Monday, November 16, 2009

FREEBIE- Martha Stewart Cookbook!

In the sprit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to continue my theme of giving by offering you all a fabulous freebie, something that everyone can use this Thanksgiving.

HERE is a link to a copy of Martha's downloadable Thanksgiving cookbook! It's a PDF, so be sure to save it to your computer.

I don't know about you, but ALL of these recipes look amazing! I'm not sure which one to make first! One things is for sure though, I will be trying out a few of these soon! Part of my New Year's resolution for this year was to experiment with more recipes. I'm sure hubby will be happy!

Which recipe do you think you'll try first? Let us know!

BTW-If you haven't already filled out our first blog contest (our other freebie) click HERE to enter! Contest ends today at 6pm EST.

Happy Cooking!


  1. Thanks! It all looks good, I think I'm going to try the bibb and beet salad first. I love beets and recently made the best(to me) beet salad, it's on my blog if you like beets.

  2. I love beets and so does my hubby, he'll be thrilled. I'll be sure to visit your blog and check it out! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following!


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