Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reader Requests

After almost a year of blogging about the ins and outs of being a Classy and Fabulous woman, I'm creating an open forum where you will be able to email me your post requests and questions and I will answer them specifically in the form of an upcoming blog post so other women can benefit as well. If you want your question(s) to remain private, just mention that in your message or subject header and I will be happy to respond to you only and will not publish your question. If you've wondered about how to dress classy for an upcoming date or what the etiquette is for a particular occassion, or even how I snag such great deals, I'm here to answer them all. :)

Simply look to the left hand side of this blog page and scroll down until you see the large cream-colored envelope. Click on it and then type and send your message along with a subject header named 'Reader Request'.

I want this blog to be an open community of women to grow, learn from one another and feel comfortable. So, with that said I'll be starting the 'Reader Requests' this month. You can always chime in too and leave your opinion and feedback in the comments' section. The amount of reader requests will be determined by how often you email me. As a matter of fact, I have received my first few requests recently and wanted to share them with you. Stay tuned for those upcoming posts!

I look forward to reading your emails soon!


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