Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank YOU!

Ah, using the words 'please' and 'thank you', sort of a Kindergarten 101, no? I'm simply amazed at the lack of manners that many people in our society display. Everything from the person who is oblivious to someone holding the door for them, not saying please while shopping in a store and asking for help to completely forgetting to thank a friend or family member for something sweet that they have gone out of their way to do.

Classy women remember to thank others, in fact they make it a priority. Especially when it comes to family, friends, colleagues, business partners and neighbors it is always a great idea to either send a personal hand written note after an event, verbally acknowledge the particular person in question as soon as you can or go out of your way to return a favor for someone who has done something unexpected, helpful or special.

I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you-my readers. Thank you for your comments which always brighten my day and make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. I really love reading what is on your mind, hearing your opinion and knowing that you care enough to leave me a little note. I enjoy your reader requests too. For all of you who have e-mailed me with requests or questions, thank you. It is my pleasure to answer them with the intention of helping you as well as many other women that come across the very post that you inspired.

Thank you too for just being you and popping over to read my posts, for following my little blog and sharing some love by grabbing my blog button, visiting me on twitter or linking to me. I appreciate you spreading the word and allowing others find me too in this big blog world! :)

Last week when I wrote about Yard Sale Savvy, my blogger friend from Simply Luxurious was super sweet and linked to me in her weekly Sunday 'cups of tea' post. I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank her for including my post. Hop on over and check her out, she's got a fun blog worth visiting. I look forward to sharing one of her fashion posts this week that I think you'll all enjoy.

And for all of you who have been following me and are wondering what I actually found at the big yard sale, it's coming-I PROMISE. I'm going to share it with you very soon but first I'm busy getting ready for my own yard sale this weekend!

So, today's post is dedicated to you, my classy friends from the blog-o-sphere. Thank you for just being YOU!

Love you guys!


* Thank You image above compliments of this site.


  1. It's quite sad how little manners people display today. *sigh* I am so glad my mother really taught me that manners really isn't an option, because it stuck with me. I think often parents themselves don't have manners to teach their children. I still feel happy after I hand write a thank-you note (I find that rare today too) because I used to be angry at my mom making me do it as a kid for EVERYTHING, but am so happy its a habit I have today. Have a lovely day!

  2. What a wonderful post, thank you! I still send handwritten notes and love it when my friends send them to me. It doesn't happen too often anymore, it's really a shame! Thank you so much for so many of your kind, inspirational comments on my blog! You really have accomplished so much in life and it means the world hearing it from you!
    Thank you!


Thanks for stopping by, your comments make my day! I read every single one and will answer any questions you have. I hope you'll visit again soon! :)


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