Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sharing a Little Blogger Love

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend with your sweet, precious spouses, families, kids, friends and/or loves!

Yesterday, I was thinking back to a special moment many years ago. My dad (whom I'm very close with) did such a sweet thing for me one Valentine's Day. I was single, had broken up with a long term boyfriend and most certainly wasn't expecting anything, especially not flowers from anyone. My dad knew it would be a rather uneventful day for me and surprised me by popping over to the house with some pink sweetheart roses for me. It was a reminder that sometimes the best thing you can do on Valentine's day is brighten the day for someone who may not experience all of the giddy love and celebration that others are enjoying.

I wanted to share a little love with you all today, blogger style. I thought I'd share with you my top 5 Favorite go-to blogs. These are the five blogs that I read and visit nearly every single day. I hope you will check them out and may enjoy them as much as I have.

My Favorite Blogs:

1. Young House Love- I heart this blog! Why? Because,Sherry and John are a young couple who purchased a charming, older home in Virginia and blog every single day (sometimes multiple times per day) on the ins and outs of decor, their home renovation projects, their new baby nursery for their little 'beanette' on the way and their cute little pup named 'burger'. Oh, and they have some pretty sweet giveaways too. If you love do-it-youself decor projects and witty humor you'll love Young House Love!

2. Fashion Under $100- May of you have been asking for more fashion posts via the blog poll in my sidebar. One site I'm loving right now for great outfits under $100, celebrity wardrobe requests on a dime and fab finds under fifty dollars is this one. You might remember how I dedicated a whole fall fashion post to it HERE. You can even write in with your requests for reunion attire, what to wear on your next hot date, etc.

3. Rare & Beautiful Treasures-Erin is a sweet gal who like the Young House Love couple, is also pregnant, blogging about baby treasures, the wondeful celebrations and details in everyday life as well as some stunning inspirational decor images too! Erin writes beautiful and inspirational posts that always pull on my heart and make me reflect.

4. Copy Cat Chic- If you love great home design but can't afford the designer price tags, then this blog is for you! Reichel takes finds from Potterybarn, Restoration Hardware, Horchow and the like and shows you (in most cases) a great knock off for a fraction of the price! She too will take on reader requests so send her some furniture or accessories you love (but can't afford) and she'll do the rest!

5. Closet Cooking- You may remember me featuring Kevin's blog on my Fabulous Fare post. I stumbled across this blog completely by accident many months ago and was delighted to find so many creative and delicious-looking recipes. I also thought it was neat that he's a blogger from my hometown. :) You will have a blast whipping up some fun, new recipes after visiting this blog. Over 2300 followers can't be wrong!

How about you? Do you have a favorite blog that you'd like to share with us? Let's continue to share the love. Have a wonderful long weekend!


  1. I am totally adoring Closet Cooking!
    Thanks Karla!
    And what a sweeeeeet Daddy you have!
    I am alos verrrrrry close to my Dad! Nothing like a Daddy!
    Happy Heart Day!

  2. Struggling to be Stylish is a blog that I thoroughly enjoy for it's honest, yet intriquing voice. The author is located in SanFrancisco, and she makes no qualms about what she likes and dislikes. I appreciate her honesty.

  3. Ooh, thank you, Simply Luxurious, I can't believe I was top of mind for you!

    In my case, I usually find something I like at Centsational Girl, who has a gazillion followers. I'm also strangely fascinated by House Hunting in Paris which is a secret find of mine!

  4. Thanks for the mention! Loving some of the blogs you mentioned too. It's always great to find new & fun blogs! :)

  5. Thanks Ladies! Your welcome Copy Cat Chic and Teresa, I'm glad you love closet cooking too!

    Struggler-I am now following your blog. :)


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