Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living Well: Maximizing Your Wardrobe

In celebration of Earth Week, I'll be covering practical and easy ways to live well by becoming more green and saving money in the process. Classy women care about their environment and are mindful of their budget. So, today's post is all about re-discovering and shopping your existing wardrobe to keep both money in your wallet and needless garments out of landfills. It also solves the problem that most women proclaim which is, "I have nothing to wear!".

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on getting organized and the importance of keeping an organized closet, which is essential to ensuring your don't end up buying duplicate items and reminds you of clothing and accessories that you may have forgotten about.  Karen of Strictly Simple Style commented that she had heard about a great tip which is shopping your own wardrobe and after mixing things up, taking photos of the new outfits you've created which makes getting dressed a cinch. I actually snap photos on the camera I'll be traveling with to maximize what's in my suitcase so I can travel lighter and get more mileage out of each article of clothing. Somehow though I hadn't used this photo trick for day-to-day dressing. Thanks Karen for the tip!

Mr. Polished and put together himself, Tim Gunn, has teamed up with Tide to create this fun 3-minute video where he shares easy tips on how to maximize what you have and look great while doing it!

Favorite Ways to Maximize My Wardrobe:

1. Multi-purpose items-A tunic or a casual dress can double as a bathing suit cover up in a pinch and can also be worn with  leggings.

2. Belts- They instantly change or update a dress or outfit. Keep a couple skinny belts and a couple chunky belts on hand (brown, black and gold are the best colors to invest in).

3. Go Short- If jeans shrink and become too short, wear them with flats only or if they are past that point, have them taken up to become capris or roll them up and cuff them yourself.

4. The Casual Cuff-Cuff the sleeves on a blazer for a more casual and relaxed look with jeans.

5. Layers create Length-If a favorite long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt becomes too short to wear, layer up. Use a longer, pretty tank top with lace detailing along the bottom to be worn underneath in either the identical color for an elongated look or a contrast color to mix it up.

6. Refresh with Accessories-One of the fastest ways to change the overall look of an outfit is with accessories. Whether it be a set of pretty bangles, a different pair of shoes or a scarf to jazz up a simple tee or a statement necklace, there are many ways of creating a whole new look with what you already own.

What are your favorite ways of maximizing your existing wardrobe?

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  1. Excellent ideas. I wouldn't have thought to cuff the sleeves of a blazer to give it a more casual look.

    Thanks for the mention Karla!


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