Monday, May 17, 2010

A Sweet Surprise!

Guess what I found today?! I was running some errands and popped into Whole Foods to do an exchange and happened to turn around while I was waiting at the returns desk and I spotted these lovelies.

My heart literally skipped a beat and I felt my eyes start to tear up. It was like seeing an old friend. lol. I've been dreaming of peonies and if you read my post titled Pining for Peonies a few weeks ago then you know how much I adore them.

In Florida they are very rare unless imported and cannot be grown here because of the extreme heat. I haven't had any in this home we share ever and in fact I haven't seen any in almost 4 years. I have been deprived, that was until today! I've been seeing posts on peonies pop up everywhere during the past couple weeks which always makes me smile my but nothing brightened my day more than seeing all those florist buckets filled with bouquets of pale pink peonies. *SWOON*

I was so excited and asked the clerk how much they were-just $9.99 for a 5 hearty stems! That is a steal compared to the  $10 per stem with a minimum $100 order requirement that the florist shop wanted to charge, when I inquired. I kept staring over at them propped up against the passenger seat all the way home and couldn't wait to pull the plastic off, snip the stems, remove some excess leaves and get them into a vase. Since this opportunity doesn't come around often here, I couldn't help but start snapping photos of each individual bloom and the arrangement in the vase. They started out here on the kitchen table.

Then I decided that they should be in the place where I spend my day so I can admire them as much as possible, so they are now in my office on this table here:

I love that little framed art which reads "The World is Your Oyster" which I made a few months ago. I really do feel like it is at this moment. I'm so excited that my week has started off so wonderful. Lots of good things are happening, I had another great sponsor contact me today for a fun, new giveaway and I can't wait to share the details with you in June.

Oh, and I also picked up another one of my favorite things at Whole Foods-their amazing lemon bars. This is what I ate for dessert tonight and enjoyed every last bite.

It's amazing how the little things truly are the greatest gifts and can be the sweetest of surprises.

I hope you all had a wonderful start to your week too!

*images all my original work


  1. Oh my! I have never seen Peonies here before. I'm on my way. I hope they are not gone. Aloma?

  2. it's hard to imagine:).....pionies grow in our can buy them at every flowerstand...........I also think they are gorgeous!!! Lets hope they will last a while!!!! enjoy the looks and the smell!!!


  3. Peonies and lemon bars, two of my favorites! My wedding boquet was filled with peonies they are so beautiful and delicate! I'm a sucker for lemon bars with the perfect amount of powdered sugar sprinkled on top...might have to make some tonight! So if your ever in SD we can go pick out tome peonies and eat lemon bars :)
    Have a great day
    OH...yes I'm patient but it's wearing on me :)

  4. KarenSue: Yes I picked them up from the Aloma location. :) They had several left last night but they won't last! They have them for one week every year.

    Lynda and Kristin you're so lucky to have them in your own backyard, I miss when they were in mine. lol.

    Kristin: I dreamed of them for my bouquet but it wasn't meant to be in Sept. Their delicate petals and light fragrance are what make them my favorite. I will take you up on your offer, I hope to go to SD at some point. Peonies and lemon bars it is! ;)


  5. Love peonies! they are so beautiful. I'm glad you found an inexpensive bouquet. I just found your blog, I'm loving it =)

  6. How ironic that you were "pining for peonies" and there they were! It is funny how life's little surprises can make the day so much sweeter.

  7. Yeah for you Karla! So glad you found some peonies!!

  8. I love peonies as well, Karla!!!! Isn't it amazing how some flowers can make a room even more beautiful?

  9. Hi Karla, I just wanted to tell you I got my peonies! Check out my photo's, not as good as yours but I love them.

  10. I think the little things are everything!


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