkins that have been chiseled out and a candle popped inside 
have such an elegant illuminating effect.

These owls are super cute! Their eyes, ears and feet are embellished with sunflower seeds.

I hope you enjoyed these, now I'd love to hear what creative things you did with your own pumpkins this year! :) Tell us about it or leave a link to your pumpkin creations.

Thanks for reading!


*all original photos via Pinterest-each image board with text created by me.


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  2. Those owls are adorable. Also, wanted to you to know that your tipping piece was great.


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