Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ask Me Anything! YouTube Q & A

In keeping with my goals that I shared on the blog earlier this year in this post, I'll finally be creating videos for my YouTube Channel that I set up over 4 years ago! It's part of my 'it's NOW or never' motto for 2016, because there is truly no time like the present to jump right in with both feet! Thank you to the 44 of you who have already subscribed and have hung in there, I appreciate your patience!  
I find videos are a great took to help bridge the gap allowing you to put a face and personality with a name. It can often provide a deeper connection with readers (or so I've personally experienced with other people and bloggers I've followed over the years). Also, videos allow for a different form of creative expression for certain topics and that can be more entertaining than the written word and photos alone. The Classy Woman® is a lifestyle blog for women and my YouTube channel will be an extension of it. As such I'll be featuring an array of topics just as I do here, such as manners + etiquette, fashion, beauty, healthy recipes, home decor, my favorite things and so much more!

As I begin, I thought it would be fun (as well as a natural place to start) to turn the table around and allow you to ask me anything you'd like to know. Maybe it's something you've always wondered about. It can be something as simple as why I began writing this blog, what I look for when adding new pieces to my wardrobe, mistakes I've learned from along the way, tidbits about my family, what I enjoy doing for fun, it's your call! Nothing is off limits (within reason of course). You can either leave me a comment below with your question, send me a Facebook message, Facebook comment where I've shared this there, leave it on instagram or e-mail me right here (please use subject: Ask Me Anything): >>> theclassywoman @ 

Let's Socialize!

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I look forward to reading your questions and sharing this intro video in the coming weeks! Thanks for stopping by and for playing along! :)



  1. Just subscribed! Can't wait to see your videos! Perhaps you can do a video on an article in which you write...I know whatever you do will be great and can't wait! Thank you :)

    1. Thanks for subscribing and for your kind words! :) Great idea! Yes, there are several topics that I've thought about about also sharing in video format. YouTube is its own community so I'm hoping even those who don't read blogs and prefer watching videos, will find the information useful! Have a wonderful weekend. xx Karla

  2. So fun! I love doing Q&A's on my snapchat sometimes! :)

    1. Snapchat is a great place to do them! Thanks for stopping by, Hayley! :)


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