Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shutterfly Promo Code Offers

A friend of mine gave me a Shutterfly promo code for a free photo book. I was so excited! With only 3 days left before the offer expired, I decided to get right to work and start creating a book featuring photos from a milestone birthday that I had been meaning to create for months. I couldn't wait to finish it and see that all I would have to pay would be the shipping and handling. Boy was I wrong!

Most people love snapping digital photos. They save them on their computer, send a few here and there, maybe upload a couple to their facebook account but rarely print any at all. So, now you’ve received a coupon code from a friend to try which is similar to snapfish and kodak gallery. These online sites let you upload and store your photos and then later enlarge them, print them out or use them to create fun memory items like mugs, invitations, Christmas cards or a personal favorite, a photo book!

Most online retailers will accept the promo codes that circulate on the web. Some are different though, like Shutterfly. They use specific targeted marketing in the form of emails that get sent out to their current account holders. The promo codes sent to each person are specifically tailored to them and have long promo code numbers which correlate with their exact account. So, if you try one that your friend has given you, chances are that it will not work.

I wanted to share my story with you so that you do not experience the same disappointment
I’ll keep my book sitting in my account and perhaps one day when the offer is good enough, I’ll print it. But as it stands, without knowing what the print quality is like from Shutterfly, I want to wait until the investment is minimal and then I might consider ordering future books if the first one turns out well.

The good news is you can find many promo codes for other photo printing vendors online. So, happy coupon code hunting but always remember to test out the checkout center before doing all of the work first!


  1. About one month later I actually received a coupon code of my own for the same free offer. For those of you interested, I'm happy to report that Shutterfly does a great job and I'm enjoying my free photo book! :)

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