Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Harvest: Pretty Pumpkins

Happy Harvest to everyone! You've probably gathered by today's post title that I don't celebrate in today's festivities but I do love celebrating this gorgeous time of year and all that the harvest season brings. I'm a huge fan of Indian corn-the colors are just stunning, the changing leaves, potted mums, gourds and chilly air but one of my favorites is pumpkins.

There are some really elegant white pumpkins, traditional bright orange and then the funny, bumpy and odd shaped ones-isn't it so neat to see the different breeds of pumpkins? Last week I was shopping at our local produce-only market and they had a massive 600-lb pumpkin sitting at the entrance-it's really fun to see how large they can grow.

Today's post is all about pumpkins, more specifically pretty pumpkins. I've always enjoyed carving pumpkins but I've always bucked tradition and traded the idea of scary jack o' lanterns for elegant monograms, fun designs, one year I created the batman symbol when my little brother was about 6 since he really loved the movie at the time.

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite pumpkins...

For those who love all things beachy.

Polka dot, damask, chevron and fall leaf motifs-trendy pumpkins for all!

Filled with beautiful blooms, intricate lace details, glittered or embellished with a simple piece of twine or raffia makes these pumpkins elegant and gorgeous!

If you don't feel like messing with pumpkin seeds, these painted pumpkins are creative-everything from letter monograms, showcasing your home state or house number to spray painted metallic minis.

Monogrammed pumpkins that have been chiseled out and a candle popped inside 
have such an elegant illuminating effect.

These owls are super cute! Their eyes, ears and feet are embellished with sunflower seeds.

I hope you enjoyed these, now I'd love to hear what creative things you did with your own pumpkins this year! :) Tell us about it or leave a link to your pumpkin creations.

Thanks for reading!


*all original photos via Pinterest-each image board with text created by me.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday's Thought & Comfort Food

Such a simple yet powerful truth- let's remember to rejoice and be glad in the days we're given even if they don't unfold exactly the way we had hoped for or planned.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was spent taking in the crisp breeze and apparently food was a big part of my weekend if my instagram pics have anything to say about it. ;) Yesterday I made a crockpot full of steel cut oatmeal, an autumn smoothie perfect for fall, followed by some roasted root veggies. To top off Saturday, hubby and I watched a movie called 'October Baby' and I curled up with a little bowl of chocolate mint frozen dessert (it's just like ice cream minus the dairy).

This afternoon we met up with some new friends at one of our favorite restaurants and I indulged in a bowl of venison chili (it was amazing) & a steak with mushroom and blue cheese flat bread-equally awesome! We don't eat much meat or poultry so this was a special treat. The summers in Florida make me crave sweet tea, fresh berries and refreshing tart frozen yogurt but autumn just has a way of drawing me back to hot tea and warm comfort foods. Speaking of comfort-I was living in my winter white cozy pom pom booties this weekend while indoors to keep my tootsies warm as the refreshing fall breeze made its way through our whole house. Fresh, crisp air is one of my favorite simple pleasures.

Every gal needs a cozy pair of slippers when the temps drop, pom poms up the fun factor. ;) I've been getting several requests for where I got these booties, I bought them 2 years ago at JC Penney but you can find a similar pair {here} on sale in the same color. Here is another fun pom pom pair in a fun pattern with a bit of faux fur and they're marked down quite a bit-great time to grab a pair! 

Concord grape smoothie! Banana, blueberries, concord grapes & almond milk-YUM!

Celebrating the harvest with root veggies. Here's a shot of our parsnips, carrots and golden beets 
before hitting the oven. I popped them out and drizzled some extra virgin olive oil, added a few pinches of sea salt and twists of the pepper grinder. Delish! 

Last but not least is my favorite non-dairy frozen treat. If you haven't tried coconut milk icecream, it's so delicious! Pun intended. ;)

What were YOU up to this weekend? Anybody else savoring some comfort foods?


*photo credit: all images mine except top quote {via}

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Classy Woman Tip: Navigating a Crowd

I began posting a "Classy Tip of the Day" on our Facebook community page, however it's more like a Classy Tip of the Week since I post daily and include a variety of other quotes and inspiration. We all know I can be a bit wordy in my blog posts and while many topics require a more in-depth breakdown, I'm happy to begin offering regular quick tips each week that will serve as a reminder for some and maybe as new insight for others.

I'm not sure if it was because of my Canadian upbringing (Canada is regarded as being a very polite country for the most part) or just something I learned, but in my late teens and early twenties I used to say both excuse me and I'm sorry together ,that was until I learned it wasn't necessary.. ;)

Thanks for reading! 


*image used is my own creation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Steals & Deals: Christmas Gift Ideas!

I know, I know, the title probably has you thinking-'Christmas posts already? It's still October, we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!"  I'm not sure what's gotten into me this year, I've really been on the ball and really organized when it comes to all things Christmas 2012. Over a week ago I ordered our Christmas cards to send to family and friends along with some cute return address labels and some fun, personalized gift tags. It all began when I stumbled upon a $40 off $40 or more purchase that expired the very same day which prompted my early bird initiatives. I wasn't sure what to expect quality-wise but the cards arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be more excited about them. Once I've mailed them out, I'll share this year's creation here with you.

Being organized just makes me feel good and it also opens up a lot of free time during the holidays to just enjoy family and fun parties and events without feeling stressed out. In the spirit of tackling things early and getting great deals, I wanted to share a few of my favorite deals and creative, original gift ideas to make the shopping experience a little easier for you this year! Here's a list of 5 ideas I'm loving right now:

1. Ink Garden- They are a website which offers lots of customized items for a fraction of other online shops and I just love all the neat ideas they have-monogrammed or personalized items are the perfect gift that special someone who seems to have everything! My top three favorites of the moment are shown above.   Their $2 custom travel mug, you save $12.99, use code: TMUG2 ends 11/15/.  The $5 personalized pillow case is just too good to pass up, use code: PILLOW5 ends: 11/15. They're also offering 50% off of any holiday item with code: HOLIDAY50 which is good on all holiday cards, ornaments, calendars and more until 12/15!

2. Blurb- If you love personalized photo books, you're going to love Blurb. Their high-quality books capture all of your favorite moment. They've even added a tool that allows you to upload your Instagram or Facebook photos so that you can create books with ease. Why not make a book of this year's Instagram photos? It's also a great way to document your travels, capture your wedding day in a professional looking manner or even put together the first year of your babies life. These make great gifts for parents and grandparents! Make it once and order multiple copies for family. Right now you can save 15% off of all Blurb books here.

3. One King's Lane- If you've never heard of them before, they're a store that showcases all things home. They run daily offerings on special collections of furniture and home decor accessories at steep discounts. Their ever-changing merchandise offers fresh items for your space. They also just launched Gifts for Little Ones today which has some super cute goods. Starting today, OKL is launching multiple sales on the most adorable must-haves. But don't take my word for it, go take a look here for yourself. Sign up today and get a $15 credit towards purchases of $30 or more! They have great gifts for every home, which makes them an excellent choice for holiday gifts. They have some affordable, lovely wreaths up for grabs right now.

4. Layla Grayce- This happens to be one of my favorite online shops, particularly for gift giving . They offer everything from jewelry, home decor accessories, baby items, women's clothing, travel accessories and dishware. Above are a few of my favorite items for the female friends in my life. In honor of their 8th Anniversary, until Oct.30th they'll give you 20% off your purchase using code: LGTURNS8. Take advantage of the sale and visit their website to see what goodies you can find for your family and friends! 

5. Stella & Dot - If you're looking for gorgeous, stylish well-made jewelry pieces for the ladies in your life (or maybe even yourself) then I highly recommend Stella & Dot pieces. I got my first silver bangle from them several months ago and couldn't have been more happy with not only the piece but the gorgeous box it came inside-they really know how to make a gift presentable.

What's even better is they offer women the ability to turn their passion into income by becoming a stylist. Just until the end of October, when you sign up you get $650 worth of jewelry for just $199! If you want to choose your own pieces they'll let you select $450 of what you like best! That alone is worth signing up for. You could use many of the pieces as gifts and keep some for yourself too. Plus, they give you all the materials you need to run a successful accessory business. I just thought this was a clever way of not only earning money for your gifts but having some instant Christmas gifts too! Hurry, it runs for just one more week, take advantage of this great offer!

I'd love to hear from YOU! Have you discovered a crafty DIY gift idea or maybe a favorite shop filled with treasures that you absolutely love? Share with us and leave a comment below! :)


*photo credit for header image

Monday, October 22, 2012

Manners Monday: Sympathy Notes

Today's topic isn't one that we think about too often but it's one that we'll have to address at one point or another. Today's shorter post offers some tips on the proper etiquette pertaining to those who have lost a loved one.

It is always proper and even expected for a lady to express her deepest sympathies upon the death of someone she has known, respected or admired. It is best not to wait too long, within 24 of hearing the news is appropriate (if hearing it second hand).

How to Address a Grieving Person:

To a dear friend who has just lost a loved one, a classy woman might say:

"I also considered Laura to be a close friend and I will miss her so much."

To a dear friend who has just lost a loved one, a classy woman may write:

"I was sorry to hear of your sister's recent passing, You are in my thoughts (and prayers -if you are a spiritual person and mean this sincerely)."

What not to say:

"Please let me know if there is anything I can do."  OR "Call me if you need anything."

Making such a statement allows one to throw out the facade of caring without actually committing to do anything tangible. While a genuine intent may be there, instead, it is best to offer something practical that would be greatly appreciated at this sensitive time such as bringing a meal for the family or offering to take care of the plants, mail or a pet while they are out of town attending the funeral. Follow up with them days or weeks later to see what more you can do.

At a time of grieving and loss, a bright bouquet of flowers, while not required, is always a thoughtful way to provide something cheerful for the family to help lift their spirits and remind them that they are cared about by you.

"I totally understand how you feel (or what you are going through)."

As much as this may sound comforting, it can rub someone the wrong way. Even if you had a friend or family member who passed away recently in a similar manner or the same type of family member, etc., we can never know exactly how someone else feels or what they are going through and it's best not to make such assumptions.

In times like these, one will always remember the kindness of a friend. Be a shoulder to cry on or there to listen, sometimes that's the best gift for someone in pain. It is precisely the time to make yourself more available to console a loved one but also be willing to provide the space that they may need to reflect and also grieve privately.

I think this is an important topic and while this is a delicate subject, if you have been in a situation as the friend comforting another or the one who was comforted, I would love to hear your words of wisdom. Was there something that someone did that really helped you during such a transitional time or were there words or actions that were not at all helpful in the process of grieving.


*image credit

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday: A Perfect Ten

Are you ready for the weekend? It's such a beautiful time of year and I'm excited that it's finally begun to cool down a smidgen here in Florida. Perfect for weekends outdoors! Today's Fashion Friday post is about showing you how to maximize your Monday to Friday wardrobe (whether you work from the office, work from home or are a stay-at-home mom who wants to look classy and a bit more dressed up during the week), using 10 key pieces.

Many women, while excited about shopping for the new season, feel excited but at the same time a bit panicked thinking they need to spend a fortune to look good. That is just not the case. Today's examples all come from one of my favorite stores, Banana Republic. I've loved them since I first graduated from college and began a career in corporate sales-it was a must in our office to be well put together and polished, but not necessary to wear a suit everyday thankfully. The pieces Banana Republic offers are always classic, timeless, on trend and elegant and will live in your closet for years to come not to mention their sizes are available in petite, regular and tall. Cheers to them for helping this tall gal find pants & jeans that are long enough!

I'm going to show you 10 pieces from their collection and how you can mix and match to create 12 great outfits for the workweek-that's over 2 weeks worth of outfits and the best part is that it will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.  Let's have some fun, shall we?

You can find these items above here (available in more colors also): 
1  /  2   3  /  4  /  5  / 6  /  7  /  8  /  9  / 10

What makes these pieces work is you have just the right staple items and mix of solids and patterns. If you don't own a trench-buy one! They will never go out of style. A well-fitting skirt suit is a must, a fun heel to add interest for the season adds just the right amount of pop and a great fitting straight-leg jean in dark rinse provides a more dressy look. Add a colorful handbag to a more neutral palette for some wow factor.

If you're not a fan of mustard yellow, this royal blue belted ribbon print dress is a great substitute and you'll still achieve the same overall look in a color that's very of-the-moment but not so trendy that you won't want it in your closet a few years from now.

If you like the red tassel handbag shown in the neutral outfits, here's a close-up.

Here are the black leather booties shown in the outfits but not the perfect 10 board.

No outfit is complete without jewelry, here are some pieces I just adore.

You can find these jewelry pieces here (first two available in other great colors too):
1  /  2  /  3  /  4  

I'm kind of obsessed with this stretch skinny belt right now-how about you?

So, there you have it, 10 core pieces to build a fall wardrobe on. Don't stop at 12 outfits, the combinations and options are endless. One of the best ways to change an existing dress or top that comes with a matching wrap fabric belt or actual belt is to swap it for something totally different. Who says you have to wear it the way you purchased it? This has been one of the single best things I've done to update my wardrobe-add a handful of new belts in different colors, patterns and widths. 

Speaking of belts, you might remember this photo of me if you follow along on Facebook. I was playing around one Saturday morning as my hubby lovingly refers to as 'the fashion show' when I start brainstorming, pulling clothes out of my closet and trying new combinations. This black blouse came with a matching wrap belt in the same fabric to tie into a bow. I switched it up for a wide brown and black snakeskin double buckle belt with gold hardware for a new look.

Banana Republic has a sale going-Save 25% off your entire purchase (or 30% if you use your Banana Card, Gap Card or Old Navy Card). They are trying to raise $500,000 to help create jobs for the USA-isn't that great?! Hurry though, the sale is for just 2 days and ends 10/21/12. Use promo code : BRCREATE at checkout!

What's your favorite outfit or piece show here? Did you find this helpful in seeing your own existing wardrobe in a new way? Did you see some possibilities or creations you hadn't thought of before? I'd love to hear from you!

Pssst...Did you miss our past Fashion Friday posts? You can find them here: (1), (2), (3)


*all images (except for the last one of me) and perfect 10 styled outfits via Banana Republic website

Monday, October 15, 2012

Manners Monday: Asking about Marriage & Babies

I originally had a different topic planned for today's Manners Monday post but after seeing the reader response on Facebook, I thought going into further detail was a good idea. If you follow The Classy Woman community on Facebook, you'll see that today I posted a Classy Tip of the Day (something I started doing a few weeks ago a few times per week) about the importance of not putting people on the spot with personal questions that they may not be prepared to answer or even know the answer to themselves. This is what I wrote:

"A lady doesn't ask couples who are dating when they're getting married. Similarly, she doesn't ask married couples when or if they're planning to have a baby. A classy woman knows that while she might be really curious about the answer, it's never polite to put someone on the spot. Instead, she waits until the couple brings the topic up themselves."

While there are always a few conversation topics to avoid in many venues, some of them we've previously discussed HERE, I think asking a woman or couple when they are planning to get married or when they're planning to start a family are two of the biggest no-no's. In this day and age when many women are at the peak of their career, are having children later in life, are unsure in this economy how they'd afford an elegant wedding or of how to raise a child, or are perhaps struggling with infertility; these well-meaning questions can actually make the woman or couple feel rather uncomfortable and at a loss for words. 

As a woman who has been married for six years but has not yet had a baby, I get asked when I'm going to have children or if I want to have children A LOT. Whether I'm at a backyard BBQ, a dinner with other ladies, or meeting someone new at a wedding, I can almost guarantee at least one person will ask. They usually begin talking about their own child or pregnancy and then say, "So, do you think you and Paul will want to have children?". I recently had someone tell me they just assumed that we had decided not to have children since so much has passed as a married couple. Ouch.

If you find yourself getting asked these questions, here are some quick suggestions on how to tactfully and cleverly answer even the most nosy person and silence your critics.

How to Answer Questions about Marriage & Children:

Question: "So, when are you guys getting married?"
Answer: "I will get married when the time is right."

Who can argue with that answer? Nobody. It also allows you to take ownership of yourself and not use the term "we" or "us" pulling your significant other into the equation or making any promises that may not happen.

Question: "When are you going to start a family?"
Answer: "We're way too busy enjoying this honeymoon time together (or enjoying this time just us two) to think about that yet!"

Who can put a timeline on how long the honeymoon phase is or the importance of just spending time together as a couple without children? Again, nobody. If you're a spiritual person, another great answer is: "We're leaving it all in God's hands, whatever he has planned for us."

Although these questions can be rather annoying after hearing them several times, try to just laugh it off and remember that someone is taking an interest in you. What I've come to realize is that for some, this is how they make conversation-they may not have a lot of interesting things going on in their own life so they pry and make the focus about other's life milestones not realizing that it is rude. I think these conversations can lead to gossip if not careful which is another reason why it's good to avoid asking these questions.

I want to hear from YOU! What are your thoughts on this topic? Has anyone (other than your mother) pressed you for details on when you're getting married or having babies? How did you respond?


*photo credit

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fashion Friday: Shoe Dazzle Bogo Deal

Welcome to another Fashion Friday post! This is our third installment of the series and if you missed the first two you catch up by clicking here: (1) and (2) for some great fall finds on a budget.

I recently discovered a neat online shop called Shoe Dazzle which offers shoes as well as handbags, accessories and even clothing for great prices and there are no fees to join! Apparently, Kim Kardashian is their Chief Fashion Stylist and even though much of her super-edgy style is not for me, the website offers more classic pieces as well. The above image has four of my favorite items and since this season is all about color & fun, the idea of cobalt suede pumps caught my attention as well as more subdued tones like the hunter green croc handbag and the tan ostrich bag. Of course a black patent cap toe on textured quilted pump was another fabulous find.

The best part is Shoe Dazzle is running a huge BOGO sale right now! This means you can get two pairs of shoes/boots, two handbags, or one of each for just $39.95! The only trick with this site is if you see something in your size that you love, there's no lingering-you need to jump on it! They constantly add new styles and as soon as a style is out of stock, it's gone-they do not get that same items back in. I saw a handbag that I loved and while the bag is still offered, the color I wanted is no longer available. Thankfully I got two other great items which you can see below.

Upon finding the site, there was a quick sign up that took just 2 minutes and included a fun quiz where the shop determines your overall style by having your click on images you are drawn. I've done a few quizzes like this on other websites and they were somewhat accurate but not really bang on. I was interested to see how Shoe Dazzle would define my sense of style. Above is the style profile they came up with for me which was really accurate. It truly represents what I really enjoy wearing-classic, timeless and elegant pieces with a hint of prep and splash of glamour.

Even though the company bears the name 'Shoe' Dazzle, as I mentioned they offer some great handbags too. What I love about them is that while they aren't pricey investment bags, they allow you to have some fun for the season without breaking the bank to incorporate a hot color or trend. I always love a deep red for fall, animal print is a must (and considered to be a neutral), a black ladylike shoulder bag that resembles the quilted Chanel version with link straps , deep teal is a popular new color for fall and the shapes of bags are very structured vs. previous styles such as the hobo bag.

Onto more shoes and 2 pairs that I ordered a couple days ago for just $39.95! As you can tell, I'm loving the cap-toe style-it's a great way of adding some interest and utilizing two colors that work well with an outfit. Let's face it, cream or white worn with black are staples of a classic wardrobe-perfect for every classy woman. Even though I live in flats as much as I can-when visiting clients and on date nights with hubby or a night on the town with the girls, I just love a great pump. I'm really liking the thin ankle strap details on shoes right now and that cream and hot pink is just so cute! I debated between that pair and the black cap toe pair that I purchased.

 I have never owned a pair of booties before-I've always been a tall boot kind of gal. Since I have a great pair of black leather tall heeled boots already, this year I wanted to get something a bit more edgy and I simply love peep-toes for fall! These black suede booties have a zipper with tassel detail on the back and a scoop front which I just know will look adorable with my colorful and dark denim skinny jeans. Last but not least, the two-tone ankle strap pointed-toe flats are another great option vs. the standard rounded toe ballet flat.

For ALL of my favorite selections above and MANY more, you can visit the Shoe Dazzle website. I am not sure how long the buy one, get one free sale will run so I recommend stopping by today! 

Did you see a new style that you hadn't considered before? Which of my favorites shown was your favorite too?

Happy Weekend!


*Images boards are all mine created with items from Shoe Dazzle.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Manners Monday: Extreme Couponing Etiquette

Happy Monday! To my American friends, Happy Columbus Day and to my Canadian friends, I hope you're having a fabulous Thanksgiving today! Today's Manner Monday post is about a topic that is becoming more popular, the use of coupons. Around the time that the show Extreme Couponing became popular, I began watching a few episodes and while many of the coupon queens had a lot of great ideas and I was impressed by their massive organized stockpiles of necessities there were some not so nice aspects of the show that I feel promote competition in a negative way and hoarding among other things. While clearing the shelves at your local supermarket may make you feel like you're one savvy bargain hunter, it's anything but well mannered or classy behavior.

Today I'll be sharing some tips written by Rebecca Wells of While I have many of my own tips to provide you as an avid user of coupons, there is no sense in re-inventing the wheel when Rebecca (who is a pro at couponing) has done such a fine job of outlining the do's and don't of coupon etiquette.  I've heard of fights breaking out in stores and coupon users treating store staff poorly which is such a sad thought, a classy woman knows that coupons are a privilege offered by the manufacturer and/or stores, not our right and must be used with respect.

If you've ever thought about using coupons (but haven't yet), are just learning the ropes or are a seasoned deal seeker, these tips are good reminders to us all about the importance of manners and etiquette as it pertains to the use of coupons.


Couponing is more popular – and more necessary, for many families – than ever. The more you coupon, the more important it is to make sure that you’re following accepted etiquette. You’ll leave a positive impression with your fellow shoppers, your local cashiers, and other couponers. And you’ll help encourage stores and manufacturers to continue to provide coupons. Below are some basic rules you should follow when practicing the art of couponing.
1. Read the fine print. Organize your coupons before you shop. Make sure you understand exactly which product sizes and variations are valid for purchase with each coupon. For example, if the coupon is for a 20-ounce bottle of orange soda, don’t plan to use it with a 12-ounce can of root beer. Even if it’s an honest mistake, the cashier may think you’re trying to pull a fast one.
2. Don’t use photocopied coupons. Unless the store is providing them, using photocopied coupons may be considered coupon fraud, which is against the law.
3. Don’t use more than two coupons per item. The general rule is that you can use one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. If you try to use more, chances are you are violating store policy or the terms of one of the coupons you are already using.
4. Never take a coupon insert from a paper you haven’t paid for. Unfortunately, coupon theft is on the rise. Some people are stealing coupon inserts either from store newspapers or from newspapers other people have already paid for. Saving a few bucks isn’t worth your integrity.
5. Know the store’s coupon policy. Your grocery store, retailers and local merchants will all have different coupon policies. Some may allow you to use coupons for items that are on sale, but others won’t. Some may give you cash back if your coupons exceed the value of what you’ve purchased, while others may not allow this. They will all have different rules around rain checks. Familiarize yourself with the store’s policies so you don’t have an issue when you’re in the checkout line.
6. Don’t take more than your share of coupons. If the store has tear pad coupons or coupon dispensers, take one or two, not five or ten. Leave some for your fellow couponers and other customers.
7. Avoid peak shopping hours. If you show up at 5pm with the crowd that’s trying to buy groceries for tonight’s dinner, you’re going to make the cashiers’ jobs that much more stressful. Shop when the store tends to be less crowded, such as later at night or early in the morning.
8. If you can’t use it, give it away. If you discover while at the store that you can’t use a coupon but it is still valid, leave it for someone else who may be able to make use of it.
9. Don’t clear the shelves. While many couponers love the thrill of getting a vast amount of items for nothing (or next to nothing), only do this if you can actually use that vast amount. Don’t be greedy and leave the shelves bare; be considerate of your fellow shoppers and take only what you know you and your family will actually use.
10. Survey the checkout line. If the person behind you has one item and no coupons, and you have 20 items and 20 coupons, let them go ahead of you. This common courtesy will help give you and your fellow couponers a good name.
11. Always be kind to the cashier. Even if you find that the checkout person has an attitude about your coupons, smile graciously and thank them for their help. They may have had a run-in with an unfriendly couponer or someone who tried to trick them into honoring coupons that weren’t valid.
12. Have your method of payment at the ready. This is especially important if a line has formed behind you while the cashier was scanning your coupons. Your fellow shoppers – and the cashier – will appreciate anything you can do to streamline the process.
13. Use the customer service desk. If you have a disagreement with the cashier about how you are using your coupons, politely ask them if a manager might have additional insight. If the manager does not assist you, finish your transactions and bring the issue to the customer service desk.  If the customer service desk won’t help you, and you believe you are still in the right, follow up with a polite letter or phone call to the company that owns the store.  You’d be surprised how often you will receive a response if you keep things civil.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you and your fellow shoppers will have a more pleasant experience. And, just as important, you’ll help make sure that couponers everywhere get to continue to do what we love – find great deals. To find out how to coupon more effectively, visit Rebecca's website for more information.

Just for fun, I thought I'd share one of my favorite trips to Target, it was exactly this time last year. I love their clearance sections, you can find great deals! This happened to be a day where I really scored in the clearance area and had coupons that I applied also. 

Below is a better picture of my favorite item below on our bed-the pillow!

Here are the details, in case anyone is interested and gets a thrill out of hitting the deal jackpot ;) I don't normally document my shopping trips but some friends had been asking how I find things for a steal, so I shared it on my personal Facebook page with the breakdown.

Tazo Organic Chai concentrate was 50% off after coupons, Alba Botanicals lotion was 88% off and less than $1.00! (3) St. Ives lotions were free (actually made 8 cents each with store coupon), ponytail holder 50% off, (4) 4-pk Dove sensitive skin bar soap $3.48 ea with bonus travel size shampoos attached, (2) 3-pk Kleenex only 58 cents after coupon and my favorite find was a Fieldcrest Luxury Downfilled pillow which was 88% off on clearance-no coupon required. I saved a total of 70% off my bill by using coupons, buying clearance items that I normally busy and by utilizing my Target debit Redcard to save an additional 5% off plus 5 cents off each reusable bag I brought. My cost: $25.56 vs. Retail cost: $83.76.

Do you use coupons? What has your couponing experience been and have you ever witnessed anyone breaking the rules? What is one of the best deals you got using sales coupled with coupons? I'd love to hear about it!


*photo credit
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