Saturday, August 8, 2009

Makeover Part Deux: My New Office Chair

It wouldn't be fair if I only TOLD you about my office chair and that you couldn't SEE it for yourself. I used the remnants of my fabric from this office chair transformation to complete the look of my vintage footstool, so it was very economical. Above is the finished set!

BEFORE: This chair was purchased on craigslist, I knew I could replace the fabric and it was in mint condition. Cost $30. Bought fabric from Calico Corners' sale for $4. Total= $34

The first photo is how I purchased the chair, then underneath the plaid was another layer of colorful fabric (which came with the chair when it was purchased by the original owner). It was very clean but did not match my decor. I wanted something in a transitional style fabric.

This was very simple to do. I measured out the fabric so there was about 3 inches all the way around an then started stapling each side from the middle towards the edges. Don't get too close to the edges though so you can create a little triangle to pull the corner fabric in. This will ensure that the corners look clean vs. bunched up.

I'm very pleased with my new chair!

Do you have a makeover that you are proud of? Share the link to your site/blog with us in the comments below!


  1. Found you site through your YHL comment...I can't believe what a difference simply changing the fabric makes. Great job!!

  2. Hi Angie-I'm glad you stopped by to check out my transformation. :) I had fun making this chair over and it didn't take too long. Love YHL!

  3. I wonder if your chair still looks like this or you changed the fabric again? It looks fabulous btw! Great job :)

    1. Thanks Evelyn! :) Yes, my chair still has the same pale blue & cream trellis fabric. :) I was drinking cranberry juice at my desk a couple months ago and had a spill, thankfully it missed the fabric part and mostly hit the floor! My rule is nothing but water at my desk now after that close call.

  4. I really like how your seat venture converted out! It looks excellent. I retrieved an seat last season to use in my class room. My own went from greyish to grayscale chevron. Off to examine out some more of your posts!

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