Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspiration for your Success

In nature as with life, we move through different seasons of our life. Sometimes we live through the 'winter' season in a quiet time of quiet reflection, healing, rest and transformation so we can be reborn into something more amazing and other times we're at the height of success, joy and celebration during the 'summer' months.

Springtime is a time for rebirth, newness, growth and nature to bloom. It might also be the season you're experiencing at the moment as I am, breaking forth into new areas and treading through new territory. Maybe you're getting ready to launch a dream business, move to a new place for a great job opportunity or give birth to your first child (before anyone asks, I don't have a little bun in my oven ). Wherever you are at right now, it's wise to heed this advice from Mark Twain.

It is so important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people in your life. When we decide to be bold, take a leap of faith and launch out into the deep is when we need positive and uplifting people by our side the most.

Some people are mockers or dream squashers-beware of them! They see that you have direction and a vision and are often jealous, have their own agenda or are miserable and want you to live there with them in their unhappiness. Resist the urge to sink to that level in order to maintain a friendship or keep someone in your life. I liken people like this to a backpack full of rocks slowing you down and holding you back from your true potential. It may be time to drop the backpack and leave it behind lest you lose your momentum. If someone is a true friend, they will ride the storms of life with you and celebrate in your triumphs and personal success as well.

Let's also be that friend to others. Sometimes it's hard when you are in your winter season and they are experiencing their summer season. You may feel deflated, frustrated and unsure of the future while they are riding their wave of success. Rejoice with them, everything comes full circle, the seasons always change and soon enough it will be your turn to ride the wave.

Here's to dreaming big dreams this year!

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  1. I like what you said about remembering to be positive towards others as well as surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up.

  2. Beautiful words to live by. Thanks for sharing. Including this in my Saturday Shout Outs this week.

  3. Karla, I learned a long time ago , birds of a feather flock together and success follows success and happiness follows happiness. I try to be with people that are positive. That is not to say they don't have problems... but their attitudes are positive.
    Have a pretty day!

  4. My husband is famous for saying "Go where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated". We try to live by that motto. =)

  5. @Beverly-Thank you, I look forward to reading it! :)

    @Jesse-How funny, my husband is famous for saying that in our home too!! I almost included itin my post actually. ;) Yes, it's a great motto to live by.

  6. Lovely post and gorgeous image. So important want you say about being around positive and supportive people. Negativity is SO contagious and it's so easy to get sucked in. I have to watch this on a daily; not to participate in others' complaining and moaning etc.

  7. What a lovely Blog!!!! I love all of your posts specially Etiquette Series!!



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