Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 is Tonight!

Have you heard about or participated in earth hour before? If not, tonight is the big night! What is earth hour some of you might be asking? It's a time where everyone around the globe turns out their lights for 1 full hour at 8:30pm (their local time) in an effort to conserve energy on a global level. It makes a huge impact and countries all over the world will be 'attending' the big party!

The last couple years my husband and I have made it a point to participate, especially since we are all about doing our part to help our planet. We typically prepare a meal before hand and then at 8:30pm we'll sit down to our candlelight dinner followed by some board game time with more candles nearby. I look forward to it each year, this year will be a little different since hubby won't be available at that time so I'll be dining solo and I'll probaby follow it up with a good design magazine with a few lit candles nearby. :)

I just found out that there are even Earh Hour parties! Ooo, I so want to attend! How fun would that be, creating an eco-friendly party, serving whole, healthy foods followed by some candlelight mingling.

The biq question is, will you be joining  from 8:30pm-9:30pm? I hope you'll participate with me and the world as we celebrate our precious planet earth! Together one, by one we can make a powerful impact!

Here is a great video that shares the importance of going 'lights out' for an hour and how your decision can make a difference. Last year 4,000 cities in 88 countries participated!

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  1. I'll be glad to join, but I'm afraid my motives are not particularly green; simply that I'm so shattered I'd be thrilled to go to bed at that time!
    Enjoy your solo evening - sounds very relaxing.


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