Monday, November 1, 2010

Pear Tree Thank You Cards Winner

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. I wanted to start the week and the new month off with the name of our Pear Tree Greetings giveaway winner. On a technical note, I've stopped using the old screen capture tool for grabbing the image of the winning number, as the tool was creating issues on my laptop. (If someone has a better way, please let me know. I was using 'a lot' toolbar before and had to keep installing then uninstalling it afterward because I don't own photoshop.)

We had just 14 entries and deems No.8 to be the winner! Congratulations to 'Rich and Mallory'! I'll be e-mailing you shortly with the info for your cards!

She said, if she won, she'd choose these thank you cards:

Thank you Pear Tree Greeting for your awesomeness and thanks to all of you who took the time to enter our Thank You Card giveaway!

I'm still amazed that it's November ALREADY. I'm going to be using this month as a fresh start to get back on track in a few areas of my life that I've been neglecting lately. Working out, making batch meals to save trips to the grocery store so I can stop buying semi-prepared foods and doing a little more reading and writing and less TV watching/ web surfing rank high on the list right now. How about you? Are you ready to have a clean slate in an area of your life to begin afresh this month?


  1. Karla, OH YES! Less TV watching and time spent on the computer rank high for me this month as well!
    Have a pretty day!!!

  2. Karla,thanks for dropping by my post today and you sooooo deserve to be on my post, Love your blog and the colors you display here bring a smile to my face. Have a wonderful week, Kathysue

  3. Oh yes!! Managing my time on social networks better, less procrastination, being more choosy about what I watch on TV and also who/when I pick up calls from friends (telephone calls to/from friends eat up a lot of time) and more "living in the moment".
    Have a lovely week Karla :-)

  4. Congrats to the winner, her choice of cards is wonderful. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveway... xo HHL

  5. Been off the treadmill for a few weeks, so definitely getting back in the groove asap! Hope you're having a good week so far...


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