Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Properly Accept a Compliment

Today's topic is a gentle reminder and may seem like a relatively obvious point for some, but you would be surprised at the amount of women who still when offered a compliment, brush it off as if it's no big deal or instead share what they don't like about their new haircut, home, career, etc. This is not humility lovelies, rather it is disrespectful and a bit of a slap in the face to the one who chose to pay you the compliment. A smile along with a simple "Thank you" are all that is required. :)

Even if you're truly not fond of your new bangs, the necklace your significant other bought you or the way the paint color turned out in your kitchen, if someone has taken the time to pay you a compliment, accept it graciously. It can be insulting to some, as if you are telling them that they don't have good taste, if they like something that you find flaws with.

A little something to think about the next time someone catches you off guard with a kind compliment.

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  1. Great advice, if somebody is gracious and kind enough to pay you a compliment, accept it! You wouldn't tell somebody you didn't like a gift they gave to you, so why do the same with a kind word?

    1. Such a great a gift. So true, Kate! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. I really don't know accept a compliment. I'm very unconfortable with the idea that someone thinks that I wanna be more than other people. So, when someone pay me a compliment, I just think: "other people should receive a compliment, not me!". But I really love compliment my friends and everyone who deserve it. So, why I can't accept a compliment myself? If I feel joy when I can compliment someone, I should let other people feel joy too when they want pay me a compliment. Since I read about this for the first time at your blog, I'm trying to accept it better.
    Thank you! =)

    1. I appreciate your honesty, Thais. Such a great way of looking at it, yes they should be afforded the same joy. Try what I suggested and it will become easier with time, I promise. :) Thanks for sharing with us!


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