Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Classy Woman Does Whatever it Takes

Over the past few years I've observed the various responses to the economic downturn and I've noticed two types of people. There are those who, although they struggle financially, choose to let their pride win and their bank account lose. They refuse to take certain jobs feeling as though it might be beneath them or fear what others may think of them, perhaps believing that they might be judged or become humiliated by those they know. On the flip side I feel fortunate to have witnessed several wonderful accounts of so many others who were blindsided by a job loss, medical bills or other reasons and decided to take action. They set pride aside and vowed to do 'whatever it takes'.  Those are the people I truly respect and applaud.

One of these people is my own mother. My parents separated when I was four and although they later got back together when I was nine years old, for five years my mom set an important and inspiring example. She worked so hard for everything she had and I remember her working as a medical secretary by day and later moonlighting as a Tupperware consultant so she could own the townhouse we lived in during those years (that she later turned a large profit on) as well as support both of us. Those times were tough but with the little we had, she made it fun. She was determined to do whatever it took to not only be a great provider but mother too. I never remember doing without. I recall lots of coloring sessions at the dining room table, playing makeup artist with her as my subject and hours at our favorite parks being pushed on the swings.  She had dreams for herself that she wouldn't give up. I remember how she saved for a beautiful coat for months putting it on layaway and how proud she was of herself when she finally got to bring it home. I still have photos of her in that coat and she looked like a princess.

Today I find myself in a similar situation as an entrepreneur. It's a tricky thing to balance and after four years of running my design business and enduring the tough economic times, I realized that my income from it was becoming more and more unpredictable so I began looking for full time work elsewhere, knowing that I could still do some design very part time in the evenings and on weekends, mostly e-Design services. It was a difficult but necessary decision. With my hubby currently enrolled at NYU going into his second year of his Masters program and student loans adding up quickly, there wasn't really any other option if we wanted to stay afloat. I've become so accustomed to working for myself that the idea of working for someone else again was one that I can honestly say I wasn't thrilled about at first, but I did like the idea of more steady income and health benefits even though I haven't needed any while living here so far, thankfully.

This shift actually began last year when I decided to pick up some part time work to put some extra money into our trip account and into savings, I worked at Target for 13 months and remember how silly I sometimes felt when I bumped into acquaintances who probably wondered why on earth I was working in the store instead of shopping for my clients there. The experience helped to further humble me. There were some pretty uncomfortable moments but I pushed through and kept my eye on the prize. One being a lovely Christmas cruise and airfare that I saved up for by working there.

I was job hunting for a couple months and have now been working for a well known rental car agency for the past 6 weeks, immersed in training and exercising my sales experience and skills to earn as much commission as I can and become one of their top Reps. The hours have been irregular as I work at a location which is open 24 hours and is also the reason why I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm adjusting to a new schedule every week and was trying to fit in time with my hubby while he was here for the summer before returning to school. Thankfully my hard work is paying off, yesterday management informed me that of the many new reps they hired when I joined, that I'm currently their top sales rep. It was both a relief and an encouragement as I'm still within my 90 day term. I never saw myself working at this company or in this particular role but whatever opportunities come my way I'm committed to giving them my all. After much prayer it was revealed to me that this opportunity is also meant to provide an increased level of discipline in my life after working for myself, so I'm embracing it all wholeheartedly.

An interesting exchange took place last year when I shared with a new acquaintance who at the time was unemployed, that Target was still hiring. She responded with, "I don't think that's for me. I can make more on unemployment". And so she did for nearly a year. I was shocked and a bit saddened by her response.  I didn't mind that she wasn't interested in the opportunities there, rather it was her attitude. It's funny, because over a year later I find myself unable to relate to her and the way she approaches life. I still see her from time to time but I believe it's important to be mindful of who we surround ourselves with as it contributes to our own mindset and success. I prefer positive people that have goals and aren't afraid to work for them, after all some opportunities just serve a purpose for a season, and not a life-long mission.

When most people look at celebrities, especially actors and actresses, they usually see their current career triumphs, wealth, gorgeous attire, a beautiful home and much of what they can afford today sometimes wishing they could enjoy a life like that. One thing I've always enjoyed is biographies which document the journey of what got each successful business person or 'star' to where they are today. It's fascinating to read about their ideas, their failures, bold moves and accounts of how some actors have slept on the floor of a close friend and worked as a server for years just to pay their bills, making time for auditions to pursue their calling and passion. Most are successful not because they were instant hits, had the perfect connections or as a result of who their parents are, it's because of THEIR dedication and willingness to do whatever was necessary to realize their dreams. That to me is just one aspect of a classy woman. It shows great humility, courage, strength and determination to go outside of your comfort zone to make things happen.

Next time you see a server at a restaurant, or a cashier at your local grocery store it may not be her full time job but rather a means to pay her way through University to get that MBA she's been working so hard for or the initial investment to begin her own business.

One of my favorite books is titled 'Unstoppable: 45 Powerful Stories of Perseverance and Triumph from People Just Like You' which is filled with courageous and inspiring accounts. It will give you hope, confidence and an extra boost to defy the odds and get what you want out of life, I highly recommend it, it's a book you can keep for years and read over and over again!

Now I'd love to hear YOUR inspiring stories! What choices and sacrifices did you make in order to get to where you are today, support your family or to have something you had always dreamed of?

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Manners Monday: Avoid Speaking A Foreign Language in Front of Others

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'm picking up the Manners Monday series once again and I have several topics in the queue. Today's topic was prompted by my own personal experience this summer. It's one that many probably don't think twice about but it's good to be mindful of.

A classy woman is warm and makes others feel welcome, doing her best to include others and make them feel included when in conversation or in her presence. Everyone likes to feel as though they are part of the group, whether they are conversing with others or just listening as they may not have anything particular to contribute. One way to make everyone feel comfortable is to avoid using native languages that are foreign to others in the group, it's just good social etiquette.

I live in Florida so many people in the state speak Spanish. While I've picked up a few words here and there, I'm far from being able to carry on a full conversation. A few weeks ago a group of us went out for dinner after church. Because of the size of our group, we waited in the waiting area of the restaurant for ten minutes for our table to be ready and others to join us. A friend that I had driven over with and one of her other friends are both originally from Puerto Rico so they are fluent in Spanish although they both typically speak English the majority of the time.

We all chatted for a bit in English and then the two of them began having a separate conversation in Spanish for a few minutes including some laughter. I knew they hadn't seen one another for a few days but I couldn't help but feel left out. I wondered what they were talking about but just sat quietly waiting  for them to finish. The other woman looked over and noticed that I was looking around the room and said, "I hope you don't mind that we're speaking Spanish". Of course I just smiled and said, "No, it's okay". To me this is the equivalent of whispering in front of others in the group which is equally impolite.

On the flip side, my hubby and I were on a cruise last Christmas and had the pleasure of dining with six others every evening. I love meeting new people and making new friends on vacation. To my surprise everyone at the table spoke Spanish, it was an older couple from Uruguay and another couple with children in their early 20's from Mexico City. I was so glad to have their children sitting next to us as they, although young, were mindful of  the language barrier and had enough courtesy to do some translating to make us feel welcome as they were bilingual. We all became friends over those 14 days and actually looked forward to seeing them each night. That is the difference between making others feel invited vs.excluded.

Funny enough, this week I was attending a work meeting where it was stressed to those that speak a second language to not carry on conversations with their colleagues in front of customers other than in English as it can alienate others. Certain languages such as Cantonese for example have a unique sound that to others could be perceived as yelling or sound angry due to the nature of the tone of the language.

Obviously if someone were in an elevator or around complete strangers, it's acceptable. However, in the presence of others whom you know or are getting to know, the best thing to do is speak in a language you all understand. If something is urgent and you really need to speak in your own native language, it's best to take it to the ladies room or excuse yourself from the group as you would while taking a cell phone call and head outside or to another room.

I've observed situations where others appeared to be excluded from a group for one reason or another and they've whipped out their iPhone and started texting someone or checking their email or facebook page as a way to occupy themselves. However, I don't believe in responding to another's inconsiderate behavior with more inconsiderate behavior. I typically sit tight and and wait patiently or excuse myself to find someone else in the room to speak with instead.

How do YOU handle situations where others speak in another language in front of you when they are capable of speaking English (or your primary language)?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pear Tree Stationery Winner!

....Erika! Congratulations on winning $25 of Stationery from Pear Tree Greetings! Thank you to everyone who participated in this month's giveaway. :)

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

$25 Pear Tree Greetings Giveaway!

Hi Everyone! I feel so bad for not posting this sooner since the giveaway will end tomorrow at midnight but this week totally got away from me, so better late than never, right?  If you've been a reader here for a while you know that we have regular Pear Tree Greetings giveaways because they are one of my longstanding sponsors and I adore all of their products. This month Pear Tree will be giving one lucky reader $25 to spend in their online store any way they choose and it will include free shipping too.

Pear Tree Greetings just released a new line of baby announcements and they have the most lovely party invitations and holiday photo cards. You can see the gorgeous design that we used HERE at Casa Davis for our family Christmas card this past year. It may only be August but the holidays are right around the corner! Here's how you can win...



1. To enter, let me know you're a public follower and tell me what type of stationery you'd chose if you won; such as party invitations, save-the-date cards, moving announcements, etc.

2. For extra entries you can share this giveaway via your blog, Facebook, Twitter or grab my blog button from my sidebar and display it on your blog. {enter up to 4 times}

*Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry and don't forget to leave your e-mail if you don't have a blog, so I can contact you if you win!

GIVEAWAY CLOSES: August.7, 2011 @ midnight EST


PRIZE: $25 to spend as you choose including free shipping!

RULES: The winner will be selected using and announced on 08/08/11.

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Good luck to everyone!

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