Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Transformation of a Flower Bouquet

There's something about springtime that makes me want to fill my whole home with beautiful and fragrant blooms. After a cold and damp winter their bright colors and soft texture really help to soften a space.

Last week I mentioned in this post that my hubby so sweetly arranged to have a floral bouquet delivered in his absence. I was so happy to see one week later that my bouquet was still going strong and looked almost as nice as it did when it arrived at my door.

I love switching things up, playing around and turning something lovely into something even more beautiful. So, this morning I separated the red roses, pink carnations, red carnations and white daisies (see last image in this post). I clipped the ends to give them longer life and corralled 12 different small vases and set them up on my kitchen counter to fill each with a small arrangement of similar hued groupings. It's so lovely to have fresh  flowers in every room of our home.

I didn't love the last glass vase I had left over for the rest of my pink carnations (first image) so I used a white teapot instead. Isn't it cute? I love the cottage charm is provides.

I rarely show photos of my outdated 1960's bathroom but here is an image from our guest bathroom. Yup, it's YELLOW! The Tub, sink, toilet, towel bar and a few inset tiles on our white tile floor are this sunshine color. Without the funds for a full bathroom renovation right now, I've transformed it little by little and kept the bathroom palette airy and pastel to work with the existing counter tops and all that yellow.

This along with another small arrangement on the window ledge are the perfect addition to keep this bathroom looking pretty. The 'vase' is actually and old reed diffuser bottle that used to be filled with oil that I bought from Pottery barn. I loved the blue and cream label and shape, it worked out perfect for my flowers.

Throughout the year when your flower arrangements start to wither, pull everything out of the vase and keep only the best, freshest looking flowers. Change things up, mix a few colors or let all the individual colors fly solo and you can get some extra mileage from them that can brighten multiple rooms in your home.

In case you were wondering, this was the original Valentine bouquet (above) that I started with. The pair of red roses are sitting on my desk by my laptop so I can think of my honey while I work. ;)

I like using vintage tea tins, water pitchers, white teapots, reed diffuser bottles, teacups and to add a pop of color. I sometimes repurpose the glass bottles from Izze drinks as a vase just because their labels are so fun and they are plentiful in our house since they're a favorite drink around here. They also happen to make a perfect party drink too!

What unique containers do you like to collect and arrange your flowers in?

*Photo credit: izze


  1. Big bouquets are pretty but it's fun to break them up so you can spread the prettiness around the house. My husband bought me a bouquet with roses and lilies and I did just what you did and separated them after a few days.

  2. This is so pretty Karla! I love breaking up flowers towards the end and making little bunches of them :)
    Hope your having a fabulous week!


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