Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day & Green Giveaway!

Happy Earth day! I love celebrating our planet and while today is a day that gets a lot of attention, I try to do my part every day. If we all introduce small and easy changes daily, we can make the biggest impact, and also show others by our actions how to live a more green and healthy lifestyle.

As some of you may know, Method is one of our newest sponsors. I was so delighted when they contacted me as I've been a loyal user of their fun, eco-friendly products for the past 6 or 7 years. I instantly fell in love with their yummy scents, people and earth friendly ingredients as well as their large range of products. If you have not explored the world of Method, I highly recommend it! Click {HERE} to see their collection. While all items are available online, you can find most at Target or Whole Foods.

A few weeks ago a case of these babies arrived at my door:

Thanks Method! I was asked to share their Wood for Good product with others, it is just one of their speciality surface cleaners. Wood for Good cleans and polishes wood furniture and smells like almond-it's HEAVENLY! Since Method had shipped the box of 4 bottles to me, as much as I wanted to give them all away to some of you, I wanted to keep things green by choosing friends or family members locally to avoid more fuel via shipping. I gave a bottle to 'J' and one to 'L' to try out and report back to me. Here is what they had to say about Wood for Good:

{L} said..."I love the fresh almond scent of the cleaner, makes you feel like you're baking or enjoying dessert instead of cleaning! I felt that it did a good job of removing light stains and dust/dirt and I liked that it came in a spray bottle instead of an aerosol can. I can see that the product will last me a while because a little goes a long way. And lastly, it comes in nice packaging and message on the bottle is entertaining and funny, which is always a nice bonus!"

{J} said... "WOW-the scent is awesome! I've never used a cleaning products that has smelled so good. I have both antique furniture as well as some modern pieces and it left both looking clean and shiny. We have hardwood floors and since I loved this so much that I want to try Method's wood floor cleaner next! I love knowing that this is safe for our cat and us as well as the planet."

Method wanted me to keep a bottle for myself but the final bottle will go to one of you in celebration of Earth Day! It will arrive along with a free Method product coupon to buy something of your choice and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth for one lucky winner who loves green cleaning as much as I do! (*While this is a wood cleaner, they have a separate cleaner for flooring, this is strictly for wood furniture.)

Become a public follower or tell me you already are one and leave me a comment here and tell me what green efforts you make in your home. For additional entries, like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter or blog about the giveaway and leave a comment for each. I'll be shipping this out to one lucky winner in the U.S. and will draw the name on Wednesday, April.27th at 11pm EST. Good Luck!

I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Easter!

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  1. Hi Karla, I follow your blog and read every post:) I make an effort in my home by making my own, eco friendly dish washer detergent:)!

  2. I'm a follower. We use some cloth napkins instead of paper towels but I want to go papertowel free soon!

  3. Hi Karla - great blog entry. Just wondering - what has been your experience with the effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning products. As you know, Tal's dental office (Marketplace Dentistry) is eco-friendly both in its design and operation. However, the one thing that we have been struggling with is eco-friendly cleaning supplies! We haven't found an eco-friendly glass cleaner or an effective cleaner for the floors which are vinyl (but look like wood - don't worry they are Floor-Score Certified so they are still eco-friendly!). Any recommendations for these type of supplies?

  4. The nests are so cute!!
    Anyway! I'm a follower! Sounds like a good cleaning method to me! We recycle but would love to do more! I think it would probably be healthier for us (I have lupus) to use this type of cleaner, too! :-)


  5. I heart method. Just picked up they super cute new mickey and minnie mouse hand soap for the kiddies.


    ps ever want to do a O-town meetup?

  6. @Marni-Thanks! :) I have had great success with eco-friendly cleaning products and I've tried a lot of them. I've only had one bad experience with a dishwasher liquid.

    For the floors I would try Method's regular floor product 'squirt & mop hard floor cleaner':

    For windows they have a great glass and surface cleaner that actually smells like mint and works!

    You could also try Green Works' window cleaner, it works well also although I don't typically like to support them as they make the majority of their profits from their clorox brand.

    I've never had a bad experience with Method or Seventh Generation products. For killing germs, instead of lysol wipes/spray, Seveth Generation's disinfecting spray which kills as effectively as lysol with thyme oil and natural ingredients is safe for kids, people,pets and the planet! I hope that helps.

    I think you guys are setting such a great example in the workplace by respecting the environment while creating a welcoming dental office.


  7. @Amy-Aren't they adorable? I just saw them for the first time this week at Target and I have a friend back home in Canada with little kiddos who really wants them. I'm hoping to surprise her with some in June. :)

    I'd love to do an Orlando meetup. I have a crazy schedule of travel planned starting in one week but I'm sure I should be able to fit in some time to meet up with yourself and others. I recently heard of a Central Florida meetup but wasn't able to attend. I'm sure we could easily get about 10 ladies together!



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