Monday, January 31, 2011

What to Wear: Shoes You Can Live In

Do you have a pair of shoes that you could just live in? You know, the comfy ones that you could wear out long before you're ready to part with them and move onto a new style? When it comes to shoes, I'm a huge believer of quality over quantity. I love leather and suede and much prefer it to man made materials. I like to stretch my purchases by making a single pair work with multiple outfits.

However, before investing in a pair of shoes I like to try them on a couple times, walk in them a bit at the store and when I bring them home I wear them in the house for a little while to make sure they are comfortable before I ever wear them outside. I've bought uncomfortable shoes in the past and it's a painful (and sometimes costly) mistake that I'm not willing to repeat.

Although I generally have the best luck with shoes that I spend a little more money on, sometimes I'm lucky enough to stumble upon a pair that are not only trendy and comfortable but very inexpensive too.

A few months ago, I was shopping in Target and happened upon a cute pair of Merona Meaghan ruffled ballet flats. Ironically, you might remember me mentioning in this post, how my parents almost named me 'Meaghan'. The color options were black or pewter, which is a pinkish-gold color (they offer 3 other colors on their website). Since most of their ballet flats are completely stiff and uncomfortable for me, I wasn't expecting much. So, I was so thrilled to discover how comfortable these ones were but stylish too! I adore the soft ruffle detail. They have a light padded insole and the soles of the shoes bend and are really flexible.

While these are not leather, they are so comfortable and cute that you wouldn't even know it. They look far better in person than the photos above and actually look as though they could be leather. They have now become an everyday shoe for me as we transition from cooler to warmer weather. I love a good ballet flat, I own several pairs and these are by far the most comfortable. I liked them so much I bought both colors at just $19.99 a pair!

A great pair of flats are a classy staple in any wardrobe, they are so versatile and so much better for your back and posture than heels. You can wear them nearly all year round too. If you're looking for a playful, flat, comfortable shoe to pair with shorts or a casual skirt, dress up your favorite jeans or even jazz up yoga pants and a zip up jacket for running errands around town or after a workout, this is a great option!

*I am not compensated by Target in any way for sharing my opinion, nor is this a formal review.

It's rare that I like something so much that I want to rave about it and share here but after wearing the pewter pair for 8 hours yesterday while walking around an art festival and not a single blister or rub on my toes, they definitely passed the comfort test. Oh, and I got several compliments on them too! ;)

Now, I want to know- what are YOU loving right now? What is the favorite item you couldn't live without? Maybe it's a favorite scarf, flattering pair of jeans or the perfect tee? Do tell!

Have a lovely day!


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  1. I love my ballet flats(and will totally be checking these out!) but winters in NYState hardly allow me to wear them everyday(unless I wear boots to my destination and change into flats once Ive arrived).
    Do you have any solutions to this or should I just keep changing inside the front door?

  2. @Handbags n' Pigtails-When I lived in Toronto, the snow was brutal each winter. Going into work each day, I'd wear a pair of stylish and comfy boots but either bring my shoes into work or leave a pair in my desk drawer. As for daily walking about, I'd recommended saving ballet flats for springtime. Just hang in there for a couple months. ;)

    For warmer climates, they are great and I can wear them everyday in FL but understand that everywhere else they are best for spring, summer and fall. I'm not sure how long this particular style will last once spring comes so it's good to shop for them now.

  3. I've had a surprisingly good experience with other styles of Target ballet flat. They are definitely on to something... I'm going to check these out!

  4. I'm kind of notorious for wearing inappropriate footwear, never comfortable flats if I can wear a heel. I'm only 5'5" so I always feel like a shorty when I wear flats, but those are so cute.

  5. These are so cute. These days I put comfort in shoes before style. looks like I can have both with these!

  6. HI! I just found your website and wanted to introduce myself; I am Susan and you can visit my blog at I love the variety of topics you have and I am a huge women's advocate! So anything on empowerment and helping women achieve their goals interests me! So glad I found you!

  7. Thanks for the review! I have found most ballet flats from Target to be quite comfortable. I agree about splurging more for pieces that will be used a lot and worn often- purses, jeans, etc. However, as a personal preference, I choose not to wear animal products such as leather or suede :)


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