Saturday, September 11, 2010

Creative Kitchen DIY On a Dime!

When I find posts that really wow me I can't help but not share them with all of you. Today's post is a spotlight on a kitchen that went from dull and drab to totally fab! For anyone that has ever lived in an apartment where painting was prohibited, personal preferences and changes were not embraced by a landlord, you'll certainly appreciate the creativity by Erin of Rare & Beautiful Treasures.

You see, Erin is documenting the decorating process of her tiny rental home with her family of 3 for the next year (until they move). The owners have asked that they not paint, or add any permanent changes. You can imagine my curiosity then when she was presented with the challenge of this tiny kitchen space:

And then she transformed it into THIS and did it on a tiny budget!


HELLO bright and cheery! You will be so amazed at how she changed the color of those cabinets without any paint. I'm not going to say anymore though-for detailed close-up pictures and a description of how she did it, you can visit her post which  is titled 'The Little Kitchen that Could'. Her images are much larger that what I have here. You'll also see 2 cute pics of her and her darling baby boy, Wynn. :) Don't you just love that name?

No matter where we are at in life-living in a large home in suburbia, a tiny apartment in the city or a comfortable country home, there are always affordable and fun ways to make a dramatic impact on even the smallest of budgets.

Happy Weekend. I hope this post will inspire you to do something creative!


  1. What a wonderful find ... I can't wait to pop over for a visit .. I'm curious.. she is most talented!!! Happy week-end..HHL

  2. Thank you, Karla! So sweet of you to feature us!

  3. oh wow! That kitchen looks incredible! What a difference.

  4. My curiosity is getting the better of me. I have to know how they changed the color of those cabinets!


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