Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giving Thank You Cards is Classy

I don't know anyone who doesn't love receiving cards. Whether they are celebratory for a birthday, anniversary or another upcoming event or simply just to say thank you, people love a personal hand-written card. This also couldn't be more true in business!

When someone has gone out of their way to help you, write a recommendation for you or has invited you over for dinner, do remember to thank them. While verbally acknowledging the person is always a must; a nice, unexpected and thoughtful gesture is to write a thank you card and mail it to them. If you do not have their personal address in your database, try to send it to their workplace. If all else fails, an e-mail will suffice but hand written and heartfelt is best.

I was invited to a friend's parent's beach house recently, a woman who I had not known that well at the time, but she wanted us to get to know each other better so my husband and I and another couple joined her. We had a wonderful time at the beach strolling the shore, sharing stories and having some laughs and I felt it necessary to send her a thank you card and also to her parents (it is their personal home) who were wonderful people.

My friend seemed shocked and commented that she really needs to write more thank you notes herself and that her mom is meticulous about it and had always taught her to do the same. She really appreciated the small gesture. It must have been contagious because I received a pretty card right after her birthday gathering just weeks later, for my gift and for attending.

In business, I always make a point of thanking each customer that has worked with our Design Firm as well as the Realtors and our previous clients who refer new clients to us. With email, texting and instant messaging, we've lost the time honored tradition of the written word. I highly encourage you all to write a thank you card to a friend who means a lot to you, your employees, your customers or your spouse. Share with them why you appreciate them and the joy they bring to your life!
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