Friday, June 11, 2010

Feature Friday: Practical Tips For EVERY Woman

Ladies, it's Friday already! Can you believe it? This past week I finally got a chance to catch up with my blog reading, after spending last week away with my hubby in Sarasota. I couldn't help but share these wonderful posts with you all!

There are some skills in life that I know nearly every woman is trying to become better at. And sometimes we've come to a point where we feel like we've perfected something only to find a new and better way of doing things. Here are 3 that I felt would be relevant and fun for you all to read. Enjoy!

1. Picture Taking Tips:  While this post isn't a complete handbook on the art of photography, it does allow all of us ladies with just a regular ol' digital camera to learn some great tips on improving our picture taking skills and getting sharper, more beautiful images. Ashley over at Domestic Fashionista did a lovely write up of how to master the art of your little camera and it's filled with beautiful photos of her recent trip.

Click on her Photo Taking Tips for those of us Without Big Expensive Cameras to see more! Thanks Ashley, I'm going to spend some time with my camera this weekend. :)

1. Three Ways to Pin Down Your Design Style: I don't know of a single woman who can say that she has completely perfected her design style. If you're out there-my sincere congrats!-for the rest, here is an interesting post that shows you three distinct ways to determine your design style. The post is more about how to pull everything that you love into your home's design scheme vs. trying to identify with a particular style name that sums up your overall decor style.While knowing that you like eclectic, french country or vintage modern style can be good, labeling it may not always be the most effective way to achieve the home of your dreams.

Sherry and John of Young House Love provide a fabulous post here that everyone is sure to learn from or even confirm that you are going about discovering it the right way. Click on the link to discover your Design Style. Sherry and John's blog is filled with useful design and home tips, they never disappoint!

3. Home Truths Your Guests Won't Tell You: I loved this last post because not only was it well written but it was also kinda funny too. The point about the bathtub made me laugh! :) It's all about the little things your guests will never tell you about with regards to your home or the guest room that you've provided for them! Save yourself some embarrassment this summer while entertaining guests by reading this post by Struggling to be Stylish.

If you are relatively new to this blog you may not have had a chance to see the post I wrote on the Etiquette for Hosting House Guests. This would be a great accompaniment to the article above.

Now if you're someone who spends any time at all staying overnight at the homes of your dear family and friends, you'll want to get all the goods on How to Be the Perfect House Guest.

I hope you find these posts to be as fun and informative as I did.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Great links, can't wait to stop by and read them (most likely over the weekend) I bought the cream french jug at Marshalls or home goods, can't remember but It was $12 or so, cheap :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Kristin-hopefully I can find one here! :)

    Ladies-I'm aware that #2 actually says #1 and that the last feature has smaller text-why does blogger do this to me? LOL. I tried to change it and the text all lumped together and got worse in preview mode. :S

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! Have a lovely weekend!

    s (& j)

  4. Looks like I have a little light reading to do now. I'd really like to learn to take better pictures, I'll definitely be reading that post you suggested.

  5. Thank you for the kind mention!
    I am off to check out the photography tips...

  6. Hi Karla, what a great way to teach we bloggers!! Love this idea. I did a post today, would love your opinion on the subject, since you are lady that seems to be appropriately in style!! Happy Weekend,Kathysue

  7. Karla, I need all 3 of these tips! I am going to go check out all the blogs now!

  8. Hi, I just found your blog. It looks so interesting and informative. I plan on taking some time to go back through your posts. And, am going to click on these links now.
    Thanks, marcie


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