Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Friday: Target Under $20

After hearing the same request from many of you about fashion posts and what to wear in blog comments, via e-mails, Facebook messages and of course the poll running in the sidebar, we will have regular posts all about classy fashion and how to dress classy. What does this mean? First of all, the items I select in my posts are items I would wear myself and might even have on my wish list, am inspired by or already own. The fashion posts each week will link to the item sources and will share why I've selected them and how they contribute to the overall look and appeal of a classy woman. To kick off the first post of the Fashion Friday series, I thought what better way than to share some fall budget-friendly picks from Target.

While a classy woman invests in key apparel pieces such as denim, black dress pants, trench coats and skirts that are of good quality and built to last, she knows that she can play around a little more with accessories. While she might find a great scarf, watch or sunglasses she'll own for years or even decades, smaller items like bangles, a sleek evening bag or a chic pair of earrings need not break the bank. Even a stylish watch at a desirable price can be a fun way of incorporating a current trend.

Once you've built a solid wardrobe filled with classics (which we'll go into greater detail in weeks to come), a great way to keep your wardrobe fresh and ever-changing is to add new accessories every season. It's the quickest and least expensive way to create new outfits and add versatility. Below are my selections so help you do just that....

31 Fall Fashion Accessories Under $20 from Target

Not wearing accessories is like having a house full of furniture and no artwork, flowers, pillows or rugs! Earrings help draw attention to your face and neckline and are something I wear every day. Bracelets and statement rings help add to the layering of an outfit. I own the black and gold filigree earrings-I adore them with dressier tops! I have my eye on the burgundy and gold clasp bracelet. This season is filled with bordeaux tones and this hinge bracelet is the perfect accessory!

Define your waist with a skinny belt in an unexpected pattern or color. I recently added the gold glitter belt, leopard print belt, brown braided belt and calf hair belt to my wardrobe. You can buy these in a smaller size to fit around your natural waist area to define the smallest point of your body or buy the belt a size or two larger and it can be worn through your belt loops. Wider belts are great for dresses and pulling a skirt and top together without a line of separation.

  Clockwise from top left: White watch / gold round watch /

Grow your collection of watches and include a variety of colors and materials that will go with a variety of outfits. My favorites are the brown tortoise with gold as well as the white resin with crystals and mother of pearl face-I own this Fossil watch which looks very similar. I invested more into it because Fossil watches last forever and I knew it was a classic design I'd have for years to come. Gold tones are quite popular right now and these Michael Kors knock-offs are a great price.

Clockwise from top left:  plaid cross-body / wine cross-body / chocolate croc clutch /

Large handbags are in for fall (and I'll cover those in future posts) but for a night on the town, leave the over-sized bag at home and opt for a cute clutch in a crocodile or snakeskin texture for evening. Pull out the strap and use it for daytime use. Cross-body bags are stylish and easy too-perfect for everyday wear especially for busy women on the go or those traveling by foot who don't want to carry excess weight. Grab a bright or fun color-this year bright, happy colors are in style for clothing and accessories so enjoy!

Scarfs are not only chic but they're practical too as the weather cools down. Wearing a lot of neutrals? Break it up with a great pop of fall color! The solid pashmina comes in lots of colors but I just loved purple.

I had a lot of fun putting today's post together and I'm already excited for next week's post which features great fall staples for your wardrobe from a classic brand which happens to be one of my favorites. Now, I'd love to know...what are your favorite ways to freshen up your fall wardrobe with accessories?


*all image collages with text and header created by me, accessory items all from Target


  1. Wow, I loved this post! Very very helpful! I like those scarves!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. :) I love scarves and simply don't get to wear enough of them here in such a warm climate.

  2. I love your blog. I look forward to go shopping in the fall and getting a few new pieces for my wardrobe. I love the jewelry at target. One of my favorite accessories are necklaces. Right now at target they have some great chunky all different colors. I just bought some silver ones. I also like to layer a short simple necklace with a longer one. Right now I have my eye on a pearl necklace that is made up of several stands of pearls, some are diifferent sizes. It's from J Crew and is very pricey so I'm just going to keep looking around. Thanks for all your great advice!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! You're right, Target has a lot of great necklaces too! I'm a bracelet and earring kind of gal so I think I gravitated to those naturally but I'll have posts with necklaces, rings and other accessories in the future too. I love pearls-80% of the time I can be found in pearl stud earrings which are a go-to for me. I'm a big fan of J.Crew but I'm with you-I try to look around for similar items for half the price because some of their accessories are quite pricey.

  3. You just have to love these Fashion Friday round ups. It makes everything so much simpler, instead of searching and reading numerous posts you have just wait for that one day a week then get everything summed up.

  4. The coming autumn season offers a full range of new fashion trends in an assortment of colors - there truly is something for everyone, as well as a suitable accessory to match. Here are some top fashion finds for fall 2012.


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