Monday, April 22, 2013

Half Way There! 20 Weeks and Counting....

First off, I'm so sorry for my lack of posts lately! Life has certainly become much more hectic as I now have more appointments and baby-related things to attend to while still maintaining everything else. As I promised from the beginning, I will continue to share photo updates with all of you. I'm a bit behind on this one as I'm now over 22 weeks along. I thought I'd share the pics that we took at both 20 weeks as well as 18 weeks (I've been posting bi-weekly to an album via my personal Facebook page for my friends and family back home who I will not see during this time so they can follow the progress.)

This milestone week was particularly exciting as we got to see our little jumping bean on the ultrasound. Two friends gave me the bright idea of drinking either orange juice or sweet tea 30 mins beforehand to make sure baby uncrossed its legs and let's just say that baby was moving around so much that the technician couldn't get clear measurements or photos at times! 

About 15 minutes into the appointment our technician told us she was pretty sure of the baby's sex. She took some more measurements and highlighted images to print and when she was positive she asked us if we know what we were having. We both knew what we hoped the answer was as we did have a preference but neither one of us wanted to say something and be wrong, so she shared with us what our little one was and showed us how she knew by pulling up a few images on the screen. It was such an exciting time and tears of joy came for me once we finally knew one way or the other for sure what we were having. Most importantly though, and what we had prayed the most about was that baby would be healthy, we were relieved to find out that everything was looking very healthy and on schedule and also that my due date remained the same. I'm a planner and I've always known that I wanted to know beforehand to prepare the nursery in a way that truly reflected the kind of space I wanted for our little one, I also thought it would help me bond and connect with baby in a more specific. We've had baby names of both sex chosen since the first year of our marriage so now that we actually know the sex, we enjoy speaking about and to our little jellybean by name.

For months I have been pinning images to a secret board on Pinterest and planning a gender reveal party down to the fine details. This is something that I've known for a few years that I'd want to do. The day I had to order the invitations I took a step back as I was feeling really overwhelmed with having so much on my plate. It was hard to let the idea of this cute party and reveal go but I realized I wanted to enjoy this time in my life and not feel stressed out while trying to fit in as many things as possible. Sadly, I decided it was a 'nice to have' and not a necessity. I am now going to use the budgeted party money as well as my time and energy towards something more long term (vs. a 2-hour party) like the nursery and some home improvement projects and I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. We plan to share the gender with our friends and family in the next couple weeks in a cute, fun and free way which I'll be sure to share with you also really soon! :) Until then, it's still a secret but I finally began a registry and have begun purchasing a few items that incorporate gender specific colors.

Here are some 18-week photos below, the point at which I began living in comfy dresses! ;)

Click {here} if you missed the 16-week update, and {here} to see my original announcement. 

{Fun Facts}

What I craved the most this month:  I can't get enough of Watermelon! It's a fruit I love but lately I've been eating a big 32oz container of pre-cut watermelon DAILY! It's a nice way to begin my day or treat to stay cool during our 90-degree spring days here in Florida. Aside from my cravings for fruit, I also crave greek yogurt, pickles and kalamata olives regularly-all things I ate regularly before becoming pregnant.

The most memorable moment this month: Seeing our little one on the big screen during our 20-week ultrasound for the first time! Tied with this was learning the sex of our little jelly bean. :)

The most exciting development during this time: I first felt baby move at 15.5 weeks but since about 18 weeks I've felt baby move daily often several times per day, especially right before bed and first thing in the morning particularly if I lay on my back for a few minutes. Sometimes I get some pretty big bumps which always make me laugh as I wonder what new moves baby is learning.

Weight gain from 16-20 weeks: 6.5 lbs. I gained 10.5 lbs total by my 20-week check up and am feeling great.

Regular Wardrobe or Maternity Clothes?: While I've had fun picking out a few new maternity items over the past month for a little bit later on, I'm still wearing all of my own jeans, dresses with stretch, etc. I spent a few hours emptying out my closet and drawers last week of all winter clothing as well as items that I can no longer fit into or won't fit into soon which are in storage bins that hubby placed in the attic. I just gained a whole lot more closet space for my upcoming maternity wardrobe!

What was the most special memory from YOUR half way point? Was it learning the gender or seeing baby via ultrasound or maybe something else that was unique? How soon did you know what you'd name your little one?

As always, thanks for reading!



  1. You look so beautiful and glowing. Enjoy every minute. It must be a girl since you are craving watermelon. I craved watermelon and artichokes when I was pregnant with my daughter. Just a for fun guess :-). I loved being pregnant so much, well except for the first 2 months, when I did not feel so great. I did not know the gender of either baby, and did not want to. However my intuition was right. I enjoyed feeling the babies move, and watching my tummy move. It's such a joyful time.

    1. Thank you so much, Leigh! I know many say that near the end the time seems to drag on however right now I'm finding the weeks seem to pass by so quickly that I'm making every effort to enjoy each moment of it. I've enjoyed everything two except for about 6-8 weeks of not feeling so great. Feeling our little one move around certainly makes everything much more real. Looking forward to seeing my tummy move in the weeks and months to come! :)

  2. Karla! Oh my goodness, how perfect you look! That blue dress is calling for a maternity photo shoot for sure! Besides looking great, I'm so happy to hear everything is continuing to be well with both you and baby Davis. HOWEVER, you are killing me with anticipation of knowing the gender! I can't wait to hear!

    1. Aw, Sarah you're so sweet! I appreciate your kind words. Sorry to keep you and everyone in suspense, some of my friends and family have told me the same thing. It will be soon, I promise! I'm looking forward to not having to keep it a secret anymore. :)

  3. Karla, you are truly lovely...your picture screams joy. I also had a preference, and opted to find out the sex of my children, and while I had hoped for a daughter, and had sons, I now realize God had a plan...the boys are so helpf
    ul, especially through my husband's cancer battle. With best wishes for continued good health for Baby, and Mrs. Davis, we send hugs.

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy! You are so right, God gives us not necessarily what we prefer but what He feels will be the biggest blessing in our lives and I'm so glad to hear that your sons have been such a help to you during this difficult time. I really appreciate your well wishes for mine and baby health! Hugs to you and your family also! XO


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