Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fabulous Free Finds!

I don't know anyone who doesn't like to save money. Following my last post on budget decor, I wanted to share with you some non-decor related ways to save too. Here is a list of 9 ways that you can save money today and  get some amazing freebies!

1. Free Movies- For the past six months, my husband and I have moved away from movie store videos and towards the library for our weekend flicks. We are fortunate enough to have a library 8 minutes from our house and it has an amazing selection of DVD's. They often have new releases too! Bye Bye Blockbuster and hello FREE!

2. Magazine Mania- Following the same vein as the movies, libraries have many magazines to choose from. Most just ask that you don't sign out the current issue, and voila, you've got free magazines for up to 3 weeks! They have everything from decor mags to fashion, cooking and crafting. So, if you can't afford a magazine subscription right now or are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, reusing vs. get a mailed mag is the way to go!

3. Sample It!- One of the best ways to try a new product without forking over the cash it to sample it first for free. Many vendors will send you free samples that come with coupons for the product and in some cases, they'll even send a coupon for a full size of the item for free. Set aside 30 minutes and google 'free samples' then fill out the info online and in the next few weeks you'll be getting everything from cereal to feminine products or diapers!

Always Infinity Pads

Huggies Pure & Natural 3-pack Sample

Free Magazine Issues

Food Freebies

Beauty Samples

Coupons to use on Sale items

4. Free Museum Admission (THIS SATURDAY SEPT. 26th ONLY)

Click on this link and scroll down to select your state to see which musems are offering free admission this saturday. Enjoy!

5. Swap Shop- If you haven't ever had a girl's clothing swap party, they are not only a lot of fun but free! The idea is that you bring several pieces of clothing or accessories and shoes that you know a close group of friends could use or fit into and they bring their items and everyone swaps. You can amp it up by giving out a certain amount of tickets to each guest and then bidding on each item. I've done this twice before and it is so much fun! You get some fresh, new items for your wardrobe to boot. It's great  way to stay glamorous and be green all at the same time, plus you get in some girlfriend time too! I also came across this website which might have locations that apply to some of you.

6. Get Paid for YOUR Opinion- I would never post anything on my blog if it were not legit, this is for real! I've signed up with these guys to provide my opinion in exchange for some cash! Take everyday products you use-cleaners, electronics, baby items, makeup and review it to get some upfront money and pay per clicks everytime someone watches your video. You do need a video camera or you can use the one on your camera, either way, upload it to your account and you're good to go! You will also need a paypal account so they can pay you, which is also free.

Look under promotions, then assisgnments for specific high dollar payout reviews. With their Tryology program, you'll get emails about reviewing up and coming products and you get to keep the full size product for free! I've been signed up for six months (posting for about 2 months only due to a busy schedule) and have made  $170 for minimal effort from the comfort of my own home.

7. Birthday Gift- You may have missed my previous post on a cool birthday gift from Cold Stone Creamery, so here it is again! Sign yourself up, your partner and your kiddos! Everyone will get a week to use their coupon for a free Cold Stone Creamery creation!

8. Free Target Gift Cards-In case you weren't aware of some of the cool things that Target offers, they often have sales items where if you buy multiples of an item (that you truly need), they'll give you a free $5 or even $20 gift card to use on future purchases. Free money, does it get any better than that!? Here is this week's gift card sale items. Go to their website and type in your zipcode for their weekly ad. These are quite common at Christmas time.

$20 Free Gift Card with Wii fit purchase at $89.99
$5   Free Gift Card with any (2) Arm & Hammer Multi Cat/Super scoop 28lb bags

Many are for lower ticket items too, like cereal bars. Stock up, save and keep those G.C's for your holiday shopping! They usually give $10 cards out for tranferred or new prescriptions too!

9. Craigslist- Need I say more? For anyone that is not familiar, craigslist is a site that allows you to buy and sell items online like ebay, but without any fees at all. They offer a free section where you can browse and pick up items in your area. It is categorized locally, so check out your local area or make yourself a little moola by selling some clutter you no longer need! You can also check out Freecycle too, which offers many free postings too.

For fun, here is one more money-saving idea that you can use at JC Penney!

What super thrifty ideas do you want to share? We want to hear from you! Do you have an amazing coupon website, secrets on where to get free goods, or do you have some items that you just fell in love with after sampling first? Leave us some comments and let us know if these tips were useful.


  1. I love this blog.

    I have gotten soooo many awesome deals on here.

  2. Thanks! ;) Great link! Thank you for sharing with everyone. I'm a huge fan of coupon/offer sites.

  3. great ideas! I had never heard of that Target deal!


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