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Picture Hanging Dilemma & Nursery Art Ideas

Over the past couple months I've been working with a few new design clients. The one thing that all three of them had in common was needing assistance in the area of wall art. I definitely find that it's the finishing details of artwork and accessories that really make for a great space. Both for my clients and within my own home I take a bit of extra time finding just the right accent accessories, especially when it comes to art.

Another thing that two of my clients are looking to create is a gallery wall-one of them (an e-Design client) happens to live in a Chicago loft space and is feeling frustrated looking for art and thinking of ways to hang art on the exposed brick wall in her living room. It posed an interesting challenge for me that I was determined to find a solution to.

If you live in an industrial-style space, have an exposed brick wall, want to hang art on a concrete wall or are looking to hang some expensive framed art pieces that require a sturdy picture hanging solution, look no further than AS Hanging Systems! They literally have a system for every possible scenario.

{here is an example from their website of what their systems can accomplish}

All three spaces are still a work in progress at this point but I've had a lot of fun with the details of a nursery I'm designing for a friend of a friend who is choosing to wait to find out the sex of their baby during the birth. So, I'm designing my first gender neutral baby's room! While I can't show you the finished overall design just yet, I thought I'd share some cute nursery wall art that I came across recently. The mama-to-be wants to incorporate a beautiful photo of her little one from the baby's newborn photography session in the space. Since she is a lover of sustainable, eco-friendly furniture and decor finds, she especially loved the personalized bamboo wall art plaques I suggested.

We are still looking at other possible options for wall art. Based on her requirements, below are a few I've recommended to her so far.

{I fell in love with these personalized bamboo wall art plaques as an eco-friendly addition}

{here is another personalized bamboo plaque option with multiple images by Paper Culture.}

{unlike my other picture hanging dilemmas, you can see this piece is easy peasy.}

{I love how thick these plaques are and seeing that bamboo!}

{I am a big fan of Tara's high-quality signs and regularly follow her blog Between You & Me
I couldn't resist this 'You are My Sunshine' sign in a gender neutral yellow. 
You can see more of her wall art via her Etsy shop.}

{This personalized canvas uses one of my client's favorite patterns-chevron/zig-zag. 
It also happens to be one of my favorites as well and comes in 3 other colors.}

All this nursery designing has got me thinking of my own baby's nursery (which I have yet to do anything with) but I'm hoping that my 20-week ultrasound this coming Monday will help set things in motion as we'll (hopefully) get to find out the sex if the little bean cooperates. Up until now I've just been pinning pretty images, ordering a few coordinating fabric samples and taking home paint swatches from the hardware store and paint shops whenever I happen to be in one. ;)

Do you have any tricky walls that you've found creative solutions to for hanging art? For those who have little ones, was there a special piece you just had to have (or create) for your baby's nursery to complete the room? I'd love to hear about it!

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*photo credit for first image

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