Monday, April 6, 2009

Update your Spring Wardrobe!

Spring has sprung and many ladies are packing up their winter wardrobe in favor of beautiful spring pieces. Here are a few tips to keep your Spring clothing trendy, tasteful and classy!

1. Sort through what you have. Set aside about 30 minutes for yourself. Sort through all of your spring/summer clothes and try each piece on in front of a mirror, if you have a 3 way mirror, even better. Trying everything on now ensures that you know what fits, what may not and what you absolutely don't want in your closet anymore. Now, create 4 small piles-One for pieces you love and they fit and do not need repair, one for pieces that need repair such as a button sewn on or a hem re-stitched and the third for donation/give-away items. These clothes can be donated or sold to a consignment shop. The last pile is for items that don't currently fit. You'll need to make the call on whether you plan to lose weight and keep it or if you just need to put it in pile 3 for donation, etc. This allows you to know now what needs to be repaired/dry-cleaned so you have it ready when you need it, this sorting process also organizes the items you own so that you have more room to keep the clothes you love wrinkle-free and you know now to buy another white v-neck tank top.

2. Decide how much you have to invest in new pieces and accessories. It may only be $50-100 and that will work. In this case, you'll want to watch for sales and look at shops like Ross, Target, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Pick pieces that add a bit of trendiness. Maybe you purchase one new dress or tank top in a spring color like fuschia or a new pair of inexpensive gladiators to add to your shoe collection. You could also invest in some fun belts to use with dresses or to wrap around your waist over a fitted blazer. Cinched waists that create a feminine silhouette are all the rage! You can also invest in some longer necklaces, hoop earrings, or some bangles to add some interest to your outfit. An outfit is not complete without accessories, so I highly recommend adding some, even a colorful scarf added to your handbag works as an accessory. Have fun with it, you don't need to break the bank!

3. Wear ONLY what Flatters and Fits! Too many women make the mistake of keeping and wearing clothes that are one or more sizes too small. Some think that the tight clothing makes them look younger and makes them feel that they can still fit into a size "x". The fit is more important than the number on your jeans. Wear only what fits you and flatters your body type. It's better to spend your money on a few classic pieces that will last and really flatter your figure rather than use it all up on numerous pieces that are trendy but don't fit your or highlight your best assets.

4. Just Add Color! Many people are so used to be trapped in the black, brown and gray zone, especially during winter months that is sometimes continues into spring. Spring is all about blooming flowers, rejuvination, new life and color. Add a little color to your outfit even if it is only in the form of a handbag or a pair of shoes. Go outside of your comfort zone and buy a bikini in jade green or purple instead of the usual black. Start introducing white into your wardrobe too to lighten it up. Don't get me wrong-the combination of black and white is very classic and can be seen on many spring runways however don't let it be ALL that you wear. Color naturally adds interest, draws attention to you and appears more "happy" too.

5. Go Feminine- Springtime fashion usually conjures up thoughts of florals, pretty colors, pastels and girliness. There's no time like 2009 to crank up your femininity. With ruffles, sheer fabrics, flower prints and cinched waistlines, you're sure to find something that appeals to you and will show off your figure. Dresses are a must this season, but if you don't enjoy heels there are a lot of cute styles that do incorporate ballet flats or sandal flats. Try cuffed shorts, a pretty blousy top, a cute floral dress with your flats. So enjoy being comfortable, fashionable yet still feminine.
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