Thursday, September 26, 2013

Diamond Candles Review & Giveaway!

I'm really excited about today's giveaway! There's something about fall that makes me think of sitting around a wood burning fireplace, hearing the crunching of leaves under my feet while going for an afternoon walk, warm pecan pie fresh from the oven, cozy sweaters and jeans and no autumn would be complete without candles! I may not get to experience too many of the other typical 'fall' aspects living down here in FL but candles have a way of setting a mood. When I was asked to not only host a giveaway but also review one of Diamond Candles' highly fragrances all-natural soy candles, I jumped at the chance! They have so many wonderful fragrances to choose from but in the end I chose the 'cinnamon roll' candle because I love candles that smell like fresh baked goodness. :) My next one will be Hawaiian Coconut!

When I was first contacted by Diamond Candles I was still pregnant and knowing that we had a newborn on the way, it was important to me that the candles not have a lead wick (which these do not-they are cotton) and that they be made from a natural wax source such as soy (thankfully these are). Health is a priority in our home and we are very selective about fragrances, cleaning products and the like, opting only for the most natural and eco-friendly and Diamond Candles really impressed me. You might be wondering why they are called 'diamond' candles and that's the neat part. Each candle comes with a ring inside valued between $10- $5,000! Isn't that clever? I had never seen anything like it, it's the gift that keeps on giving! What a great present for Christmas, birthdays and more! They even have 'it's a girl' and 'it's a boy' candles in pink and blue, as you can imagine I toyed with getting the pink one. ;)

Upon receiving my candle I noticed the care the company took in shipping, each candle arrives in a special sleeve to protect it from damage. When you turn the candle around there is a window marked with gold foil-that's where the ring is! Don't worry, it's packaged well. It comes inside a mini sealed bag inside the foil which is accessible about 1" of the way down after you've burned your candle for about 10 hours or so. Unlike so many other soy candles I've tried in the past which tend to lose their scent over time, these candles have a really pronounced scent and they smell heavenly! My husband even commented how the whole house smelled like freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I was excited to finally get to the ring to see what it looked like. It has a red stone like a garnet in a silver setting which you can see below.

Here are my photos of both my Cinnamon Roll Diamond Candle and the ring below:

{Every Diamond candle is well packaged and arrives like this}

{My Cinnamon Roll candle which comes with a vacuum-sealed 
glass lid to lock in the incredible fragrance}

{Lighting my Diamond Candle for the first time and getting ready for fall}

{Looking forward to seeing what kind of ring is inside}

{I used tweezers to pull the gold foil out of the candle wax, placed it on a 
paper towel and took it out of its wrapping to reveal this pretty ring! }

{A shot of my candle and my ring-two great gifts in one!}

You can find all of the amazing Diamond Candle fragrances broken down by scent notes {here}. Want to see more ring reveal photos and be in the know about their latest scents? Diamond Candles has an instagram page showing other customers revealing their rings. If you want more chances to win a candle, follow them on Facebook and Twitter where they share their latest giveaways!

Without further ado, here is your chance to win your very own Diamond Candle! It's open to all U.S. Residents. Enter with Rafflecopter below, it's that simple! :) The winner will chosen next Thursday evening and will be announced next Friday! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A huge THANK YOU goes out to my sponsor, Diamond Candles for their generosity! While I was provided with my choice of one of their candles, all opinions of their product are my own.

Good Luck Everyone!



  1. great giveaway I have heard about these but never tried one and I am a big candle person The scents sound great and the ring is a bonus! have a great weekend

  2. Looks really cool, love the idea of a ring inside the candle! Thanks for the giveaway, Karla!

  3. Lovely blog Karla...I find myself visiting you very often after having stumbled upon ur site...Awesome ideas, very new and fresh...Keep them coming!


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