Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be Bold, Achieve Greatness!

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom." ~Anais Nin

Do you every feel frightened or inclined to pull back when it comes to  possible future opportunities? Most people don't enjoy change-many North Americans are quite content to remain in the same job position, at the same company as long as they can, many times so it won't disturb their current lifestyle or finances. They have a routine down, they know what to expect, they feel comfortable in their home, enjoy their neighbors and friends and couldn't envision switching it all up for a season of change, even if the trade off is for something greater, something different than the way they've done things. There is always fear in the unknown.

This is not to say that everyone has to make a drastic change in their life, or move half way around the world to accomplish it. Having said that, I believe there comes a time for everyone in life, where the risk to remain as that bud, to stay where you are at, not make a change, not move forward becomes far more painful than the risk it takes to launch out into the deep, try something new, do something different and bloom into all that you were intended to be.

We've all heard many times that at the end of our days, we will not regret the things that we did do,  but rather the ones that we never pursued, allowed ourselves to succeed at. Even if we fail, isn't our life story so much more interesting and exciting because of it? So many great successes like Walt Disney, went bankrupt multiple times before creating the success that he has and is still recognized for today. The process of learning and achieving is an unending one, it is only us that put limits on ourselves in terms of where we desire to go.

My husband is a life coach and one thing that he encourages all of his clients to do is live boldly, not make rash decisions, but rather dream big, pursue life passions and live life to the fullest! Many people stay in a stuck state and years down the road ask themselves why they never started that business, applied for their dream job, moved to the exotic destination of their dreams, traveled to see the world and in the word's of Kelly Clarkson, take a chance, make a change and  break away.

Her song, Breakaway, has been on my mind lately as I move forward into the next season of my life. I'm no stranger to change. Four years ago, I did just that, leaving all of my friends, family and even my career at the time behind in Toronto, Canada, to embrace my new married life with its many changes here in Florida. Today, there are many decisions hubby and I are praying about and currently making here behind the scenes, which will involve change, possibly a move and although fear of the unknown creeps in from time to time, I'm excited for what the future will offer! Take a moment, watch the video, or close your eyes and listen to the words and see if they speak to you.

What about you? Have you been feeling an inner leading to branch out and do something different, make a necessary change or maybe you've bravely launched out into a new opportunity recently. I'd love to hear where you're at! Happiness is always in our hands! :)


  1. Your post brought to mind the book The Last Lecture. Have you read it? It is the story of professor, Randy Pausch and his words of wisdom to the graduating class at the university where he taught. He knew he was dying but had no regrets, he'd accomplished all of his goals. It's a fantastic, inspiring book. As a life coach, I have the feeling your husband has already read it.

  2. Hello Karla.
    I just dropped by your page and I love it! I just turned sixteen on August 6th and I love learning new things. Living classy and elegant is one of my favourite subjects, and now that I have come accross your blog I am so excited to come and visit this page more often. I have been to 15 schools. My parents move very often, I lived in California, Europe, and now Canada. Keep posting blogs, and I sure will be reading them. They are awesome ! I love it ! :)

    Warm regards,

  3. Caroline, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad to hear that this is a topic of interest at just 16. It is precisely the time to start shaping yourself into the woman you truly want to become-congrats for being so self aware!

    Wow! You've certainly moved quite a bit. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time experiencing North America and Europe. I hope you are having fun in Canada, it will always be my home.

    Your comment made my morning, thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts and I'm so glad that you are enjoying my post. Feel free to scroll through the archives in my sidebar-there is 1.5 years worth of posts! :)



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