Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reminder: Spring Forward Tonight!

It's been such a gorgeous weekend so far that I got sidetracked with outdoor activities and nearly forgot about our time change this weekend.

Don't forget to spring forward by turning your clocks ahead by one hour tonight. The actual time change occurs at 2am  in your time zone, but it's best to do it before bed so you don't show up late anywhere tomorrow! ;)

As silly as it seems, that single hour seems to throw me off a little. In the fall I generally feel more refreshed when I wake up after turning the clocks back and in the springtime I typically feel a little sleepy and groggy or perhaps it's all just in my head. Either way, I'm going to try something different this year-I'm going to go to sleep an hour earlier to make up for our 'lost' hour.

It's all good though because this means spring is officially on its way! What better way to feel that you're in the midst of springtime weather than to be bathed in warm sunshine and then there are those tulips, oh how I adore bright and cheery tulips!

What is your favorite thing about spring? Is it the extra hour of sunshine, the blooms emerging from the ground, wearing less layers of clothing or maybe the sweet sound of birds chirping? Share it with us!

Sweet Dreams!

1 comment :

  1. One less hour of beauty sleep but one more hour of sunshine ~ or rain in our case.

    Have a great weekend~


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