Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Spring!

Wishing you all a Happy 1st Day of Spring! There are many wonderful aspects to this beautiful season but for me, I'm specifically reminded of the growth and newness of life which it brings to us all. :) Whether it be our own personal growth as we change and blossom into the person we long to become, the excitement of planting new seeds, plants and flowers into a garden that will bloom and change over the next few months or the warm sunshine and gentle breezes that cause for lazy days in a backyard hammock or exploring the beauty of your own city after a harsh winter, I hope this new season brings you much joy!

While pale pink peonies will always be my all-time favorite flower, there is something special about seeing tulips that were once just bulbs emerge from the ground, open up and reveal all of their vibrant colors during spring. That has always been a true sign of springtime for me along with little buds on the trees. I think it is what I most look forward to each year.

What is your favorite part of Spring? What are your favorite things to do during this lovely season?

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  1. Happy 1st Day of Spring to you as well, Karla. We are certainly enjoying an absolutely gorgeous day in northwest Louisiana. Azaleas are beginning to bloom and the dogwoods are making their presence known. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! :) I'm so glad to hear it! I have hot pink azaleas blooming outside of my office window and I just love seeing them every day. Enjoy!

  2. Some first day of darn windy here in Pennsylvania! I am on jury duty so a bit of a different week for me, hope to be done by Friday. I hope you are doing well and have a FAB rest of the week!!

    1. We started our morning with an intense thunderstorm followed by cloudy skies but we do need the rain here to make everything bloom so it's okay. Wishing you warmth & sunshine in the weeks to come. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by, Rosemary! :)

  3. I am soooo happy that it's spring!
    It's still chilly here, but warm weather is coming.

    I've always said that fall is my favorite season, and it is, but I'm telling you spring is such a close second that they might as well be tied. :)

    I've got tulips that should be coming up out of the ground very soon!!!

    1. Fall is my favorite season too but you're so right, spring is a close second living somewhere were the summer temps are just a bit too toasty for me. Enjoy your tulips and thanks for stopping by, Tara! :)


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