Monday, January 21, 2013

Manners Monday: Smoking Etiquette

Let me begin by telling you that I do not smoke and never have. The very smell alone of a lit cigarette or stale smoke smell from those sitting in an ashtray makes me nauseous. Hubby and both happen to be allergic to cigarette smoke too so we really try to avoid it at all costs, going the extra mile to ensure we won't be exposed to it. Thankfully, nearly all of my friends and family are also non-smokers.

Even with all of the education today about how smoking negatively affects one's health (not to mention the deterioration of one's physical appearance) there are many that are still highly addicted and desperately want to quit and those who have no desire to stop at all. While many will argue that they aren't hurting anyone around them, the truth is that second-hand and even third-hand smoke are both deadly. For a non-smoker, I find it the ultimate  lack of respect for another human being when someone chooses to light up around others who don't care for it, usually unsuspecting nearby restaurant patrons, strangers, etc.

This post today is for those that fall into the smoking category, while I don't support this habit in any way, there is some etiquette to consider to ensure that you aren't upsetting or harming any innocent bystanders around you. A lady is always considerate of the air space of those around her.

1. Never Smoke while Pregnant- In this case, the innocent one is your unborn child who is most at risk. Babies exposed to smoke often have a much lower birth weight, premature delivery and other health problems down the road including asthma and even death.

2. Avoid Smoking near Pregnant Women & Children- It is not only rude but unacceptable to smoke in the presence of a baby, children, the elderly or expectant mothers. It's not appropriate to smoke in the company of anyone who does not smoke themselves. Excuse yourself from your current location and move outdoors to an area where there is nobody within view who could be inhaling the cigarette smoke.

3. Poor Locations to Smoke- Not only is it important to know who not to smoke around, but also what areas do not permit smoking. Typically most airports have a safe distance around the doors that does not allow for smoking. Even if a sign does not indicate it, never smoke near an open window, or doorway as the smoke will get sucked in like a vacuum while the doors open and close.

4. Always Ask Permission- When in the company of new business associates or any other adult that you've never met before, always ask permission if you plan to smoke before lighting up. If the majority of those around you do not smoke, for goodness sake, don't subject them to it! Instead let them know that you respect their health too much to smoke in front of them and step outside instead. If the majority of those in your presence also smoke themselves, be careful to only do so once everyone has finished eating every course of their meal. Smoking while others are eating is a quick way to ruin someone's meal and cause them to never want to dine with you again.

5. Extinguishing a Cigarette- It is only considerate to use an ashtray while dining outdoors or elsewhere where you'll be sitting. While standing, be mindful of where you're letting your ashes drop. When you are finished, do not let the butt fall to the ground and step on it leaving it there as many often do. Tap out the ashes or squish it if you must but be sure to put it into a public ashtray receptacle or into the trash, never leave it on the ground. We find cigarette butts on our lawn every now and then from those walking by, it's very disrespectful and is no different than any other type of litter.

As it pertains to herself, a lady knows the risk that smoking has on both her overall health as well as her reproductive system specifically and weighs the harmful effects and risk before even taking up such a habit.

I'd love to hear from you, if you have any specific tips as either a smoker or non-smoker, I'd love for you to share them in the comments below to help encourage a cleaner, safer environment for everyone.

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  1. Great tips! Interestingly, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis was a very heavy smoker and was rarely seen or photographed with a cigarette. My mothers rule was, "a lady never smokes out in public"!
    Have a beautiful week,

    1. I wasn't aware of that, Jennifer. She certainly hid it well! I am in agreement with your mother. :) Thanks for stopping by and sharing this with us!!

  2. There are so many ways available to quit smoking; I wish more would at least try. Unfortunately my pretty daughter smokes and it is in her hair, car, her clothes etc..

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    1. It's hard isn't it, Karen, to watch those you love smoke and negatively contribute to their health. It's so true, the smoke follows anyone who smokes and clings to everything they wear and own. I hope she'll find a way to leave the habit behind her. Hugs, Karla

  3. If I tell you that in Spain, doctors were smoking in consulting rooms and also advising all pregnant women to carry on smoking during pregnancy if it made less them stressed!!! Can you believe it? I was HORRIFIED when I saw practically every pregnant woman in Spain smoking. When I mentioned it a couple of times to friends they said we Brits are obsessed about everything. Unbelievable!!!

  4. Vanessa, that is crazy!! Wow, I know every country operates a bit differently when it comes to health care recommendations but I thought that was a no-no across the board. I feel just awful for those innocent unborn babies, many of whom will suffer later in life as a result. Thanks for sharing love, I enjoy learning how culture differs, especially with matters such as this. Happy Weekend! :)


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