Friday, October 16, 2009

Love Your Life & Fulfill Your Dreams!

I wanted to share a message that was on my heart this past week. I've always felt strongly about this but this week in particular I was even so bold as to use it as the post on my facebook page. I want to encourage others, especially women, to realize their full potential and live out their most desired dreams. These were my words:

"Karla is amazed at how enthralled people are with entertainers and celebrities. It's time for us to get excited about our own life and fulfill our dreams instead of watching others live theirs! :) "

We live in such a celebrity and entertainment culture where reality tv shows have now become the norm. Watching endless amounts of drama, diva behavior and shows that contain the name 'gossip' such as Gossip Girl are influencing the younger generations. It's time that we arise and shine to our calling and purpose in life and live out each day to the fullest; using our gifts, skills and abilities, contributing to the greater good and experiencing a sense of accomplishment that empowers us to live an even fuller life.

I'm not suggesting that television is bad or that we shouldn't watch it at all-we're only human and I believe that there are a great deal of shows that are not only entertaining but also educational too. I happen to DVR many HGTV shows as they fall into that category for me. Not only that, they provide inspiration as I'm constantly creating new ideas for my business clients.

It's important to surround ourselves not only with uplifting, supportive and loving friends and family, but also to empower ourselves by all that we read, watch and listen to. What we spend our time on is a true reflection of what we value in life.

I've been reflecting on this all week. With the vast array of choices available in the form of tv shows, I've found myself recording multiple shows and later watching them and then wondering where my evenings went  and why I didn't finish that book I wanted to read or the laundry I meant to fold. It can truly be a distraction, keeping you from experiencing what you truly want most out of life. I've been challenging myself to delete some of the shows  I once recorded so I can spend even more time on the things that I love and bring me the most joy. So far this week, I have felt as though my days are longer and I seem to have more time to get everything done.

I encourage you to spend more time in the coming weeks on building up what truly matters to you and what great things you want to see happen in your own life. Is it a business you've dreamed of starting or home projects you've been putting off, or perhaps more quality time you've longed to spend with your children? Maybe you feel a bit purposeless right now or lack the passion and zest you once had. Try starting afresh with a Goal list and add ten things that you've always wanted to do or accomplish. Start working towards crossing those off one at a time and putting the exact date beside each once completed. Stretch yourself-add something that you don't think you can do and keep working towards it over time.

A wonderful audio CD set that I really enjoyed is titled Love Your Life by Victoria Osteen. I highly recommend it and it would make a wonderful gift for anyone. I received my set as a gift and it is such an uplifting compilation of messages for any age. *I am in no way compensated for this suggestion, this is my personal opinion.

My husband is also an Author and has written several books on this very topic, with a life coaching background he has many e-books available for those that desire to live their dreams, become empowered and achieve greatness. Click here for more information.

I hope you will feel accomplished in all that you do this coming week and that the hours you spend in your days are put to good use, that you feel a sense of pride and truly love the life that you've been given.

Have a Blessed Weekend!


  1. thank you for sharing...your words and thoughts are beautiful....happy weekend...

  2. Thank you. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Amen and Amen. I've always said...garbage in~garbage out!

    As we say down here in the Ozarks hills and hollers, "ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!"

  4. How true Nezzy! Sometimes we need to do a little de-cluttering in our life. :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Great post Karla! I will accept this challenge and start on it next week. My drainer of time is the computer ...we don't watch TV except for DVD's & videos. Thanks for the encouragement. :)


  6. Thanks Denise, I'm glad you liked it. Yes, the computer ranks up there with me too.

    On a side note, I hope your sale went well today! :)

  7. Thank you Karla. That is the exact thing I have been doing lately. Getting out the "weeds" as you had mentioned in one of your facebook statuses. We hit an alltime low in our lives and are going pretty much start over and change some things we have been wanting to change. We even started our own business, my husbands life dream. I can't tell you how happy I am I came across your blog because it has helped me so much in the last few months. Thank you!


  8. Angie-Congratulations on the business! It is so important to go after those lifelong dreams!

    I'm sorry to hear that you have hit an alltime low. It's always at these times though that we are able to make some changes in our current situation and rise above it all in a much greater way. I have been there a few times myself and I know that I was meant to make some adjustments before moving into all that God had in store for me.

    Your sweet words touched my heart this morning. :) I am glad that my posts are a blessing to you. You are most welcome!


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