Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Inconvenient Blessing

I know what you're probably thinking, this post has an odd title. But the truth is it's perfectly fitting. Sometimes in life we can be so focused on where we're going, what we're doing and what we need to accomplish in a day that we can completely miss out on the very blessings that are being presented to us. This very thing happened to my hubby and I this past weekend.

Paul has a friend that he has kept in touch with but hasn't seen for the past 20 years. I've never met him or his wife, but I've seen photos of them, received Christmas cards and heard a bit about them from time to time. My hubby stays connected via facebook and phonecalls with them since they call California home. I'm going to come back to them, but let me first explain how yesterday unfolded.

Yesterday we had planned to meet up with a couple and some other friends of my husband's that he hasn't seen in 3 yrs. The one couple in particular who arranged it were visiting from England. I was excited to meet everyone and enjoy a day in the sunshine. Once we were set up in the park though it was very sticky and the heat had pretty much eliminated my interest in food and had given me a headache. I started to fatigue pretty quickly after a very long and emotionally draining week but pushed through since I wanted Paul to make the most of his visit with his friends. We stayed for several hours and then hubby was ready to pack it in and head home. The drive to and from the park was an hour each way and we had had a lot of late nights during the past week so we were ready to unpack our stuff, unwind with a good book and just relax for the rest of the late afternoon an evening. This past week was filled with a lot of usual stuff but I had also received some not-so-great news that occupied my thoughts and had me in tears a couple days this week. At this point my body was just emotionally spent.

We relaxed in our comfy clothes for about an hour, I folded some laundry and planned to go to bed early. All of sudden there was a knock at the door. I looked out the kitchen window and saw a car was parked at the end of our driveway that I didn't recognize, nor did I fully recognize the man who was at our door. I ignored it since I wasn't sure who it was and told Paul (who was so engrossed in his book that he wasn't wanting to answer it either). Paul said he felt like he was being nudged to answer the door so he walked over to see who it was. It  was his friend 'R' from California! It did look like him a little bit based on his photos, but I wondered how that would be possible since they didn't live close by. I just had dismissed that thought and assumed it was a salesperson.

Paul went outside first and chatted with them and met his wife and young daughter for the first time. It turns out that they has just moved to the Orlando area 2 weeks ago and wanted to surprise Paul!
I wasn't really in the mood to socialize to be completely honest. You see, I have a little pet peeve. I am not a fan of visitors that drop by uninvited and unannounced. Terrible, I know. I really want to feel differently and I love other fun surprises in life but somehow drop-ins are never a fun experience for me and Paul is actually not a fan either.  There is a reason why it was an entire skit on Seinfeld. Paul's parents are notorious for doing this (usually when we've just come home from a long trip and partially unpacked suitcases are still out)  and they think it's funny and don't understand why we don't love it, he's actually had to talk to them about it.

I was glad that he wasn't trying to invite everyone inside. I changed my clothes and went outside to meet everyone. We discussed going out for dinner together. I still wasn't really feeling hungry at that point but I did go along so that we could all chat and the guys could catch up in person after so many years. I guess you could say it's was Paul's weekend to catch up with long distance friends.

You know what? I'm SO glad we did! They are such a sweet couple, their daughter is adorable and R's wife 'J' and I really hit it off. I can't wait to spend more time with her. It isn't everyday that I meet a new woman who is easy to talk to, fun, has similar interests to me and has a heart of gold. She could really turn into a great friend. I know how frustrating it can be moving to a new city (or in my case, Country) and not having any friends or many people to show you around and where to go, etc. So, we've already talked about getting together very soon which she was excited about. The funny thing is I have been praying for some sweet, new female friends that also love God for the past few months. Slowly, they are being revealed to me including 'J' as well as some of you via the blogging world.

It turns out that Paul and 'R' were meant to meet at this time too. They actually wound up discussing an interesting and lucrative business opportunity that they would work on together here in Orlando and all of the little details seem to be lining up  in terms of their interests, skills, abilities, contacts, resources-something that neither one of them had expected or ever discussed before until last night.

The visit started as an 'inconvenient' time when both Paul and I really wanted to follow our own plan for the evening, but someone had a bigger plan for us, a blessing, that if we were only open enough to receive it, we would and did.

It's made me rethink how I manage my daily activities. I want to be productive and effective but I also want to make sure I'm more open to life's daily blessings, big or small. I never want to miss out because my schedule is too rigid.

Today we spent the day celebrating with some friends at their housewarming party in the sunshine. We haven't had such an action-packed weekend like this in a long time. Right now, I'm open to a whole lot of sleep and sweet dreams. lol

How about you? Have you ever felt a tugging at your heart to do something specific- answer the door, pick up the phone, pay a visit that has led to a greater blessing? Anyone else with me on the drop-in visits? I'd love to hear all about it or you can just tell me what you did this weekend. :)

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I'm off to la la land.....

Nighty Night!

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  1. Karla, how fantastic! I am happy for you & your hubby~how nice that they are in Orlando! I hope you are feeling better:)

  2. Hi Karla-
    Sometimes it's those weekends that really put things into perspective . I know for us it seems as though everytime we have dinner with friends very last minute it turns out to be wonderful! How great that your hubby was able to meet up with friends he hasn't seen in so long and you hit it off with the wife! It's the best when you have a couple that both of you like.
    I'm with you on unexpected visitors and I can honestly say it happens a few times a week. I love a house full of people but sometimes I just want family time,not everyone gets that.

    I'm sorry to hear you had such a hard week, I hope this week is better for you and you have a big smile on your face and some good sleep! Thinking of you!

  3. Thanks ladies. You're both so sweet. :)

    Wow Kristin-drop-ins a few times per week! You must have a lot of patience. I love family and friends but sometimes it's nice just to be with your own immediate family. Thankfully it doesn't happen too often for us.


  4. I am NOT a fan of the drop in .at all. either is V. I am with you. I am so happy you met a friend and had a fabulous time!

  5. you have a lovely blog. love the layout, the design, and the photos. enjoyed browsing, and love the elegance and the coco chanel's quote, which is my fave quote. :) just followed you on google, and would be honored to stay connected! cheers, and have a great day!

  6. Thanks Jasmine, nice to meet you here via blogland. I'll be sure to visit you at your blog as well. I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog! :)



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