Monday, April 19, 2010

I Want YOUR Feedback

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in print before? Well, I'm going to give you a chance at just that. As many of you know, my book for real women that desire to live a classy and fabulous life is due out next month. Included in my book will be some quotes from real women like yourself who have defined what a 'Classy Woman' is in their own words.

Many of you have voted in my sidebar poll about what best describes that woman for you. If you would like to participate in having your very own quote on what makes a woman classy, please leave your quote in the form of a comment below, a few sentences will work. If you do not want your quote displayed here, please e-mail me directly via the envelope in my sidebar instead. :)

The number of quotes I use will be determined by the number in total that I receive. I'm looking to include several though with varying definition and detail.

Because I am in the final editing stages, I will accept your personal quotes for one week up until April.30th at 11pm EST.

Please include your first name as well as your city and State or Province so I can post it with your quote. If you would like to include your last name or last name initital, you can. It will look something like this:

 ~Karla D., Orlando, FL.

This is open to ALL ladies worldwide.

I updated this post to remind you all to leave your name and city and I also extended the date to include more quotes. Thank you in advance for participating!


  1. What I aspire to in my life, is to leave the world a little better place than I found it. That to me, is true class.

    :D Katie

  2. To me, a classy woman is one who is comfortable being herself, regardless of the situation.

  3. That is a really wonderful idea I'm going to think this one out for a bit if that's ok :)

  4. Thanks ladies for your great quotes. Kristin, of course it is okay for you to 'think it out'. :)

  5. Classy to me is a state of refinement that comes when you can truly be yourself and can possess the strength to draw upon your inner values no matter what life casts your way.

  6. Classy is far more then looking nice. It means to carry yourself with confidence, knowing who you are and proud that you are you. It means to be one who is trying to better yourself and the people around you. And it means to show respect to others whether or not you agree with them.

    Nicol- Eagle Mountain, Utah

  7. A classy lady is respectful and dignified in not only her actions but her thoughts as well. She carries herself in a mature way and is very respectful of others.

    Toys- Reading, United Kingdom

  8. Classiness to me... is defined by your genuineness and the way that you project yourself to the world ...learning to find goodness and beauty in all people...choosing to find the positive instead of the negative...making choices everyday to be a better person and to live's very simple my father used to say treat people the way you want to be treated...aka the golden rule...

    Suzanne Pignato-Wellington, Florida

  9. I believe that a classy woman has respect for herself and will never settle for anyone disrespecting her. She will be able to say no with the utmost elegance and grace. She will never make anyone feel bad about themselves; instead she will try to make everyone know their own importance in this world.

    ~Catie Jones, Westchester, NY

  10. Being a Classy woman means, being dignified but not disrespectful, being elegant yet still able to kick your feet up, being graceful yet knowing how to have a good laugh, being distinguished but not snobby. Being fabulous means knowing how to splurge with your heart without spending a penny!

    Kristin Salazar San Diego CA

  11. Thank you ladies, these are ALL wonderful quotes that I'm looking forward to including in my book. I really appreciate you taking the time to define a 'Classy Woman' in your own words. :)



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