Friday, January 7, 2011

Achieving Fitness Goals with the Help of a Friend

Back in early December I started thinking about some of my personal goals that I wanted to work towards in the new year. After sitting down and really put some thought into what was most important to me at this point in my life, I also started thinking about some of the tools and resources that I would need in order to achieve them too.

Every year one of my top goals is to maintain/stive towards optimal health and while I feel as though I'm in great health right now, as with everything in life there is always room for improvement. This year has been a challenging one and while I started off 2010 with very high expectations for myself in many areas, especially as it pertained to fitness, I let myself down. Between work, picking up a part time job to put extra money into my savings account and caring for the house solely while hubby pursues school out of state,  it would be easy to say that I really didn't have a whole lot of extra time. The truth though, is that I didn't make the time.

One positive thing about Paul being in NYC is that time we would have spent together I can now dedicate to exercise. This year there are no if's and's or but's. I have no excuses, having left my part time job to spend more time with my Interior Design clients, I DO have the time in the early mornings and evenings and am making it a priority! I don't want to let another year to go by where I feel guilty when I honestly think back at time I wasted, when if I had just planned right, I could have accomplished my goals.

This is where the help of a friend comes in. The timing couldn't have been more perfect when CSN Stores recently wrote to me again asking if, as one of their preferred bloggers, I wanted to do another review for them. As if I had to think about it, my answer of course was yes. They are ever so generously providing me with a whopping $130 to spend any way I want in exchange for a review of the item(s) I select. A big thank you to my friends at CSN stores, what a blessing! Let me just say that with over 200 stores, it was no easy task to narrow down my choices.

While I've been a fan of their website for a while, I can usually be found hunting down deals for both myself and my design clients for things like modern duvet covers, lighting, home decor such as gorgeous and unique accent pillows and great wall art finds. This time, however, my focus will be a little different. Since fitness is my mission, below are the fitness equipment items that I picked out which will help me achieve my goals of optimal health in 2011.

{Mini Trampoline for Detoxing, Strength & Balance}

{Balance Ball for Core Strength & Stretching}

{Weight lifting gloves to keep my hands looking ladylike. *wink*}

{Set of 2 Yoga Blocks for Stretching & Lengthening}

{Enamel Colander for straining & washing produce and because I've always wanted one}

So that's the line-up of goodies that I'll be ordering from CSN stores and once I've used each one I can't wait to share all the details with you. In my upcoming review post I'll provide product names, prices and of course my experience with each item, so stay tuned...

How about you? What's on your list to help you better acheive all of YOUR goals this year?

Wishing you a Happy Friday!


*images: (1), (2-6)


  1. Yes I also feel I need to make my fitness and health a priority this year. Went to a Chinese doctor whilst in the UK and was shocked to learn how blocked all my energy channels and meridians are (and I thought I was quite fit and healthy). So I can't wait to hear about your review on the mini trampoline.

  2. What a great selection of kit! I have a ball like that and it's great... when I actually use it ;)
    I'm signed up to run a marathon in - eek - about 9 weeks, and it's going to be touch and go whether I can complete the course (dodgy knees). If I can't, I'll just settle for doing half marathons in future. But I'd love to do the full 26 miles, just once.

  3. Good for you Karla. I always have so much more energy when I'm working out regularly. I just won a CSN giveaway and chose a fitness DVD. I love it, it's a dance style dvd from The Firm. Fun and fitness, you can't ask for more.


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