Friday, February 6, 2009

3 Ways to Drink MORE Water

As we all know, drinking more water is essential to good health. But for some it's hard to think about drinking 8-12 glasses per day. Here are some easy ways to incorporate more water drinking into your day.

1. Add a little Flavor

Most people avoid drinking water because the quality of the water tastes bad or because water doesn't have any flavor. Firstly, ensure that you are drinking filtered water so the taste isn't an issue. That is as simple as using a Brita filter or in-home filtration system. Try to avoid costly bottled water which use a lot of resources to create the plastic your water is contained in. You can add a little flavor to your water by adding a squeeze of lemon, orange, or a slice of cucumber. You could even add a dash of 100% natural fruit juice like pineapple or grape to perk it up!

2. Use a Measuring Tool

You will drink more water if you have a way to keep track or count the amount of cups you are drinking. Using a reusable nalgene bottle or a brita pitcher with the number of cups indicated will give you a sense of accomplishment as you go about your day. It's hard to lose count when the container does all the work for you. Simple fill it to 2L and keep drinking until it's all gone! There are SO many health benefits to filling up on H2O including clearer skin, fresher breath, hydrated, more youthful skin, no dehydration headaches and the cushioning of your joints.

3. Consume more Liquids

While pure water is important for our body's functioning, other liquids that include a lot of water will help add to your daily quota. Soup (thin, not heavy chunky kinds) can be an excellent way to add more water, especially at lunch time, provided it is mainly consisting of broth. This is a great way to fill up too, helping you eat less and lose weigh along the way! Smoothies are another great way to add water. Instead of using milk, soymilk or juice for your smoothies, add your fruit but use water instead.

For a healthy snack idea, check out this post.

What tricks do you use to consume more water daily? Leave a comment and share with us so we can use you tips!


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