Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My New Mantra

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately, I feel as though I've been all work and no play but I know it's not forever,  just for a season. This is for everyone who is working towards a goal right now that seems so far out of reach, miles away and nearly impossible to achieve; those that are trying to save money, pay down debt, lose weight, find a new job, train for a marathon, the list goes on!

This is for you but it's also for me. You see, this little quote has been my mantra for the past few weeks and is now living on my desktop because I need to see it daily as a reminder of all that I'm working towards. While the procrastinator inside of me says curl up with a good book and some tea or watch a movie during my downtime, my determined and passionate spirit reminds me that in order to achieve what I've never achieved before I need to work like I've never worked before!

What is your mantra at the moment? If this one speaks to you, what goals are you working towards?



  1. This is perfect!! for me. I'm working towards accepting the new life since my accident (which I feel I'm almost at that acceptance point) and now onto creating a new me, while keeping some of me pre-accident...!! xo HHL

  2. Wonderful post Karla (and dying to hear what you are working towards ;-)
    I guess my mantra at the moment is "keep on keeping on." Sometimes it feels like efforts are just not paying off, but I know in just one minute everything can change, and I don't want to be only 3 feet from gold when I throw in the towel :-)
    Have a lovely week Sweets xx

  3. I love that Karla! Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey girl, i recently found someone exporting whole contents from my blog into his own blog. I went through his list of copycat blogs and found that your posts were copied too . I thought you'd want to know.

    Here's the stupid copycat blog:

    This post in particular:

    I don't think all the posts in this blog are yours.

    Any idea if there is anything we can do about it?

  5. My mantra is "Never settle". My aunt used to tell me that when I was very young and never truly understood.. But now I do and tell my daughter the same thing.

    Great post.


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